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7 Ways To Recognize a Reliable One

Cooperation with a reliable and professional 3D modeling company is what many business owners aim at. There are countless possibilities that a trusted outsourced 3D modeling service can offer. High-quality product images created through 3D visualization can save up a lot of time and effort put into the creation process. Not to mention the positively affected deadlines and the general cost spent on the services. However, with the great variety of options available at the market, the issue of choosing a good 3D modeling service arises.

Although the number of 3D modeling companies grows by the day, not all of them provide equally qualified services. If you happen to cooperate with an unreliable company, you may end up wasting a lot of time and means while not getting the desired result. To ensure that things like that won’t happen, we have prepared the list of the most effective tips that will help you tell a good 3D modeling company from an unworthy one.

Are you ready to discover the golden rules of selecting the best 3D company to cooperate with? Read on to learn more!

#1. Conduct a Deep Website Analysis

How to Start an Ecommerce Website

When in search of 3D modeling services, one of the primary factors that imply the company’s reliability and professionalism is their website. The design of the website usually speaks louder than any marketing about the company’s attitude towards the services provided and their skill level.

In case it is challenging to decipher the website’s information, difficult to navigate the site, and the design is out of date, you should better keep looking. The thing is that if a company treats its own website lightly and unprofessionally, the chances that another approach will be applied to your project are slim. 

On the other hand, if the site is a breeze to navigate through and a pleasure to look at, it proves that a company is willing to invest enough into the website to attract the customers. Besides, such an approach shows that they treat their clients and incoming requests with respect and professionalism.

#2. Thoroughly Examine a Portfolio 

3D product modeling: Digital Catalogs

Not everyone knows it, but a good website is used by a professional 3D modeling company purely for marketing purposes and search engine optimization to keep up at the top. While a well-designed website still carries the message, the principal value for a business owner in search of a 3D modeling service lies in the portfolio on offer.

How do you know that you are looking at a professional portfolio? When it comes to CGI, the manifold portfolio is the best. The fact that the company is ready to take on challenging and diverse tasks and complete them successfully means that true professionals are working there. 

You should not be distracted by the years a company spends on the market. The number of tasks fulfilled, the quality of 3D renders, and a unique approach to every matter define a trustworthy 3D modeling company. Overall, the results of the work should speak for themselves.

#3. Consider the Company’s Location

Outsource 3D Modeling Company

More and more businesses prefer outsource 3D companies to work on their projects, and there are a bunch of reasons for that. Usually, outsourced services are cheaper than in-house professionals, and there is always a greater variety of options to pick from. Besides, depending upon the company’s location, you can always find the price range and quality that fits your requirements.

Very often the difference in time zones plays a major part too. Since it is possible to hire a team of professionals that work on your project while you sleep, the work continues almost non-stop. Such an approach grants a great opportunity to get the ready-made project twice as fast while the cost remains the same. 

#4. Make the Project Completion & Team Capacity Enquiry

3D printing a model: Operational advantage

Almost every 3D modeling company is highly interested in getting as many clients as possible to keep up at the top. However, such an approach can turn out to be non-beneficial to the client ordering the project. Even though 3D modeling is not as time-consuming as photography, when the team is overloaded with tasks, it may cause unintentional project delay. Which, in turn, may involve additional investment, and that is a drawback to keep away from.

If you are willing to learn as to whether or not the modeling team can complete your project on time, you should enquire about its capacity and the number of tasks in the making. Some outsource 3D studios, like CGIFURNITURE, enlist up to 300 professionals on offer. It means that there is always a backup team at hand so that the risk to miss the deadlines decreases. However, if the team is too small and may not be able to meet deadlines, it is best to keep on searching.

A 3D modeling company can indeed be a little bit untruthful about their load to keep the potential client involved. However, there are red flags that can reveal the actual situation:

  • Untimely response
  • Miscommunication
  • Invalid information

If you spot the signs, you should discard the company off your list until better times.

