How It Helps Increase Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is probably one of the most important things in any business. It demonstrates how responsive people are to the content about the goods the brand exposes. The more it resonates with them, the more they buy and the business prospers. 

Nowadays, in the furniture industry, to win people’s hearts, manufacturers and marketers turn to the technologies that allow getting as much as possible information about the goods. One of them is a 360 view for a product. When implemented on a particular platform, it helps prospects examine the item from different angles.  It can be placed on a white background or in a whole design concept. By default, such an experience already brings about a bigger audience engagement. Yet, there are more benefits it brings to improve audience engagement. Let’s find out which ones. 

#1. To Provide As Detailed Information As Possible


    Customers cannot touch or hold the product to understand its characteristics in an online store. They can only look at an image. So, the goal of any visual content on a website is to convey the characteristics clearly. That’s what a 360 view for a product tackles effectively – it creates a sense of control just like any brick-and-mortar shop experience. 

    It is an ideal tool to provide as much information about the product as possible by giving a rotating, all-around perspective on it. Prospects can hover over its CG image, zoom in and see the details. By the way, Amazon does this with a lot of its products and allows zooming as well, so it is a must for all aspiring e-commerce businessmen.

    #2. To Organize A Successful Customer Experience

    Product 360 view: Consumer experience

    Audience engagement depends on how effective the customer experience is on that particular platform. A 360 view for a product does a great job here. It’s not just about looking at an image and trying to figure out how the furnishing will function. It’s about assessing it – merely just like in a real brick-and-mortar store. So, users can virtually examine it with their own hands by moving and turning it around. The technology even allows interacting with an object. To illustrate, prospects can open or close the shelves of the kitchen cabinetry. 

    Moreover, if it’s integrated into a mobile platform, application, it’s a double win. First, people buy from mobile nowadays. Second, assessing the product from top to bottom with ease of use means the world for many. 

    For example, these are moms having no time to explore a lot on furnishings and needing the right info here and now or a secretary looking for new stuff as soon as possible for a new office. The bottom line here is such technologies as 360 view and other instructive ones saves people time and creates the best customer experience on any selling platform.

    3.  To Create A “Natural Circle” In Google

    Product 360 view: Boost in Google

    When people spend time on examining the product via a 360 view, they automatically add to the overall decrease of the website’s bounce rate. What is it? In simple words, it is a metric that defines the number of a visitor leaving a website after surfing just one page for a certain period of time. 

    The more people browse the pages and spend time on a website, the less this metric is, the more Google thinks that the website brings value to people. As a reward, he ranks it highly. Thus, the website becomes more visible to people. They visit the site, get involved with interactive 360 product CGI tool, and the same process starts again. It turns into a sort of natural circle in Google, which automatically brings bigger online exposure and sales. 

    #4. To Use 360 View  For Social Media

     Product 360 view: Social networks

    No one can deny the power of social media in sales. Online retailer BigCommerce found that using imagery on Facebook brings about a 85% interaction rate. The more attractive the content on there, the more it becomes viral. Besides, if knowing the audience, the targeting becomes more effective and pointed. And a product 360 view tackles this challenge better than any product image. First, it is interactive, and people like playing. Second, in the meantime it presents an object in an entertaining and instructive way bringing value to people.

    Moreover, adding different design concepts with a selling item will only increase likes, follows, shares, comments, and click-throughs within a targeted community. Provided that CG visuals like a 360 view for a product are super portable and adaptable to any platform, marketers save significantly on the materials for different advertising channels. 

    #5. To Enhance Outreach and PR

    Product 360 view: Media exposure

    Outreach campaigns are a fair strategy to increase brand awareness. Nowadays, progressive outreach includes e-magazines, thought influencers’ blogs, and platforms with content distribution. The textual material is not enough to stand out from the crowd. A captivating, interesting, entertaining and meantime insightful content can make a difference for a brand. That’s where a 360 view for a product and other immersive technologies can shine. 

    Here’s the thing about outreach: these are not only marketers who are interested in posting the content about their goods on different platforms. Media outlets need it too to make their platforms grow and get a reputation online. As a result, all achieve their marketing and financial goals. 

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    A 360 view for a product is a super powerful and cost-efficient tool to advertise the goods. Once created, it can be placed in many advertising channels without ruining the digital metrics of the website. On the contrary, it helps it grow, increase the following and, as a result, sales. As for social media and other independent platforms, there’s no better content than this one. It has the potential of going viral, brings value and meantime eliminates boredom – the combo that many businesses are looking for to implement. 

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    Valerie Adams

    Content Writer, Editor

    Valerie loves writing about CGI in advertising, product design development, and swears by 3D printing technology. In her free time, she enjoys attending music festivals and art events around Europe.

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