It’s not a secret that attractive visuals drive online sales. An aesthetically pleasing product imagery is what grabs the customer’s fleeting attention. The main ways to get those are photos and 3D images. However, producing traditional product photos is a daunting task, as one would need to rent a photoset, transport their merchandise to and from the location, and hire a professional photographer. CGI, on the other hand, eliminates all of these challenges and can provide a business with a large variety of visuals much quicker.

Our 3D rendering company has a broad range of experience working with various products and industries. Read on to discover 10 CGI solutions by CGIFURNITURE, that will surely elevate your marketing to new heights.

#1. Upholstered Furniture Rendering

Upholstered Seating in a Living Room 3D Image

Starting with one of the most popular solutions on our website, 3D image rendering is just perfect for upholstered furniture. Any material or texture can be recreated with CGI in photorealistic quality and a high level of detail. Furthermore, a close-up CG image allows a customer to thoroughly examine the upholstery from the comfort of their own home just as they would at a real store.

#2. Outdoor Furniture Visualization

Outdoor Lounge Furniture 3D Visualization

Next up are the outdoor furniture CG images. For this type of product, it’s essential to showcase how a piece would fit in different settings, as it will increase the purchase confidence. But transporting the items between those and organizing multiple photoshoots will take ages. With the help of 3D image rendering, the merchandise can be effortlessly put in a variety of locations. The 3D models are infinitely reusable, so a business can get any number of images much faster and cheaper than with the traditional approach.

#3. Bedroom Furniture Rendering

Bedroom Furniture 3D Visualization

Showcasing the comforting and inviting ambiance of the bedroom has never been easier than with 3D image rendering. With CGI, one doesn’t have to search for a suitable interior for product images and buy additional decor or accessories. All you need to do is provide the 3D rendering studio with specific requirements for the scene. They will digitally decorate a 3D interior and incorporate the furniture into the environment. As a result, you’ll get exceptional lifestyle imagery ready for marketing use with no unnecessary fuss.

#4. Office Furniture CG Imagery

Office Furniture CG Image Rendering

Manufacturers of office furniture create product designs for many types of spaces, and they need top-quality imagery that conveys functionality and practicality. 3D image rendering allows to showcase all these features and also demonstrate the variety of customization options. And with CGI there’s no need to create all the physical models, so you can get materials for a pre-launch of your marketing campaign before the products go into mass production.

#5. Bathroom Products CGI

Bathroom Faucet Close-up 3D Rendering

Now let’s take a look at the non-furniture solutions. High-quality bathroom product 3D visualization will most certainly blow your clients away. With CGI, you can showcase your bathroom fixtures and accessories online in a lifelike manner, providing a more accurate representation compared to a traditional 2D image. Besides, you can demonstrate not only the aesthetic look of the merchandise but also its functionality. Still, renders are not the only option. The same models can be used to create 3D animations or 360-degree views, which will engage customers and help them better understand the product.

#6. Kitchen Appliances Rendering

Kitchen Stove 3D Image Rendering

Selling kitchen appliances online can be difficult, as traditional listings with photos don’t offer the same experience as the physical stores. Even though you can’t fully translate the tactile examination of the products with 3D images, close-up renders can offer a high level of realism by showcasing the practicality of kitchen equipment. Product 3D image rendering also offers unlimited flexibility, so the appliances can be shown in various settings. This way, buyers can gain a deeper understanding of how the products integrate into different kitchen settings.

#7. Lighting Fixtures Visualization

Bedside Lamp 3D Visualization

Lighting plays an important role in setting the atmosphere of any space. Product 3D image rendering can be used to emphasize this in ways traditional photos can’t. With 3D it’s easy to implement the lighting fixtures into diverse interior settings and showcase various options for the products. Presenting the illumination fixtures in such realistic contexts will provide the customers with all the necessary information about the products’ size, type of light, and design details. As a result, they will find the suitable option for them much quicker.

#8. Flooring CG Visualization

Solid Wood Flooring 3D Visualization

When you are presenting flooring options, it’s incredibly important to showcase the materials they are made of. 3D image rendering provides a unique advantage for this type of product. CG technologies can accurately depict the intricate nuances of the flooring material, such as textures, colors, and patterns. Besides, the camera perspective can be easily changed. So, you can show the floors either from afar or up close, so that the clients can fully visualize how different options complement the overall interior design.

#9. Rugs and Carpets CG Imagery

Carpet Close-up CG Image

It’s quite challenging to convey the intricate patterns and textures of rugs and carpets through traditional means. 3D rendering though succeeds in presenting those products.

The photorealism and a high level of detail make sure that the materials, textures, colors, and patterns of the fabrics are depicted with immaculate precision. What’s more, you can showcase rugs and carpets in multiple interiors and the images will still be visually consistent. With such aesthetically appealing visuals, it’s much easier for a potential buyer to choose the perfect piece for their home.

#10. Tiles and Mosaics CGI

Kitchen Tile Close-up Rendering

The photorealistic quality that can be achieved with 3D image rendering allows you to convey the intricate details of each tile and mosaic pattern. The lighting conditions can be adjusted in such a way that best highlights the selling features of those items. Individual types of tiles can also be shown in multiple settings, from realistic interiors to conceptual artistic spaces. By showing this versatility, you will increase the customers’ interest in your brand in no time.

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These were 10 CGI solutions that our studio offers for various industries. As you can see, 3D image rendering is not just a trendy tool. It can provide businesses with multiple advantages, that traditional photos struggle to meet. This approach to product visuals will certainly elevate your online commerce and set your business apart from competitors.

Need photorealistic CG imagery to enhance your marketing game? Use our 3D rendering services to get mind-blowing visuals for your e-commerce!

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