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7 Ways It Boosts E-Commerce Product Promotion

Product promotion is a thrilling time for marketers and manufacturers. Yet, presenting to the world the new campaign that the team created just for a specific product can be a challenge. Let’s say, they developed a great furnishing, know the target audience, and feel enthusiastic about showcasing it to consumers. The only thing left to do is to figure out how to promote it. 

If this is the first promotion ever, there might be issues with how to bring marketing messages to email inboxes or social media profiles. Or, maybe the marketing team is no stranger to product advertising, but this particular item is becoming more complicated to promote. Luckily, there is an effective solution to both cases. It is exactly 3D furniture rendering that can contribute to the success of e-commerce promotions. Here are 7 practical ways to use it for such a purpose. 

#1. Experiment with Messaging

Photorealistic Product Render for Soft Furniture Set

Here’s the thing about 3D furniture rendering – it allows creating different design contexts for the object and, thus, expands the messages that target people. As a result, everyone can find the message that resonates particularly with them. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what kind of channel marketers pick to reach out to people. Furniture renders work well for online stores, apps, social media posts, vlogs on YouTube or Vimeo, etc. 

For example, one can add contemporary or classic art to a room in a traditional design style. In the first case, it produces royal refinement, whereas in the second one – interest and striking statement. Or, let it be the message about making this particular object a focus one in the space, from which unfolds the whole story of the design narrative. So, picture this: first, the coffee tables with the curves come, then other objects follow it, such as comfort Pointe Anna Carved Chair, the rounded pendant globes, and the rug in the fish-scale pattern. To sum up, there’s so much room for creativity in messages. 

#2. Tell a Compelling Story

3D Visualization for a Cute Sofa

Photorealistic furniture rendering helps tap into the psychology of buying and push the buttons on behalf of marketers. Here’s how it works. The technology can gauge customers’ emotional response to the content. In simple words, people become emotionally engaged while consuming visual content. 

For example, parents can envision those happy moments when their baby is growing into a toddler. The CG image might feature an oval crib for the baby’s nursery that converts into the child’s first bed together with fun elements, such as animal rocking horse or a tent. 

So, compelling visual stories backed up with the same quality texts grab people’s attention, make them experience something, and compel them to act. They can develop empathy for people or inspire them. For example, the item can be presented as an inspiration piece in the whole interior and mean the great journey that starts with this new object in it. Such techniques come down now to neuromarketing that has recently proved its efficiency.

#3. Inform Consumers to the Fullest

The Selection of the Interior Style in VR Shopping

Marketers know that at the stage of awareness, potential buyers are discovering the product and the brand. So, at this point, the content needs to create value for potential buyers and put the brand on their radar. This is exactly what 3D furniture rendering is good at. It informs people in the best possible way and, thus, gives permanent value to people. 

3D visualization for furniture shows the characteristics that make it serviceable and durable. So, it reveals the inner structure and filling of the item. Additionally, CG images can expose it cut in half for a comparison purpose. This adds to a correct item evaluation and affects positively the purchase decision. 

Many furniture retailers use AR along with 3D models of their goods on the website. So, visitors pick the furnishing and virtually place it into a specific place in their home. They can drag it, change sizes and colors and make other manipulations. Therefore, nowadays, potential buyers get so much information that allows assessing the product and purchasing it here and now. 

#4. Add to the Power of FOMO

Photorealistic 3D Visualization of a Grey Sofa

 The fear of missing out something, also known as loss aversion, is a broadly used tactic in marketing and sales. 3D furniture rendering can be a helpful part of it. For example, using the FOMO tactic allows changing the language of ads. If marketers can demonstrate the outcome of not purchasing the product as a loss, then they can sell more. And furniture rendering can help produce that feeling of loss.

How can it happen? By highlighting the beneficial points of the item in different design variations, emerging it into real-life environments, showcasing the usability and technicalities, providing viewing from different perspectives, etc. In fact, photorealistic rendering services grant enormous opportunities to marketers and manufacturers in terms of furniture “showing up”.

#5. Cross-Sell and Open Up the Object’s Inventory

3D Rendering for Bedroom Furniture

With 3D furniture rendering, cross-selling is even more powerful. When regarding various design variations with one furnishing, one can also take a look at other effectively presented on a CG image. This way, marketers complement the primary purchase but in a more presentation-wise manner. 

Ikea is good at cross-selling. 75% of their goods are displayed in 3D models for better customer experience on the site. It has an inspiration section on its platform where they not only recommend decor ideas but also open up the inventory of associated objects. All of this is accompanied by top-notch imagery that resonates with the fans of particular ideas. 

#6. Go Interactive

Making the website’s pages more interactive is a fair solution to eliminate the customer’s boredom. It’s a way to retain the interest as well as encourage a faster checkout. Also, it is a sort of personalization that everyone craves. In the case of furniture promoting, it educates people about something which they might not have thought about. 

Thus, thanks to 3D furniture rendering, prospects can see the object via a 360-degree view. Another interesting thing about the technology – online retailers can have an animation on their website. It is a short video that features the object in motion. The video is designed to show it from all possible angles with close-ups, which, in due turn, provide full information about characteristics and usability. Also, such an approach makes prospects spend more time on a website, which is good for its overall rankings on search engines.

#7. Enhance Targeting 

Pink Sofa 3D Rendering Close-Up View

The promo campaigns that are mapped to a customer’s profile, as well as the funnel pick, are very powerful. If the content makes people frustrated with websites, it means it is absolutely irrelevant and the target audience’s interests are ignored. 

To avoid this, marketers segment the leads and throw them offers that take into account their demography, tastes, income, previous shopping experience and on-site behavior. And 3D furniture rendering can only contribute more to such customization. For example, for a young couple, living in New Jersey, with an average income of $148K per year, there could be a CG image of the condo’s affordable interior where a $300 3-seater Floyd Sofa fits in well. Overall, such services provide an extraordinary visual accompaniment to any promo endeavors of online retailers.

To stand out in the crowd and provide an absolutely different and meantime sales-driving experience to customers, marketers need to implement new ways of product promotions. And this is precisely where 3D furniture rendering comes in handy. It empowers old-school, yet effective strategies, such as cross-selling, targeting, and enables some new approaches like neuromarketing FOMO and interactive effects. The technology became irreplaceable when telling compelling stories to customers and changing messages on the go. Therefore, those who use it for their business win the day for sure. 

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