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What Role CG Imagery Can Play In It

E-Commerce and visual marketing are somewhat new and uncharted territories for many manufacturers and marketers. Seems like you just need to upload beautiful images but it doesn’t work that way. Surely, both fields require striking photoreal visuals. However, you can’t use the same pictures for both online catalogs and visual commerce for manufacturers. And here’s the reason why.

Catalogs are meant to sell a lifestyle, so they showcase goods with beautiful backgrounds from different angles. However, catalogs don’t imply feedback from customers. Visual commerce, in turn, is always about communication with the audience using social media. Smart visual marketing is based on content that entertains customers and provokes their interaction with the brand.

To broaden your visual commerce content and boost conversion without spending thousands of dollars on product photo shootings you have to order the proper CG images from a 3D rendering company. Professional CG artists know what types of visuals captivate buyers the most. If you want to know what CGI manufacturers need for visual commerce and why, keep reading.

#1. CGI Provides Unique Visuals of Photorealistic Quality

A Screenshot of Manufacturer’s Page with Giveaway Visual Ad

Image quality is extremely important for visual commerce for manufacturers. Obviously, if the picture is blurry, dull, or looking fake, buyers won’t even click on it. Therefore, an effective promo shot should be realistic, i.e. have correct proportions, as well as life-like lighting and color scheme.

Computer graphic imagery is absolutely unlimited creative-wise. Using 3D, you can get any type of a lifestyle — from calming cozy interiors to dynamic outdoor scenes with turquoise pools and lush greenery. Also, modern CGI is simply indistinguishable from traditional photography and costs much less than organizing photo sessions. Sounds like a dream deal, isn’t it?

#2. CGI Enhances Visual Commerce with Both Static and Motion Tools

No one can tell which content is 100% winning for visual marketing for ecommerce — static pictures or animation. There are so many factors that affect the popularity of a post, so it is best to alternate between still images and motion solutions and use them for different purposes. 

With CGI, you don’t have to hire a photographer or videographer to create content for visual commerce for manufacturers. CG artists can easily create any type of visuals you need — static, panorama, 360° views, animation, or even all at once. Just put some thought into the visual concept, add catchy copy, play with emojis and frames and you are ready to push and promote!

#3. It’s As Easy As Pie to Showcase Product Quality Using CGI

Manufacturers’ Instagram Page with Cut-Out View Used for Visual Commerce

Using CG imagery, manufacturers can create visual commerce content that draws the buyers’ attention to the quality of the product. All you need to do is experiment with camera angles or try product animation.

A Close-Up Shot

With a close-up view, marketers are able to demonstrate the product in detail and emphasize its quality. For example, CG experts can zoom the texture of the upholstery, seams and stitches, and proudly show the small design elements that are hardly visible on regular photos. 

A Cut-Out View

A Cutaway view is a great CG tool that allows you to show a product in a section without harming the real object. Using it, manufacturers can display each layer of the product and add an explanation text on top of the picture. This way they not only showcase the product quality but bring their audience into the dialogue, which boosts their visual marketing even more.

Animated Product Video

Product animation is a perfect solution for visual commerce for manufacturers, especially when it comes to transformer furniture or modifiable sets. In these cases, you can animate the whole process of assemblage stepwise and show several types of furniture placement. Add music, a voiceover and copy on top of it, and your outstanding and highly-engaging commerce content is ready.

#4. CGI Allows Displaying Goods in Various Complimenting Environments

3D Bathroom Render for Visual Commerce

Providing the audience with ever new images is a big challenge for visual commerce. However, working with far-sighted 3D studios, brands can count on their extensive library of 3D scenes and models as a source of new pictures. Using this library, CG artists can choose several roomset templates and make different interiors for the same product without building them from scratch.

Pictures of various contexts boost visual commerce for manufacturers through diversity and high engagement of customers. For example, brands can showcase a bunch of product designs in the Instagram carousel, or display the same item in various interior styles. 

Such visuals inspire the audience to choose the best option, so users actively comment on which is their favorite. You don’t even have to egg your audience on a dialogue — everyone on the Internet is ready to share their opinion once they’re offered several options!

#5. With CGI, Creating Seasonal Promo Campaigns Is Fast and Effortless

3D Rendering for Thanksgiving Visual Campaign

Naturally, manufacturers and marketers try to stay on top of SMM and advertising during holidays and specific seasons but they often end up using the same old catalog pictures. Usually, brands simply add themed emoji or CTA on top of already used images. However, it’s not the most outstanding and effective visual trick.

Visual commerce for manufacturers and promoting upcoming seasonal sales work better with customized 3D scenes. Using 3D, CG artists can rearrange the roomset, add some seasonal decor to the interior and set up cozy lighting. And only after getting a relevant background image, manufacturers can add copy, funny emojis, and a countdown to boost seasonal interest.

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product rendering price

CG imagery provides a wide range of opportunities for visual commerce for manufacturers. CG specs can easily modify 3D images by adding or removing 3D models within the 3D scene. Also, 3D technology allows creating close-up views, cutaway models, 360° product views, and animation. As a result, you get unique top-notch commerce content that influences customer purchase decisions and sets you apart from the competition. 

Strive for creative and effective visual commerce? Reach out to use 3D rendering services and get mind-blowing solutions for your business at a reasonable price!

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