3D Max Furniture Rendering

5 Advantages for Product CGI Over Other 3D Programs

One of the key benefits of Autodesk 3ds Max is photorealism. For non-professionals, it’s simply impossible to distinguish 3D Max furniture rendering from product photos because its materials, textures and lighting settings look 100% realistic. This means that with CGI, furniture manufacturers and sellers don’t need old-school photoshoots with product prototypes and props. They can simply order CG services from a 3D rendering company and get finished images in 48 hours.

Thanks to its life-like rendering delivery, 3ds Max is one of the most popular software for architects, interior designers, and furniture makers. Therefore, most CG studios focused on architectural and interior visualization opt for 3ds Max as their main 3D software.

And though the choice of 3D software is a matter of taste and purposes, we outlined at least 5 benefits 3ds Max has over other 3D programs when it comes to furniture rendering. Read on!

#1. 3ds Max is Time-Tested 3D Software

A Logo of 3D Max Which Is a Perfect Soft for Furniture Modeling and Rendering

3ds Max has been on the market for about 25 years, and it’s been successfully used by several generations of 3D artists. Many CG specialists utilize 3D Max for furniture rendering because this soft provides photorealistic renders of high resolution. 

In two decades, the program has undergone many updates with plenty of cool features added. Naturally, professional 3D artists test all the versions and share their experiences. Hence, Autodesk, the software corporation and one of the leaders in the industry, has a large community of CG experts who make tutorials on modeling and rendering in 3ds Max. They also provide developers with honest feedback that helps improve the program and makes it possible for 3ds Max to remain on the market for so long.

#2. The Market Offers Lots of 3ds Max Plugins and 3D Libraries

3D Max Texture Library for Furniture Modeling and Rendering

Since 3ds Max is one of the most well-known CG software, there’re lots of plugins, add-ons, and 3D libraries for it on the market. Using it, CG artists from all over the world are able to create realistic 3D scenes from scratch, set up textures, lights, cameras and finally deliver life-like 3D Max furniture rendering. For instance, 3D Max has an Advanced Wood modifier and integrated Cloth solver that provide realistic materials for 3D Max furniture rendering. Also, there are such 3D plugins as Unwrella, Poly Cloth and Ornatrix for advanced texturing. 

Autodesk 3ds Max works with robust rendering plugins such as V-Ray, Mental-Ray, Corona Renderer, ART Renderer, and so on. Moreover, CG artists can create special effects for simulating liquids, fog, fire, smoke, explosions with Phoenix FD, Ray Fire, Real Flow.

#3. .MAX is One of the Most Popular File Format for 3D Models

3D Models from a Bedroom Furniture Set for 3D Max

.MAX is a native file format of Autodesk 3ds Max. It contains one or more 3D models with all wireframes, materials and textures, lighting effects, and so on. This type of files is very common for 3D libraries of furniture and decor one can find on the Internet. Therefore, CG artists don’t need to reformat .max 3D models they download from the web before installing them in a 3D scene.

Moreover, 3D Max can import/export files in universal formats such as .FBX.,OBJ, 3DS, .DWG., DXF., etc. This way, CG artists can easily export and import any 3ds Max project, if they need to send it over to their colleagues. Thanks to that, the workflow process goes smoothly and conveniently even when CG contractors use different 3D programs.

As for 3D Max furniture rendering file extensions, again, images can be saved in the most common file formats as .JPEG, .TIFF,. PNG. Images of these extensions can be successfully used for Photoshop editing, print adverts, digital promo and marketing campaigns, and so on.

#4. 3ds Max is Powered by Pro Software Developers

A 3D Max Developer Working on Improving 3D Rendering Software for Furniture Imagery

3ds Max is developed by the Media and Entertainment division of Autodesk, one of the biggest software corporations in the world. Naturally, it has a team of the best CG specialists and powerful facilities and laboratories to create and test 3D programs. 

Developers of 3ds Max are constantly working on improving the software as well as adding new features and modifiers. Moreso, Autodesk provides users with reliable customer support service via email, phone, and chat. This helps developers to transcend modern requirements for CGI, hence, maintaining a market leader position.

#5. 3ds Max is a Multifunctional 3D Program

One of the reasons why CG artists choose 3D Max for furniture rendering so often is its versatility. 3ds Max provides 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, and even 3D animation options. It allows rendering high-definition details and scenes so it works perfectly for both product silo renders on a monochrome background and more complex lifestyle images.

Many CG specialists use just this one software to create an entire 3D scene from scratch. They start with making 3D models, applying materials and textures, and setting up lighting schemes. Then, they install 3D cameras and program real-like viewpoints and effects to create static 3D Max furniture rendering or a CG video.

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Autodesk 3ds Max is deservedly considered one of the best 3D rendering software among other CG programs. It has a long history, a team of experienced CG developers, and a huge number of plugins and 3D libraries written specifically for it. The software is also compatible with many advanced add-ons and can be used for import/export files in universal formats. 

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