3D Animation for Product Design

5 Presentational Advantages

No manufacturer in the world doesn’t dream of getting ahead of their competitors. To outstand other brands, manufacturers and marketers strive to use smart marketing ploys enhanced by perfect catchy imagery. Of course, traditional static pictures are not engaging enough for today’s customers. We all know those guys are picky and need more advanced visuals to make them buy a product. 

Can video help here? According to statistics, 54% of buyers want marketers to post more promo videos. However, shooting actual video-commercials is very expensive and effort-requiring, especially considering how advanced video production has become. Seriously, sometimes you can’t tell a video ad from a trailer of a Hollywood movie. But to create such a product video, one needs to hire scriptwriters, actors, staff, rent a studio with equipment, and spend thousands of dollars on destination shooting.

Is there any chance that you can make a spectacular ad using 3D technologies only? And can 3D animation for product design compete with the real video? As a 3D product rendering company, we say “yes” and “yes”. A 3D animation is a great solution that combines top-notch photorealism with some other cool presentational features. If you want to know the 5 key benefits of 3D animation, dive into reading now!

#1. 3D Product Animation Shows Items in Action

3D animation is a great way to show a product design in action. For example, when it comes to cabinets, folding or transformer furniture, static photos can’t really convey the movement. Therefore, using 3D animation, manufacturers can show how the product performs and demonstrate all the benefits of the design.

Also, when the manufacturer claims you can create various arrangements with the same furniture design, customers want to see how it works. Again, 3D animation for product design comes in handy. It demonstrates how buyers can adjust the furniture to their interior by re-building it in a few simple steps. In this case, 3D animation serves both as an assembly instruction and visual proof that you can create a completely new design by simply taking away or re-arranging a few pieces.

#2. 3D Animation Is Great for Storytelling

Top-notch 3D animation for product design is a perfect tool for advanced storytelling. Surely, people are emotional creatures who love stories, so they are more willing to buy goods with a certain philosophy, message, or funny story behind them. So the secret of a successful  3D animation lies in both photorealistic quality and a catching scenario.

For starters, marketers can hire experienced writers to create a smart script of a touching story that will melt buyers’ hearts. Then, they order stunning product animation services from CG experts and add matching music and voice-over. No actual shooting, actors, or staff are needed! Here you go – you get the story that appeals to the broad spectrum of tastes without overspending in the process of its creation. 

#3. Product 3D Animation Evoke Buyers’ Emotions

Naturally, video ads with catchy music and slogans can become a forever-lasting memory like those we all have from our childhood. Just like actual promo videos, photorealistic 3D product animation evokes certain emotions and creates a strong connection with the brand.

Therefore, based on marketing research, marketers can recreate the most desirable picture for their target audiences. As this study shows, people can be easily hooked by nostalgic feelings and are more willing to buy products from promo video that appeals to their sweet memories.

On the other hand, 3D animation for product design based on social media trends or memes can be equally effective and buyer-grabbing for the younger audience. In short, all you have to do for creating an emotional 3D animation is to use visual triggers and add memorable music with a catchy voice-over.

#4. Product Animation Showcases the Quality of Goods

Top-quality 3D animation for product design allows you to evaluate the quality of the object. By zooming cameras in and out, CG artists can draw viewers’ attention to detailing like seams, and joints, as well as textures of the stone, wood, leather, and so on. This approach makes all design elements visible and brings buyers as close to the product as possible.

Apart from close-up views, CG experts can display the structure of the product in a break-up video. It is a type of animation that shows how the item is assembled in parts one by one. Therefore, it explains the design to customers from A to Z — what the object is made of, what are the main parts and how they work all together.

#5.  Engaging Animation Is a Wow-Factor for Any Listing

The competition on the biggest e-commerce platforms encourages brands to try new promo imagery apart from photos of the product on a white background. No surprises — according to statistics, 68% of buyers like to learn about a product from a short video. Therefore, any listing that has video gains many more views and responses from the audience. Because 3D animation for product design shows the quality of goods, displays objects in action and costs less than the actual video, many manufacturers tend to add it to every listing. 

After buyers watch the attached 3D animation, they feel more informed and confident about the purchase. In turn, manufacturers benefit from informing their customers because such conscious shoppers know what to expect from the product. As a result, there’s less of a chance that they will return goods after getting them.

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3D animation for product design is a modern and dynamic way of presenting goods. The animation is a perfect storyteller that evokes positive emotions, helps the audience to remember the brand and establishes a long-lasting connection between the two. And last but not least, 3D animation showcases product quality, design and functions without prototyping and physical shooting.

Need photorealistic animation for your product design? Reach out to our CG team for 3D animation services and get jaw-dropping animation that will show your product in all its glory!

Irene Lewis

Content Writer

Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

3D animation is photorealistic motion imagery that is based on 3D modeling and rendering and rapid sequence. Just like a real video consists of frames, animation displays rendered images at a specific rate which creates the illusion of objects moving in a 3D scene.

Just like any other video, 3D animation tells a story that customers can relate to. First, marketers do research on their audience and their expectations from the product. Based on that data, writers create a breathtaking script and a CG studio makes a 3D animation. If all components are in a place, the story hits the target, customers get the emotions they want from watching the video and are ready to purchase the product.

CG artists can draw the buyer’s attention to the design by manipulating camera views. For example, the close-up view is the best angle to showcase the details. When cameras zoom in, viewers are able to examine the texture, evaluate the materials and see the tiniest elements that aren’t even visible on photos, like stitches and seams.

In CGIFURNITURE, we charge from $179 for 3D animation. However, every CG studio has its own price list and of course, many factors are affecting the cost. First, CG firms charge per second so the length really matters. Also, the more complex the scene, the higher the price. Thus, the best solution here is to contact the studio managers who will calculate the precise price directly.

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