3D Kitchen Rendering:

5 Ways to Sell Kitchen Furniture and Fixtures With It

Many manufacturers and retailers have switched to eCommerce, thereby made the shopping process both easier and a bit trickier at the same time. Buying kitchen furniture online, customers can’t touch the surfaces and open each cabinet to explore the design and functionality as they would normally do in a brick-and-mortar store. To compensate for this downside, brands should provide them with as many detailed images of the kitchen as possible. And there are only two ways to get visuals — by ordering kitchen CGI made by a 3D rendering company or product photography.

Doing an actual photo set could be extremely difficult, costly, and time-consuming. First, kitchen furnishings must be brought to a photo studio, then assembled, photographed, disassembled again, and transported to a warehouse. It’s such a pain in the neck! Compared to kitchen photography, CGI is a fast and money-saving option because it doesn’t require any physical props and settings. Moreover, with 3D rendering, one can get as many pictures as they like from any angle possible, even cut-out views if needed. And most importantly, the result is no less realistic than traditional photos.

But how exactly do CG artists from a 3D rendering studio create kitchen CGI? There are at least 5 ways to make astonishing kitchen 3D visualization using our tips, so read on!

#1. Display Kitchen Furnishings in a Stylish Interior

Traditional Kitchen 3D Rendering with Food and Decor

With CGI, sellers can get perfect lifestyle pictures for a kitchen without an actual set and props. How do CG artists do it? To begin with, they choose a ready-made 3D room set from a library that suits the product style-wise. Then they tailor the backdrop by adjusting colors, materials and textures so that the interior finishings match the kitchen.

After the interior setting is ready, CG experts place the kitchen furniture there and complement the room set with home decor. They arrange recipe books and china on the shelves and add tableware, candles, and flowers. To make 3D kitchen rendering even more appealing, they use mouth-watering food props, for example, putting a bottle of icy lemonade on the island, displaying fruits, coffee and freshly baked bread.

#2. Showcase Furniture Design and Textures in Detail

Detailed Kitchen Render

To sell kitchen furniture, manufacturers and retailers have to show its design in detail. Only close-ups can convince customers that the kitchen fixtures and fittings are of the highest quality. So to draw their attention to the design, CG experts make a 3D kitchen rendering with a focus on handles, knobs, sinks, taps, faucets, and all the smallest features.

Experienced 3D artists also know how important it is to showcase materials and textures in furniture product images. They use closeups to show the textures of the countertops and cabinetry and convey the quality of stone, chrome, wood, carvings, etc. With such high-quality 3D texturing and rendering, materials look realistic even when the picture is zoomed in.

#3. Highlight the Functionality of a Kitchen Set

D Kitchen Render for Appliances

Using close-up views, manufacturers and retailers can also showcase the functionality of the kitchen. Of course, static 3D kitchen rendering will never fully replace the physical examination of the object, but it is enough to highlight the practicality of the furniture and fixtures.

With detailed kitchen 3D rendering, CG specialists can show door closing mechanisms with built-in dampers, the structure of kitchen units, drawers, organizers, folding features, etc. They also fill the cabinets with pots and pans, cutlery and tableware so that buyers can understand the capacity of units and evaluate the advantages of an item without actual testing.

#4. Show Kitchen Furniture in Different Lighting

Kitchen 3D Rendering with Multiple Light Sources

When it comes to kitchen 3D visualizations, daylight is the most common lighting scheme. It enhances the vitality and overall positive mood of the interior. However, showing kitchen furniture without additional lighting is not the best way to promote it. Because many kitchens have spotlights, cabinet and drawer lighting, and sometimes different lighting modes, all these benefits should be presented to the customers. 

With CGI, 3D artists can create both a daytime lifestyle setting and an evening 3D kitchen rendering. The latter is usually based on warm general lighting enhanced by accent spotlights like pendants and task lighting concealed underneath the wall cupboards. To create two ambiances, 3D artists don’t have to build different scenes. They just set up day and night lighting and render both schemes in turns.

#5. Include Trendy Home Appliances to a Kitchen Set 

3D Rendering of a Kitchen with Modern Home Appliances

Before buying kitchen furnishings, customers want to understand what kind of equipment will fit into the set. Therefore, CG artists always incorporate home appliances into their 3D kitchen rendering. Since they have a large library of 3D models of equipment, they can select the most suitable fridge, cooktop, extractor hood, built-in oven, etc.

Moreover, experienced CG specialists use the most trendy and high-end kitchen appliances that incorporate “smart kitchen” technology. Such equipment is actively promoted by manufacturers and is in high demand by customers. Therefore, by using trendy appliances for promo images, 3D artists can add relevance and value to the kitchen in the eyes of the buyer.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

With 3D kitchen rendering, manufacturers and retailers can get a plethora of images for promo and marketing without overspending in the process. First of all, they can select 3D room sets of any style for room sets and get them tailored specifically to their product. Secondly, sellers can use photoreal close-up views to display the design, textures, and functionality of a kitchen set. Moreover, with CGI, it is easy to experiment with lighting settings, decor and ambiance.

Ready to order kitchen 3D rendering? With our 3D rendering services, you can get awe-inspiring visuals for product catalogs and online promo in just 48 hours!

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