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7 Reasons Online Retailers Need Them

On oversaturated with all kinds of data Internet, any motion visual such as videos or animations draws more attention to the goods than static product visualizations or photos. And of course, for online retail, the more emotional and immersive product animation services are, the better. Therefore, catchy photorealistic 3D animation will hold prospects’ eyes the most which lead to more interest in the product.

With product animation, marketers and online retailers can promote new items, as well as reenergize the goods from older collections and increase their sales. The key to the successful usage of product animation services is to find the most effective ways to utilize them. Here are 7 key reasons to use 3D animation to boost leads and sales.

#1.  Product Animation Contributes to Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the marketing measurement of how much customers recognize a brand, its products or services, and how much they know about them. Consumers’ awareness of the brand has to include positive perceptions of the features that distinguish the product from its competition.

One of the biggest advantages of product animation services is that they provide very informative video content. According to statistics, 96% of customers say they watch explanatory promo videos to learn more about a product or service.

Such product animations as feature videos explain the item’s features in detail. Assembly and installation videos showcase all the functions of the product and the process of setting it up. How-to-use videos demonstrate how to use the item the most effectively. In addition, close-up and break-apart videos help retailers to show furniture characteristics in photoreal quality and emphasize the unique design.

Thanks to product animation services, customers get basic information about the goods most conceivably and entertainingly. In the case of furniture, they can evaluate the quality of furniture design and start recognizing it more and more in the future. It also helps with a more informed purchasing decision that leads to fewer products returned and good feedback.

#2. CG Animation Helps to Create Outstanding Listings for E-Commerce

Online stores are full of listings with product photos from many angles but it is not enough to examine the product thoroughly. Modern buyers expect sellers to provide various visual materials for listings — close-up and detail views, 360-degree spins, videos, and so on.

Product animation stands out because it offers a comprehensive view of both the exterior and interior aspects of a product. It showcases not only the design but also the internal components, structure, and assembly process. By providing all this information in a single animation video, retailers and marketers build trust with buyers, making their products the preferred choice among competing offers.

#3. Product 3D Videos Provide Engaging Content for Various Marketing Channels

The easiest way to engage and interact with potential customers is through social platforms. That’s why so many businesses pay so much attention to them and invest tons of money in developing social media strategies. So, what role do videos in general and product animation in particular play in this?

Social Media

3D product animation works perfectly for promoting goods or services on social networks. There are lots of different ways to use it on Instagram and Facebook. For example, retailers and marketers can publish animation in posts, use it in ads, as well as upload videos to Insta and Facebook Stories with a direct link to the store, hashtags, and funny emojis. On top of that, product 3D animation is ideal for contests that engage the existing audience and attract new followers. It also works with influencers — bloggers and Instagrammers — who can make a video review of the product and use vivid 3D animation or video effects in it.

VOD Platforms

According to Animoto, YouTube is the #1 purchase driver on social media which has more than 2 billion viewers daily. Therefore, building up the audience on YouTube often becomes a game-changer for brands and retailers. Moreover, it’s a free platform which means to go big there, you just need to be creative and invest some time and effort in making unique relevant content. 

On top of that, YouTube is promoting videos with the help of recommendations that the platform generates automatically. One just needs to learn a bit more about the algorithms and SEO to make it work. It also offers the option of paid ads for those brands that want to accelerate effective results.

There are several other big VOD platforms that work similarly to YouTube and allow brands to promote their products using videos and animations. Among them are Vimeo, Wistia, Wowza, etc.  

TV Advertising

Using product animation services for TV promo and advertising is hard to overestimate. Marketers and retailers can order 3D product animation to add nice music and professional voiceover and use it as a commercial video ad. Alternatively, it could also become a part of bigger video material — an interview, a review, or a comparison between several products.

#4. Product 3D Animation Evokes Customers’ Emotions and Builds a Connection with the Audience

Through 3D product animation, one can tell inspiring stories and create a unique connection between the product and the audience. After identifying the target audience, their needs, and their dreams, it becomes easy to create a story they can relate to that will shake them to the core. 

For that, place the product in an environment that could mean something to the customer and evoke their emotions — a cozy home, a respectable office, a high-end spa, and so on. 

Walkthrough and flythrough 3D product animation will make an indelible impression on buyers who intuitively follow the actions on the screen. Therefore, simply watching the video, customers will get a sense of adventure and immersion into an exciting lifestyle they could be a part of.

Using 3D product animation services, buyers can look closer at the product and examine its materials and design details. Watching the video of a room set, they immerse into the atmosphere of the room, see how the furniture fits there and realize how the space is transformed by the product. Animation not only brings buyers closer to the experience of offline shopping but it shows them the future — how the object is used and how it fits into the interiors of their dream.

#5. Product Animation Services Influence E-Commerce Website Conversions

Product lists and pages are the ones videos are used the most for, however, a good e-store website has a lot of videos, gifs and animated banners everywhere buyers can look at. The reason is that any motion catches their attention like nothing else.

Landing Page

According to Eye View statistics, landing pages with videos increase website conversion by 86%, so investing in awe-inspiring animation for landing totally makes sense. As for the plot of the video, it may vary. This could be the showcase of the company’s highlights or iconic products of a legendary brand, as well as a promo of a new collection. Consider this — the landing page is where all PR materials and ads lead, therefore, it’s crucial to invest in the imagery that prospects see first. 


Many companies start a blog on their website to promote products and services but how interesting it is? To significantly increase the conversion of the site, one needs to publish truly useful articles, SEO-optimize them, and select only high-quality visual content for the blog. For example, if there’s a blog post about creating an iconic furniture piece, it could be illustrated by step-by-step production animation.

#6. Product Animation is a Valuable Asset for Cross-Selling Strategies

The idea of ​​cross-selling is simple and elegant — you can show several products in one mind-blowing video and viewers will get a burning desire to purchase more or even all products from the video. Watching high-quality immersive product animation, buyers realize that they’d like to recreate the same comfort and mood at their homes too. To achieve this, customers could choose to surround themselves with products that match and complement each other, especially if such sets of items are highlighted in the video. As a result, furniture retailers and marketers introduce a wider range of their products to customers, using just one 3D animation. 

#7. Animated Product Videos Work Perfectly for Recommended Content Features

The related or recommended content feature is an algorithm that shows users content based on their previously watched content and purchases. This is a perfect marketing tool that doesn’t require extra money and effort. And it works perfectly well with video content. Just look at TikTok!

Videos excel in this aspect, particularly due to the prevalence of video-on-demand platforms. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram rely heavily on video content, with algorithms suggesting playlists or reels based on users’ past views and interactions. This seamless recommendation system often leads users to watch related videos one after another, expanding their exposure to similar products. As a result, potential customers discover a broader range of products related to their initial interest without actively seeking them out.

However, filming just one video takes a lot of money and time as you need to rent a studio, hire a production team, pay for shooting and editing, etc. CG studios offering 3D product animation services, on the other hand, provide photorealistic video without any of these efforts on the client’s end. And they can come up with any concept with no limits!

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Product animation services offer a gateway to enhanced online retailing, boosting website conversion rates and social media engagement. With captivating storytelling about products and brands, these immersive videos drive sales and facilitate cross-selling.

Furthermore, engaging content has the potential to go viral, generating profits without the need for additional advertising expenses. By investing in compelling animation services and creative ideas, retailers can harness the power of viral marketing to maximize their returns.

Ready to try animated video content in your marketing campaigns? Order our product animation services and you’ll get jaw-dropping product videos that will increase leads and boost sales!

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