3D Furniture Modelling

How It Helps To Cut The Marketing Budget

3D furniture modelling is becoming more and more popular nowadays among Manufacturers, Designers, and Marketers thanks to its reasonable price and endless possibilities. Moreover, ready 3D models can be used for the variety of visual content for different marketing channels which is both effective and cost-saving.

A furniture company wants to develop a more budget-friendly marketing strategy, especially regarding visual campaigns that cost too much money with a little payback. Manufacturers have to organize photo shoots, build sets for them, search for locations to rent and transport furniture. All these things take a huge part of the marketing budget leaving very little for other promotional goals. Besides, producing prototypes for photography is too expensive as they can’t be used for anything else afterward. So what other options the furniture company has that can help to avoid these problems?

Using the services of a 3D modelling company will allow getting the most astonishing pictures of the furniture that hasn’t been produced yet as well as gorgeous backgrounds without the need to build sets. Learn how 3D furniture models can help to get awe-inspiring product images and save money at the same time.

#1. Saves Time

Turnaround Time for 3D Modelling Projects

Many Manufacturers care about deadlines more than anything else and the first thing they want to know is how many days the process of 3D furniture modelling takes. Product photography can take weeks or even months sometimes but what about CGI? Can it be only a couple of days in case of very strict deadlines? The short answer is yes, it’s completely possible with 3D modelling services. Usually, the process of creating 3D models takes about two or three working days. As a result, Furniture Manufacturers get a ready-to-use photorealistic model for any kind of visual content before the data of a marketing campaign or product launch.

#2. Allows To Try Different Materials

Different Materials for Table a 3D Model

It’s vital for Manufacturers to experiment with different materials before deciding on the final design. Making product prototypes for every variant of look is very expensive but how else to examine all possible options? 3D furniture modelling allows Manufacturers to see a product with various materials in order to choose the best one before the production. Moreover, some customers are picky when it comes to diversity and want to see a wide range of product options. For this purpose, 3D modelling services help to create as many images of furniture with different textures as one can imagine without any spendings on the manufacturing.

#3. Creates an Environment

Bed 3D Modelling for Lifestyle Images

Creating realistic backgrounds for a photo shoot is an extremely expensive and complicated process – renting the location, hiring a photographer, making sure the equipment is advanced, building a set, etc. However, without a detailed environment, the final images won’t be nearly as good. So how a Manufacturer can save the budget? 3D furniture modelling allows creating any interior and exterior styles, mood, composition, and lighting in 3D space without any efforts and additional payments from Manufacturers. Moreover, it’s easy to implement even the most luxurious concepts for a 3D scene that will make a product truly striking. And isn’t it the main goal of visual marketing?

#4. Offers Many Usages

Armchair 3D Model for SM Content

3D furniture modelling is multi-functional as it allows using 3D objects for various content and in different forms. For example, a ready 3D model can be used for product renders, 360 view, 3D animation, and even a part of CG interior or architectural project if a Manufacturer collaborates with Designers. In addition, 3D modelling is a base for photorealistic images that are widely used as product visualization for e-commerce websites, SMM as well as more traditional furniture catalogs and outdoor advertisement.

#5. Helps In Decision Making

3D Modelling Services for Product Design Development

During the designing process, it’s always difficult to decide whether to go for a certain product and how successful it may possibly be after the launch. No Manufacturer wants to risk money and produce furniture prototypes when the design development is still in progress. So why not to create a 3D model based on creative ideas and test it on the market before the costly manufacturing process begins. The result will show if new furniture has some success among the customers and Manufacturers should proceed with its production or it’s better to change the design completely. All in all, 3D furniture modelling is a much more cost-saving option than building high-quality product prototypes just to make a few pictures of them.  

3D furniture modelling helps to accelerate the process of creating marketing visuals without losing quality. Manufacturers don’t have to spend much money or efforts for getting amazing results – just set a task and wait a few days. Moreover, the final 3D models can be used not only for product images but also for 360 view, 3D animation, panorama view and so on. As a result, Furniture Manufacturers pay only once for 3D modelling service, then use the 3D objects for many purposes while saving even more money in the future.

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Want to get photorealistic 3D models for different types of visual content? Use our 3D furniture modelling services and improve your product images without spending a fortune on them.

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