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5 Ways You Can Promote Goods Using CGI

In recent years, we have witnessed how already fierce competition among brands has got even more savage. Manufacturers and sellers are trying to get ahead of each other with their aggressive marketing campaigns and outstanding promo visuals. And looking closely at competitor ads, you can tell that the secret of their fast marketing improvement lies in choosing 3D modeling for businesses over photography.

Of course, making an awe-inspiring promo with photos requires a large budget and several weeks on preparing and doing photo sessions. For starters, marketers have to order prototypes for each design option and transport them to the studio. Then, stylists build actual settings and a photographer takes pictures of all objects one by one. 

Surely, not all businesses can handle these costs. But can CG imagery from a 3D modeling studio solve this problem? 

Let’s take a closer look at why brands need 3D modeling for businesses and learn 5 ways to use CGI for goods promo. Just keep scrolling!

#1. Provide Top-Notch 3D Images for All Design Options

3D Modeling and Rendering for a Bedroom Promo

When preparing product catalogs, marketers need photos of all designs for each item. Of course, this means a lot of pictures, hence, a huge effort from stylists and a photographer.

However, using 3D modeling for businesses, a brand can save its budget. For example, CG artists can create one 3D model and change their textures and colors within seconds to make as many renders as needed. Therefore, with 3D modeling, making visual content is simple and fast – just a couple of clicks — and photos of all designs for the catalog are ready!

#2. Show Your Product in Jaw-Dropping 3D Lifestyles

3D Modeling Scene of Soft Furnishings for the Furniture Business

Of course, it is necessary for furniture businesses to have sleek roomsets such photos are aimed at selling not a single item, but the whole lifestyle. With these pictures, a brand tells consumers what type of interiors and goods they need for their dream life and offer them different options. 

The advantages of 3D modeling for businesses can’t be overstated. CG artists can put a 3D model in absolutely any roomset in terms of interior style and color schemes, and even tailor the 3D scene to the product. Since a 3D lifestyle consists of many 3D models that are easy to move around and modify, CG specialists can create lots of different roomsets for furniture businesses just from one 3D scene.

For example, with CGI, marketers get awesome visuals for advertisement, social media, and catalogs at no extra cost. All they need to do to get mind-blowing images is to send 3D modeling artists a brief and style recommendations.

#3. Get Product Photos on a White Background With No Effort

3D Models on a White Backdrop for a Furniture Business

Any businesses, especially furniture ones, need pictures on a white background for their catalogs and E-commerce platforms. Usually, such a photo serves as a standard preview picture, thus, it’s simply essential for any brand for being presented in e-shops.

However, in this case, choosing old-school photography may not be as effective as 3D modeling for businesses. With photo sessions, there is a lot of fuss and unexpected expenses like extending time in the studio or reshooting. 

In turn, by ordering 3D modeling and rendering, marketers don’t have to spend budgets on a photo studio and backdrops. CG artists simply don’t need any of that stuff. Moreover, if having a full brief from the client, they can create a 3D model and render it on the white background in no time.

#4. Use a 360° View to Showcase Your Goods from Any Angle


    A 360° view quickly became a popular tool for product presentation. Of course, buyers like interactive solutions that allow you to rotate the object as you want and zoom in and out to examine it in detail.

    Surely, you can create such a CG solution with traditional photography. But can you imagine how long it would take to shoot 36 pictures of the item? Naturally, the price depends on turnaround time, so you do the math. Consider this with 3D modeling for businesses, you get a top-notch 360° spin in just one working day!

    As for business usage, a 360°  view can be easily integrated into any online E-commerce platform. With such a 3D modeling tool, your listings will stand out from the other competitors’ offers at once.

    #5. Utilize 3D Models to Create Photoreal Product Animation

    As this statistic shows, 68% of people like to learn about a new product from a video. These buyers prefer watching promo videos instead of static adverts. They might also enjoy such videos as the story of the brand, the process of goods creation, step-by-step assembly instructions, etc.

    To create such an animation for any business, CG artists need a quality 3D model. Therefore, no matter if you already have one or not, make inquiries on their options for 3D modeling for businesses. 

    Well-reputed CG studios can make top-notch 3D animations from scratch. They start with building a 3D model based on your brief, then select a 3D scene and animate the video according to your script. This includes camera movements, lighting changes, visual effects, editing, voiceover or BGM and so on.

    Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

    product rendering price

    3D modeling for businesses provides manufacturers and retailers with literally any type of promo content – from product photos on a white background and lifestyle for catalogs to an interactive 360°  view and 3D animation. On top of that, CG imagery doesn’t require any prototyping and actual photo sessions, hence, saves a brand a great deal of money.

    Want to have a variety of visuals for your marketing and promo strategies? Reach to us for 3D modeling services and you will get photorealistic CG visuals for both static and motion solutions!

    Megan Wright

    Social Media Marketer at CGIFurniture

    Megan is an information addict. She knows what’s trendy in advertising, whose ad campaigns received Lions in 2000-2022, and how to make a video go viral. In her free time, Megan enjoys photography.

    3D modeling is a CG process of creating a digital three-dimensional model of the product in 3D software. To create a 3D model from scratch, CG artists need a brief that contains all info on the project – text descriptions, photos, drawings, sketches, references, and so on.

    With a ready 3D model, they simply choose the ready-to-use roomset from their 3D library and customize it. After the 3D scene is adjusted and personalized, CG experts place the product in there, set up lighting and cameras, and render the roomset.

    First, any brand needs product photos on a white background. Traditionally, manufacturers order such photos for all their designs for catalog and future usage. Secondly, catalogs require lifestyle shots to show how the product looks in a matching environment. And last but not least, brands order cut-out and close-up views to show the design in detail.

    There’s no fixed price for 3D modeling and every CG studio had its own price list. In CGIFURNITURE, we charge $99 for simple modeling and $229 for a complex one. Please reach out to our managers to calculate the accurate price of your project.

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