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3 Innovative CG Solutions for Product Promo

Last year, due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, customers switched to online shopping thereby increasing the eCommerce competition. Consequently, manufacturers and retailers have started to invest bigger budgets in advertising to reach a wider audience and sell more. And since effective promo requires plenty of images, most brands opt for 3D modeling technology to get those. This way, they are able to save money on actual photo sessions as well as expand their promo toolset.

Although static product CGI remains efficient for promo and marketing, modern buyers want more. They need interactive and motion solutions for their shopping to keep it interesting and engaging. Statistics show that buyers who view motion 3D visuals are 11 times more likely to buy goods than those who see only static images. Considering those numbers, it’s time to adapt furniture brands to new market demands.

As a 3D modeling company, we monitor eCommerce statistics and know which CG technologies work best for product presentation and promo. So here you go — learn 3 innovative 3D modeling technologies that can take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

#1. 360° Product View


    According to this research, interactive CG solutions such as a 360° view generate 40% higher conversions. Using this 3D modeling technology, buyers can freely interact with an object, rotate it to see it from all sides and angles, and zoom in to understand the design. Naturally, examining an item on landing or product pages increases both custom engagement and website conversion. That’s why it’s a must-have for brand’s estore and listings. 

    However, in addition to eСommerce, brands can incorporate a 360° view into their promo campaigns, particularly, use it for editorials and reviews in online media. This type of CG visuals is much more convincing for readers than static photographs as it perfectly showcases the product design. 

    Also, 360° spin technology effectively works for email marketing and SMM. Firstly, one can make GIFs and loops from it and add those to newsletters and posts. Secondly, since a 360° view is based on multiple silo 3D renderings, marketers can use those images individually or create collages.

    How Does This 3D Modeling Technology Work?

    A 3D Model of a Chair Created With 360° Spin Technology

    A 360° product view requires life-like static pictures of the objects on a white or monochrome background. The more renderings a 360° spin is based on, the smoother the movement of a 3D model. Usually, CG artists render 36 angles of an object and then stitch them into one carousel mode using special 360° software and CG technologies.

    #2. 3D Configurator

    A Computer with 3D Model Customizer as an Innovative ECommerce Technology

    A 3D configurator is a dynamic CG solution that allows shoppers to customize goods by selecting colors and designs from the offered options. Research shows that using real-time 3D configurators reduces returns, boosts website conversions, and increases customer engagement by 66%. This new 3D modeling technology minimizes the involvement of brand reps thereby accelerating the whole shopping process.

    Moreover, using a 3D model configurator, brands can boost product promo on social media by providing customers with an option to share their results. This way buyers will proudly post designs they’ve created in their feed and promote the goods at the same time.

    Manufacturers and retailers can also use this CG technology for video commercials. For that, 3D artists create a 3D configurator and take a video of how it works. By adding a CTA copy like “Create your own design” and a voiceover, marketers will hit the bull’s eye.

    How Does This 3D Modeling Technology Work?

    A 3D Product Configurator as a Cutting-Edge 3D Modeling Technology for Online Shopping

    To make a 3D configurator, 3D artists first create a low-polygonal 3D model of the product and save all textures in a separate folder. A low-poly model is an optimized 3D object that can be made out of a high-polygonal 3D model using 3D retopology. This optimization technology simplifies the geometry of the 3D model which allows the engine to process it easier and faster. This way, users get a smooth experience of trying different design options in real-time.

    #3. 3D Animation

    3D animation is like a 3D movie about a product created with the help of 3D modeling and rendering technologies. There are different types of 3D animation so marketers can get a full promo toolset without any actual shootings. For example, they can use detailed 3D animation with close-ups to showcase textures, seams, joints, and other details. Or, one can order a featuring 3D video to show goods in a beautiful scene. Another effective type of CG video is how-to 3D animation that demonstrates how the object works so it serves as a furniture assembly instruction.

    There are so many ways to use 3D animation both on the Internet and TV. It requires not only high-quality 3D modeling technology but also extra additions, such as music, voiceover, and copy. Such an animation is ideal for social networks, listings, landing pages, the brand’s YouTube channel, TV commercials, online banners — and literally, any marketing channel.

    How Does This 3D Modeling Technology Work?

    A How-To Animation with 3D Model of the Couch Created with the Latest 3D Rendering Technology

    Product 3D animation requires photorealistic high-poly 3D models. For starters, CG artists recreate an object in 3D, then put it on a monochrome background or in a scene filled with different 3D models including interior decorations, props, etc. Then, they apply textures, set up lighting and install the cameras. Once a 3D room set is ready, CG experts design the camera path depending on the script, then render all the cameras’s POVs in turn. If any visual aftereffects and color correction are needed, they can improve the final CG video using various post-production technologies.

    Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

    product rendering price

    All these three innovative CG solutions are engaging and highly immersive as they increase customer engagement and display the design in detail. Using such 3D modeling technologies as 3D animation, a 360° view, or  a 3D configurator, buyers learn more about the product and make more informed purchasing decisions.

    Can’t wait to try some of these CG solutions for your business? With our 3D modeling services, you will get photorealistic CG visuals for any type of promo of the goods!

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