3D Modeling In Product Design:

5 Ways It Simplifies The Development Process

Over the past decade, many manufacturers have already felt the benefits of 3D modeling in product design. Moreover, today, many of them don’t even remember how much time it used to take to perfect the design using prototypes. 3D modeling doesn’t require any physical samples, hence, it significantly speeds up the design process and reduces expenses on product development.

Besides, 3D models made by a highly reputed 3D modeling company are always of top-quality and look 100% realistic. Therefore, while working on the design, you can try different options on a product 3D model without making an actual prototype.

CGIFURNITURE has been providing manufacturers with 3D modeling in product design for many years. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you 5 ways CGI can improve and simplify the product development process.

#1. 3D Modeling In Product Design Gives Freedom to Experiment with Design Options

Creative Product 3D Modeling in Pop-Art Design Style

With top-notch product 3D modeling, manufacturers have no limits for creativity. Based on references and drawings from the brief, CG experts can digitally recreate any shape, texture, and material manufacturers need. All they have to do is simply share product design ideas with a CG team and wait for the result. This way, furniture designers can experiment all they want until they find a perfect product look.

#2. 3D Modeling Allows for Fast Changes and Adjustments

A Screenshot of a Product 3D Modeling Design Process

The best thing about 3D modeling in product design is that one can make any adjustments to a 3D model without problems. For instance, 3D artists can tailor the geometry, that is, add or remove design elements, as well as create any texture from scratch. Now manufacturers can finally stop worrying about making mistakes while developing product design — CG artists can make an unlimited amount of changes at any stage of the process.  

#3. 3D Modeling Helps to Precisely Estimate Production Materials

Two Experts Calculating the Cost of 3D Modeling for Product Design

When developing a product, manufacturers need to know the cost of its production to make sure it’s profitable. Surely, it is simply impossible to do so without evaluating the consumption of materials in advance. So, here’s another great benefit of 3D modeling for production — CAD programs can calculate the production materials based on a 3D model. Since it is an automatic calculation and not manual, the likelihood of a mistake is practically zero.

So, after calculating the cost of production, a manufacturer can make sure their budget is accurate, or they can decide to reduce expenses by replacing the materials. Moreover, knowing how many resources they need for production, it’s easy to avoid an excess or shortage in the stock.

#4. One 3D Model Makes for Plenty of CG Solutions


    By creating just one 3D model, CG artists can easily make any type of CGI based on it! For example, a ready 3D model can be placed in a roomset to make awe-inspiring lifestyle images for catalogs and adverts. Or, they can render a 3D object on a white backdrop to get multipurpose silo renderings.

    What’s more, 3D artists can make a product animation, a 360° view with the same 3D model, or even adapt it for VR / AR applications. In any case, 3D modeling in product design is versatile and incredibly convenient for developing a whole pack of promo visuals without extra expenses.

    #5. 3D Modeling Provides Effective and Time-Saving Prototyping

    A 3D Printer with Printed Product 3D Models and a Laptop with the Design Project Open

    With 3D modeling in product design, it becomes fast and simple to prototype items at no extra cost. For instance, 3D artists can easily optimize a 3D model for 3D printing and forward it to the manufacturer at the moment’s notice. In turn, they can send this 3D object to a 3D printer using professional software and get the prototype right there.

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    By using 3D modeling in product design, manufacturers get full creative freedom and a wide range of innovative tools. With CGI, they can elevate the design to perfection without wasting time, money and effort on prototyping. In addition, product makers can calculate the cost of the project in advance to make sure their budget won’t harness the creative aspect of the process.

    If you need top-quality 3D modeling for product development, consider contacting our managers right now. With our 3D modeling services, you can create any designs much faster and for a better price!

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