3D Modeling for Production:

5 Ways It Helps The Furniture Manufacturing Process

The classic order of design and furniture production has been replaced by a more modern one, including 3D services. Apart from the price being quite low, 3D modeling for production has a large number of advantages. This method allows you to show how the item will look most realistically and favorably. That is why furniture manufacturers like to use it to present their products to partners and customers.

Let’s consider the main benefits of using furniture 3D modeling for production, why it has become so popular and how it can simplify this process. 

#1. Reasonable Price

A Budget for 3D Modeling Projects

3D modeling is a perfect opportunity to create a prototype of a specific object at no extra cost. Instead of making a real furniture sample every time and spending a lot of time and money on it, manufacturers can use 3D modeling for production. It allows you to make changes in a quick way without any additional expenses on materials or equipment. 

In this way, you will be able to try different design options and choose what works best for you. Besides, you can present your project to the audience and check their opinion on it before making any real furniture. 

#2. Fast Adjustment Capability

Choosing the Best Options for Product Models

3D modeling for production allows us not only to see the future product but also to notice all the defects during the development stage. Thanks to this, you can fix all possible problems in no time. This is much better than spending a lot of time and effort in making real prototypes every time you need to change something. So the advantages of this method are obvious.

In addition, CG services allow you to experiment with the design and colors, try various materials and change the shape of your furniture. You will be able to reach the ideal result without spending too much time on it. 

#3. Level Of Detail

Detailing of 3D Models in Production

3D furniture models are highly detailed and realistic. They make it possible to show everything to the smallest degree. For example, material type and textures, proportions and even sun glare. It is especially useful nowadays since a lot of furniture items feature a high number of smaller parts that can’t be properly visible in standard photos. That is why 3D modeling for production will be a better option.

Furthermore, finished projects can be used for advertising purposes as the quality of CG images will definitely attract customers. Thanks to 3D images you can not only show the whole item but also zoom in on certain details without losing the quality of it. 

#4. Impressive Product Presentation

Lifestyle Setting for Product Presentation

Most of the time furniture manufacturers need to present their product to an audience and potential investors in order to get them interested in it. This step is better to do before actual production, to avoid additional expenses if something needs to be changed. In this case, CG models will work perfectly. Taking into account all the information from above, it’s already clear that the quality of such 3D images will be great. As long as you cooperate with professional designers and 3D modelers. 

Moreover, 3D modeling allows you to use these pictures to compile a high-quality furniture catalog and for marketing purposes. You can also use them to advertise your furniture store on social media and other online platforms. CG services provide great visual materials that will definitely attract customers.

#5. Evaluation Of Production Materials

3D Render of a Sofa 3D Model

With the help of 3D software, it became possible not only to create virtual models of objects but also to calculate the number of materials needed for their production. Manufacturers can use it to know how much of them need to be ordered. 3D modeling for production can save a lot of time and money. You will not need to calculate all of it yourself, plus the possibility of errors is excluded. This leads to a clear understanding of what is needed and in what quantity, without shortage or oversupply. 

Therefore, the benefits of this approach are massive. It allows you to minimize all possible mistakes during the process of production and saves a lot of resources. 

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product rendering price

Using 3D modeling for production will be incredibly beneficial to furniture manufacturers as it will speed up the whole process, and make it easier and more budget-friendly. Besides, you will be impressed with the quality of CG products and various options for its use. Modern production and marketing require modern technologies. And 3D modeling companies are ready to provide it. 

Would you like your furniture store to be successful and the manufacturing process more productive? Our 3D modeling services will help you reach your goals in no time.

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