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How to Choose a Perfect Lifestyle Background for Furniture Product Renders

Lifestyle renders are a great tool to make potential customers fall in love with your furniture. They not only showcase the products but also convey the atmosphere and tell a brand story. However, deciding on a perfect background for your products might not be an easy task. 

At our 3D visualisation studio, we offer our clients a library of pre-made backgrounds, which helps them save both time and money. But how to choose the right ones? There are some major points you should consider when deciding on the best 3D interior visualisation solutions for your product. If you want to learn how to ensure the lifestyle renders make your products shine, read on! 

#1. Choose a Concept

3d interior visualisation concept

First of all, you have to pick the concept for your 3D interior visualisation. The most obvious choice to showcase the furniture is an interior background. Depending on the type of furniture, you might want to pick a residential or a commercial interior. From neutral offices and minimalist homes to the most opulent restaurants or private mansions – you just need to specify to the 3D artist what type of picture you want! 

There’re different solutions to showcasing the furniture except for the interior ones. You can go with an outdoor scene. It might be a garden, a backyard with a pool, or just a beautiful landscape. A popular choice for outdoor furniture is a sunny backyard scene that creates a chill relaxed atmosphere. Modern CGI can recreate landscape shots with stunning realism. 

If you want to get bold and unique with your marketing solutions, 3D artists can create a studio backdrop, an abstract or surreal background. Artistic composition and lighting, dynamic visual effects, sophisticated still lifes and many more can be incorporated into 3D interior visualization solutions. 

#2. Stick to the Same Style

3d visualisation interior province kitchen

Lifestyle renderings work best when the image is unified in style. The decorations and accessories should match the main object. If you’re creating marketing materials for a luxurious sofa, you would want to go with a classic interior. And, likewise, the best choice for a minimalist piece of furniture will be a contemporary design.

CGIFURNITURE’s library allows customers to pick one or several background styles for their visualisation solutions. All the major interior design styles, such as Classic, Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic, Ethnic, etc. and their substyles can be found in our lifestyle 3D render collection. Manufacturers and retailers can opt for a design style that fits their product the most to highlight its features.

#3. Mind a Color Scheme

3d interior visualisation colorful sofa

Color, tone, and contrasts are vital for making the visualisation look appealing. For different types of product images, you can go with a limited pastel palette or bold contrasting colors. More often than not, the manufacturer’s brand book will indicate the colors which should be featured. 

Color wheel is a useful tool in determining what colors will work well together. You can use the brand book colors as the starting point, pick your color scheme and then choose the background which will complement them.

CGIFURNITURE’s library makes 3D interior visualisation solutions easier as it allows narrowing down the color palette just with a couple of clicks. Our library allows choosing backgrounds that will work with any brand colors and emphasize the best in the products. There are twelve common color palettes, such as yellow, blue, black, gray, etc. The palette indicates the dominant color of the set and will be more often than not present in the flooring, wallpapers, and large objects. 

#4. Pay Attention to Decor

3d interior visualisation bedroom

Decorations and accessories are vital for lifestyle rendering solutions. They must be chosen with the main object in mind in terms of style, color, and form. Decorations should emphasize the main piece of furniture and not distract from it. So, there should be a careful balance between making the scene lively and atmospheric, as the dull decorations might make the piece look less attractive, but not too cluttered and distracting. 

When it comes to decor, 3D interior visualisation solutions will depend on the concept and style. In minimalistic interiors such as Zen, High-Tech, Industrial and similar styles, there will be little to no additional decorations. On the other hand, Provence, Mediterranean, Pop Art, or Shabby Chic are all about accessories. And if it’s a conceptual rendering, it all will depend on the idea. In any case, you always have to think of the image as a whole. 

#5. Consider Lighting

3d interior visualisation sofa

Lighting is a crucial part of 3D interior visualisation solutions because it impacts the overall atmosphere of the image like nothing else. Even when you choose a ready background from the library, you can ask the 3D artist to change the lighting before the rendering. Different sets might look more or less attractive with the different types of lighting. For example, a contemporary minimalist interior might benefit from artistic artificial illumination, while a classical, warm wooden interior will look great during golden hour. 

Different types of lighting will work well with different 3D interior visualisation solutions. First of all, there’s a directional lighting technique, when there are strong parallel beams of light. More often than not it imitates the sunlight. Next, there is the point or the omni lighting, based on the small light source which casts the light in all directions. It works great with small lighting fixtures. Unlike it, spot lighting casts more directional and therefore more dramatic beams. Area lighting casts soft diffused illumination on the whole scene. And, at last, global illumination simulates natural lighting in real-life conditions. 

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product rendering price

These tips might help you choose the best 3D interior visualisation solutions for your brand’s lifestyle images. However, if you don’t have time or inspiration to choose on your own, our company’s specialists will be glad to do that for you. Many of them have education and experience in design and they’ll make sure your product shines in 3D visualisation.

Looking for 3D rendering services for your next marketing campaign? Contact us at CGIFURNITURE to get top-notch visualisation for a reasonable price! 

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