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5 Noteworthy Ways To Use 3D Models of Your Products

A switch from product photography to CGI can be a truly exciting moment for furniture manufacturers. Because using 3D models allows for new creative ways to showcase their products. However, furniture makers are often unaware of all the possibilities that open up for them when they start using CGI.

Furthermore, some of the manufacturers may have tried doing certain promotional activities with product photos but had little success because of high costs and insufficient image quality. As a result, they might be unwilling to take the risk of trying anything new. Now, this article is for those who are considering starting a partnership with a professional 3D furniture modeling company. Hopefully, learning about these 5 creative ways to use 3D furniture models will be inspirational and useful.

#1. Create Breathtaking Furniture Catalogs

photorealistic 3D furniture

Catalogs are essential in the furniture industry. They shape the mood of different collections and help customers understand what every product looks like in an actual room setting. Using 3D furniture models, one can take both digital and printed catalogs to a whole next level, customizing the scenes for different target audiences by creating unique styles. Because with CGI, it’s much simpler and faster than with photography, and far less expensive as well. It also makes cross-selling multiple products easier than ever as customers effortlessly discover beautiful and diverse interiors with all items in them available for purchase.

Moreover, global furniture retailers also benefit from tailoring their catalog images to meet regional specifics. For instance, a typical kitchen setting in the U.S. is quite different from that in Turkey or Japan. And customers always gravitate toward familiar things when making a purchase.

#2. Add 360 Views To Your E-Commerce Website


    Surprisingly enough, this content format is not used very often by furniture retailers. This is why an e-commerce website featuring 360 views of products will noticeably stand out among competitors. It’s an interactive, informative, and fun way of displaying furniture and decor pieces online, which many customers find both useful and entertaining. This way, they can view the products from any angle, just as they could in a physical store. Furthermore, 360 views make excellent visual content for SMM and email marketing that raises the chances of engaging target audience.

    #3. Make The Most Of AR Technology

    AR for online furniture shopping

    Augmented Reality is probably the most useful technology for the modern furniture industry. It solves one of the biggest problems customers face when buying furniture online. Which is not knowing if an item will fit into the room in terms of both dimensions and style. Sure, retailers always provide the exact dimensions of their furniture. But there are just too many cases when that’s not enough. Especially for people who live in small city apartments, where every inch matters.

    This is why some of the best furniture shopping apps like Wayfair, IKEA Place and more have already adopted AR. They use 3D furniture models to offer their customers the possibility to view life-sized products right in their homes using only their phone cameras. Isn’t it amazing? Besides, there is no need to rush and create a whole app just for showing AR models. For a start, it’s enough to add the models to the website, since they are viewed through smartphone cameras anyway.

    #4. Display All Product Variations With In-Store Digital Catalogs

    3D furniture models showing product variations

    Let’s be honest, physical furniture stores hardly ever have all their product range on display. Especially large chains of stores. This is frustrating for most customers who prefer buying offline. Such furniture hunting trips quickly become exhausting. Furthermore, if a certain variation of a product is not available at the store they are at, customers have to ask the managers to find out which stores do have it. And then the trip continues.

    With 3D furniture images, it’s possible to show all the color and material options of every product, as well as their availability. To do that, retailers should install screens in their stores where customers will be able to view interactive digital catalogs. This way, they will instantly see what product variations are available and where. Overall, this strategy allows to minimize the square footage of furniture stores while making customers happy at the same time. Moreover, those catalogs can be used for furniture fairs, exhibitions, and other professional events.

    #5. Send Your Customers On A VR Journey

    VR furniture for an exclusive experience

    Using 3D furniture models to build virtual reality scenes is the next step in creating a memorable in-store experience for customers. Being able to see the product in various stylish settings boosts people’s imagination and fuels the urge to buy. Adopting VR is a particularly good idea for upper-segment furniture retailers that already have a highly personalized approach to their customers.

    It is also logical because making virtual reality scenes is rather expensive and time-consuming compared to the formats mentioned above. However, it’s absolutely worth it. After all, luxury is about the experience as much as it is about the things themselves. In this case, using VR adds exclusivity to the experience of visiting a furniture boutique and undoubtedly enhances customer satisfaction.

    So, these were the 5 noteworthy ways to use 3D furniture models to boost sales and improve the buyer’s journey. Compared to product photography, furniture modeling allows to create more complex and interesting scenes that appeal to wider audiences. Furthermore, CGI offers interactive formats of images, including 360o views, 3D models for AR apps, and VR scenes or tours. Those can help a furniture manufacturer to stand out amongst competitors, capture customers’ interest, and build brand loyalty.

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