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5 Benefits for Ecommerce Business

Due to the ever-increasing transition of all brands to eCommerce, manufacturers and marketers have to constantly improve the digital presentation of their products. To attract modern buyers, you can’t use only static photos and hope they will be enough to answer all the customer’s questions. Even if online prospects are not able to touch and try goods, theу still want to examine all their sides, textures and details before the purchase. Therefore, they expect sellers to complement listing pages with an informative product video.

Shooting real videos is too expensive since you have to hire a filming crew, rent a studio,  take care of backdrops, lighting equipment, pay for editing and post-production, etc. In turn, a 360° animation can be done by a couple of CG artists from a professional 3D rendering studio. It is fast, cost-saving and doesn’t require a marketer to do anything except sending a project brief. 

However, cost- and time-efficiency is not the only reason to order a 360° product video. In fact, such a CG solution has at least 5 advantages of using it over traditional video for eCommerce. Let’s get to know about each of them!

#1. 360° Product Videos Gain Customers’ Trust

By providing customers with a 360° product video, you get their trust much faster than with just a few photos. Firstly, such a 3D tool allows them to see the object from all sides in a seamless 360° spin. Secondly, if you use a CG video where you show the product with zooming in and out shots, then buyers will be able to examine the design in detail. Such a 360° video perfectly showcases all the textures, materials, and colors in HR quality.

#2. A 360° View Video Reduces Product Return

One of the key problems of online sales is goods returns. Due to the insufficient quality of visuals, the product is often presented differently from what it is in real life. Therefore, once customers get their purchases delivered, they are in for a bitter disappointment.

With a 360° product video, no detail can escape the buyer’s attention. Moreover, all materials and colors on such a video correspond to real ones. Therefore, if you provide an advanced animated 3D product presentation, buyers get more informed and confident in their choice. Thus, they are less likely to return their purchases.

#3. Product 360° Videos Work for All Shopping E-Platforms

Product 360° videos can be integrated into any shopping platform — from Amazon to a brand’s website. Moreover, today, listings with videos have become the new norm for all shopping sites, mainly, because people trust them more. Just look at these overwhelming statistics numbers —  buyers are 144% more likely to buy an item if they’ve watched the product video than if they haven’t. This is the kind of information that is hard to ignore, right?

Since online shoppers can’t see the goods live, sellers strive to provide them with an improved experience as close to real-life shopping as possible. This is exactly the case with 360° product video — after all, it recreates the realistic experience of seeing the item from all-around points of view just as you usually do in brick-and-mortar stores.

#4. Product 360° View Videos Keep Customers’ Attention

Once a buyer is on a brand’s website, every marketer’s goal is to keep them there for as long as possible. It’s difficult to achieve with static pictures since one can stare at the same unmoving visuals only for so long. By watching a 360° product video, however, visitors will spend more time examining the listing pages and learning about the products.

Also, you can use 360° clips for landing and home pages, banners, video blogs, etc. Those could be a simple 360° view video with a rotating item in it or a 360° animation with additional elements, such as captures, music, voiceover, etc.

#5. A 360° Video is Perfect Content for Social Media

A Person Using Product 360 Videos for Pinterest Boards

According to SMM statistics, posts with videos gain 48% more views than usual ones with text and pics. The thing is social media algorithms provide more visibility to video content and simply boost it more than posts without it. 

For this reason, it is more effective to promote goods on social networks using videos. Product 360° clips can be integrated into Facebook, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok — literally, any media one can think of! To make such CG videos even more entertaining and informative, there is an option to add music, voiceover, text copy, and other additional effects. As a result, a marketer gets a product video that can be easily tailored to various social media channels.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

The importance of 360° videos can’t be overstated — they help to better inform buyers about the product, thereby building customer confidence and decreasing goods returns. Such a motion solution can be easily integrated into all online shopping platforms and any pages of the brand’s website. Last but not least, it’s one of the most powerful types of content for social media marketing. Overall, you can’t go wrong with choosing video content as one of your top marketing tools. 

Ready to improve your business with a 360° product video? Try our 3D rendering services and get first-class video clips that will catapult your sales!

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Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

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  1. Iris Smith
    Iris Smith says:

    Thank you for pointing out that 360° product videos replicate the authentic experience of viewing the item from all angles, just as you would normally do in physical stores. My spouse is starting a web store for his furniture business. I’ll advise him to hire a video production agency to assist him in producing 360-degree product videos so that clients have a better experience.


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