3D Furniture Rendering Services

5 Reasons You Need Them Right Now

Using CGI for promo images has become a usual thing for many brands these days. Surely, old-school product photography and modern 3D furniture rendering services both have their advantages. On the one hand, physical roomsets are time-tested and look life-like because the objects and lighting are real. Especially when not every freelance 3D artist can provide truly photorealistic CGI.

On the other hand, when marketers and manufacturers cooperate with a well-reputed 3D rendering company, they not only get photoreal visualizations but other high-quality CG services. And while some brands hesitate to try 3D, their competitors are going ahead with their jaw-dropping adverts and 3D animation.

In addition to high quality and convenience, there are many other benefits of CGI. We rounded up 5 key reasons why manufacturers should try 3D services right now just take a look!

#1. 3D Furniture Rendering Services Are Cost-Saving

Banknotes and Coins Allocated on 3D Furniture Render Services

For starters, 3D furniture rendering services are a budget-friendly option compared to the real photoshoot. The latter always entails the costs of renting a studio with equipment, purchasing additional decor, as well as paying fees to photographers, stylists, and their assistants.

Creating CG imagery doesn’t require physical costs and a large team. Basically, you need only one or a few CG experts to make 3D furniture renderings. Surely, it all depends on the scale of the project but you do the math. Besides that, CG artists can additionally reduce the cost of 3D services by using ready-made 3D models and roomsets from the studio’s library.

#2. 3D Rendering Services Save Your Time 

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Speaking of time, when taking photos, marketers always have a time limit in the photo studio and have to pay a high fee for every extra hour. Moreover, to shoot the whole collection, you need to order and bring all prototypes to the studio, find plenty of accessories to build a set, and spend a few hours shooting. And even after that you have to wait until a photographer goes through the thousands of photos and edits the best ones.

Using 3D furniture rendering services, on the other hand, significantly reduces turnaround time and doesn’t take much of the client’s attention. All marketers have to do is to send a CG company the brief and choose a type of 3D roomset from a 3D library. And that’s all — it is that easy! In turn, marketers will get steaming hot 3D furniture renderings with all post-production and special effects in just a day or two. 

#3. CGI Services Don’t Limit Your Creative Vision

Moroccan Furniture Lifestyle as a Result of Quality 3D Rendering Services

Working with physical roomsets is not that easy. Firstly, designers are always limited by the set of furnishings and decor that furniture rental catalogs provide. If they can’t select anything from the warehouse, then they have to search for this certain object or its alternative in stores. And of course, this process takes time and causes additional expenses. 

What is great about 3D furniture rendering services is that CG artists can make any client’s idea a reality. They can easily make both day and night scenes, replace any element in the roomset, change the color and texture of any furniture piece, etc. And even if marketers want to shoot a product in the Sahara desert or Antarctica, CG experts can create such an image with no sweat.

#4. 3D Furniture Renderings Are of First-Class Quality

A Boho Furniture Roomset Made with 3D Rendering Services

Let’s be honest, when we watch a movie these days, we can no longer determine how much of it is 3D technology and how much is real shooting. Many don’t even suspect that modern adverts and movies are shot on a green screen and finished using CGI.

Modern 3D photorealistic rendering services allow CG artists to make 100% life-like imagery of any complexity. For instance, they are able to recreate fog, ocean, fire, and smoke, and other natural phenomena in 3D. Moreover, using 3D software, CG experts can create the most realistic movement for animation. As a result, an ordinary viewer won’t even be able to tell 3D from real shooting.

#5. 3D Rendering Services Are Versatile

If thinking innovatively, product photography has not much to offer because it’s a limited and inflexible solution. See for yourself, the only other type of imagery that you can get from photography is a collage. Surely, you also can edit the photo, change colors, and add or erase some details. But Photoshop editing takes you only so far.

 As for 3D furniture rendering services, they allow you to make literally any type of solution out of the same 3D scene or model. Firstly, you can make lifestyle images or take furniture shots on a white background. However, CG services give more options. Using the same 3D model, CG artists can provide you with 3D configurators, 360° views, and photorealistic product 3D animation.

Moreover, CG experts can use a ready 3D scene and rearrange the cameras to make 3D furniture renderings for VR and AR apps. This way you don’t only get various types of CGI out of one roomset but provide your customers with an advanced and dynamic shopping experience.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

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3D furniture rendering services have many benefits for product promo and advert. For starters, CGI is a quick and cost-saving way to create photorealistic furniture images. Also, 3D has unlimited possibilities and can provide you with both static and motion CGI. With such tools, marketers and manufacturers can stay ahead of other sellers and keep up with the latest eCommerce trends.

Need advanced solutions for your furniture business? Give our 3D rendering services a try and get top-notch CG imagery for any purpose!

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