#5. Enquire About Hidden Costs

A Pile of Dollars Allocated on 3D Modeling

When you consider hiring a 3D modeling company, you may have a set budget in mind. To stick to the budget, you are certainly considering the companies that offer the cost that corresponds to it. However, in the majority of cases, modeling companies are not highlighting all the charges in the beginning. That is where some unpleasantries may arise.

Depending upon the 3D modeling software in use, a project’s urgency and complexity, peculiar business analysis, various tests, and whatnot the cost for the offered service can increase. To avoid that, it is advised to ask about these factors before you start the cooperation. 

Sometimes a 3D modeling company may claim that they need time to estimate the total cost, you should insist that it is done before they start to work on the project. When you are fully aware of where you are standing financially, you can easily determine whether or not the service suits you.

#6. Define the Level of Communication with the Management

CRM in 3D Modeling Companies

It is essential to figure out if the outsourcing company you are about to start the cooperation with is money or goal-oriented. It is easy to succeed with the task after a few communications with the management. If all that manager is talking about are prices, estimation, and money in general, they certainly belong to the first category.

Result-oriented companies will suggest a few options to solve the matter you are referring to. If the company is reliable and economically stable, they can offer you as much as a couple of test 3D models, free corrections, or other guarantees to show you what they are capable of and how well they can complete any set task.

Means of communication with the management as well as with the modeling team matter greatly too. These days, more and more trustworthy 3D modeling companies use specially-developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The main advantage of CRM is real-time communication with the team. Moreover, some companies choose to take things further. For instance, our CGI studio has developed its own particular CRM-system, which allows the clients to have direct access to any project data. Apart from that, the system will enable clients to send additional materials and correspond with 3D artists directly. 

Lastly, it is essential to discuss legal terms with a 3D modeling company. An NDA, copyright watermark, and other legal conditions should be presented clearly. If the management struggles to answer the inquiries directly that can be considered a red flag that notifies about some legal issues the company may be struggling with.

#7. Give Some Thought to The Company’s Work Feedback

Client Reviews

When you think about feedback, the first thing that comes to mind is the previous clients’ reviews. While it is a valuable source of information, it won’t give a clear understanding of whether you should entrust the 3D modeling company with your project or not. It is crucial to research if those mentioned clients are still on the market.

There may be many reasons hidden behind the client’s failure to remain on the market. Poor production marketing or lousy quality of offered services are among them. However, it would help if you remembered that CG visualization of unreliable quality could have added up to the failure. In case most of the company’s clients are no longer on the market, the chances are that the latter assumption is accurate, and that should serve as a red flag to you.

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product rendering price

All in all, picking the best 3D modeling company is a responsible task since the success of your business depends greatly upon it. In order not to fall victim to an unreliable service that is interested in their income solely, you should do a lot of research. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will come in handy and will head you directly toward the right decision!

 Looking for the best 3D modeling company that meets all the standards mentioned above? Our team is ready to offer a helping hand when it comes to product 3D modeling services, which will make your business flourish!

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3D modeling or digital model production the way of creating 3D objects using 3D technology and special 3D software. There are different types of 3D modeling – solid, surface and wireframe. A solid method relies on creating new digital models by remodeling simple geometry forms — balls, cubes, pyramids, etc. Surface modeling means building up 3D models by drawing curves. And a wireframe or polygonal modeling is creating 3D objects from small particles or polygons.

Usually, manufacturers use high-polygonal modeling to get a top-quality 3D model and photorealistic 3D visualization. Sometimes they choose low-poly ones to create furniture models for product applications, AR and VR.

First, contact a client manager of a 3D modeling firm and describe the type of model you need. Then, prepare and send a studio the full brief with all info about the project – photos, drawings, references and so on. Now all you have to do is wait for the result.

Usually, the cost depends on the urgency and complexity of 3D models. We charge $99 for simple modeling and $299 for the complex. However, every 3D company has its own pricing policy so contact studio managers for an accurate price.

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