3D Modelling in Advertising:

5 Creative Ideas to Improve Campaigns’ ROI

3D modelling in advertising paves the way to become an optimum solution for all kinds of Manufacturers. The modern market is defined by innovative design solutions and the speed of their implementations, and 3D modeling services can come in handy for both.

Willing to attract attention and look trustworthy, producers on the furniture market spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on quality pictures for advertisement. Unfortunately, conversions and sales rarely increase correspondingly. While some companies struggle to maintain the level of presentation, rivals make less quality visual content for advertising faster and often win the market. 

For brands with a name and high aspirations, compromising on quality is not an option. However, they still have to figure out how to increase the profitability of advertisement, keeping its budget on a scale. Being a proven expert in 3D modelling in advertisement, our CGI company knows how to use the benefits of this technology. 

#1. Using Product 3D Animation for Commercials

According to Statista, 85% of US internet users watched content videos on a monthly basis in 2018. HubSpot confirms that more than half of consumers demand to see more videos, especially when it comes to brands and products. And above all, Wyzowl claims that in 2019, almost 90% of marketing specialists consider marketing to be a powerful tool for advertisement – both on TV and online. The only fly in this ointment is the price of video production. Be it for a Super Bowl commercial or a simple online store advertisement, it is painfully expensive. 

Using video production, a furniture store would need to pay for hiring a team, equipment, renting a set for shooting, transportation, etc. All this with no guarantee of conversions paying off in the foreseeable future. Hemorrhaging money is not the way to do business, and it is where 3D modelling in advertising comes to save the day. 3D animation, which is in no way inferior to the effects of traditional videos, is cost-saving and requires only creative ideas and references from the Manufacturer. 3D modelling in advertisement helps to combine rendering with an infinite number of elements and try out the variety of color solutions. 

#2. Opting for Engaging CG Visuals for SMM Ads


    Nowadays, any popular social media is a highly competitive marketplace full of advertisements, where, among others, furniture retailers can find engaged and solvent customers. NetNewsLedger shared information that an average user scrolls more than 300 feet of social media every day. Keeping this in mind, sellers and agencies use innovative methods to attract attention.

    For advertisement, furniture stores mostly use a static depiction of their products, and modelling services can be of hand when it comes to more modern and innovative formats. 3D modeling gives an opportunity to experiment with visual content – using immersive digital materials like 360° view and animated banners. This way your social media will stand out against the backdrop of your rivals’ static and boring pages.

    #3. Choosing Jaw-Dropping Product Images for Email Newsletters

    Photorealistic 3D Modelling for a SM Advertising

    Based on the information provided by Campaign Monitor, more than 80% of marketing specialists are at least somewhat satisfied with promoting products or a particular website via newsletters. The problem, however, stays the same – clients are not fond of direct advertising. The opening rates are low, and the click rates are even worse. Product 3D modelling in advertising is a fresh solution for readers’ eyes when it comes to emails – it sparkles interest and provokes them to click.

    Personalization increases opening rates by up to 25-30%. Using a 3D modeling service, manufacturers can quickly and cost-efficiently create content relevant to their target audience. For example, if you aim to reach a business segment, you can order a minimalist design for a premium-office furniture collection. Family customers are hooked by cozy, idyllic images, pastel nurseries, or kitchens with lovely aprons and apple pies. There are no limits for 3D visualization and no need to pay for building sets, transporting, etc. Everything can be created virtually, based on the provided ideas and references.  

    #4. Making Eye-Catching Outdoor Advertising with 3D Renders

    Product 3D Modelling for Offline Advertising Campaigns

    Product 3D modelling in advertising gives an opportunity to choose any format and not to worry about the final resolution of the image. Any skillful marketing plan preliminary includes the formats of outdoor advertisement – city lights, billboards, scrolls, posters, banners, etc. With this in mind, marketers can order 3D renders prepared precisely for each format. 

    With 3D modelling, the final resolution of the renders is almost unlimited. It is hardly possible when it comes to the photoshoots of real objects, as wide-format shooting requires the usage of appropriate equipment. More of it, you can’t change the received pictures much and adapt them to a variety of new formats. 3D modelling services annihilate the necessity to look for photographers and studios working with wide-format orders. It dramatically increases the speed of project implementation and reduces costs to a minimum. 

    #5. Placing Mind-Blowing Lifestyles on Magazines Pages

    Product 3D Modelling for Catalogs and Magazines

    This world goes digital, but people still spend money on elite printed magazines. Buying particular magazines is a question of status, and online furniture sellers can attract alfa-consumers advertising their products through this channel. However, those who are used to selling furniture online may find it too challenging and expensive. 

    Magazines have high standards regarding the quality of visual materials and strict deadlines, even for the most perspective ad-buyers. 3D modeling allows for making the most exquisite visuals in no time. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on creating a trending luxurious interior set for shooting designer furniture in the French modern or Bohemian style. Few references are enough for a 3D modelling studio to prepare high-class renders for any high-end editorials. 

    Computer-generated imagery is used not only for elite print-outs. Even such a store as IKEA chooses to present its modern furniture with CGI – 75% of its site and catalog images are made with the usage of 3D modelling and rendering. Leafing through a catalog, clients can never tell an actual shooting from renders, so realistic the latter is.

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    Willing to employ the benefits of using 3D models in advertising for the instant success of your online and offline marketing campaigns? Contact CGIFUNRITURE – an expert in 3D modelling services – and get adaptive and realistic renders for any of your business goals.

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    Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.


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