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Why They Are Crucial For Ecommerce Marketing

When furniture manufacturers and marketers launch a new product, one of the ways to show its benefits is to use silo renders. This type of CG imagery is super budget-friendly, adaptable to any selling platform, and meantime insightful into a new item and influences the buying decision significantly. 

Moreover, nowadays silo renders are irreplaceable in e-commerce. It means email marketing, social media, digital content can benefit from them. Also, e-commerce advertising professionals can take such content for their display or banner ads. So, to see the opportunities for the furniture business online with this kind of service by a 3D rendering company, let’s dive deep into the subject. 

#1. A Solution For Content Marketing

Silo rendering for for marketing

When there’s a strong need to market an e-commerce store, silo renders might be essentially helpful. They can enhance your product page copy, make outstanding blog posts, and back up guest posts for external websites where marketers strive to “solidify” their brand’s position under certain flagship goods. 

Blog posts play a great role in sales. “Enriching” them with high-quality CG imagery only optimizes the website’s position in Google. Guest posts go viral and are distributed throughout the Internet exponentially raising brand awareness and the following.

#2. Specific Value For Email Marketing

Silo 3D renders: Benefits for emails

For the product launch or upgrade, sending out emails is important. This is where silo renders particularly come in handy. Again, if manufacturers need to show its real look, this type of CG imagery is just on point. But there’s something way more about it. 

3D silo photos are the best possible imagery for responsive emails. These are emails that are optimized for any device, be it a desktop, phone, or tablet. They adapt to any screen solution, the factor that makes this type mainstream in 2020. Thus, such emails are more accessible as they allow reading on the chosen device and on the go. 

In this context, silo images are mobile- and desktop-friendly and fit in ideally any email design. And since half of the U.S. citizens open emails on their mobile, silo images are super adaptable to a mobile format. Therefore, as a part of helpful information and together with a bold CTA, they perform best in emails. 

#3. Ultimate Content For Social Media Marketing

Photorealistic silo renders for a SMM strategy

Instagram is an extra appropriate social network for silo renders. It allows posting sharp product imagery and expanding the item’s reach beyond its purchase page. Herewith, silo images belong to the shoppable kind of content. Thus, when launching an item or remodeling, or upgrading it, it’s the image showing the real look that matters. So, a product comes in its original color, texture, and look against a white background and allows seeing its design, structure, and other details clearly. Moreover, this is exactly the kind of content from visitors can buy right away from the social media page. 

Silo photos work best with lifestyle shots for furniture. While the latter gives the viewers some context of where an object might be used in an interior design, silo images provide a clear understanding of the object and its characteristics without distractions. This approach is vital for social media, especially Instagram, and for online stores. The latter should be also highly visual as well since potential buyers follow from the social network page to the website. 

#4. Presentation-Wise Imagery For Influencer Marketing

Silo CG renders: Content for thought leaders

Influencer marketing is not new to e-commerce, and big brands benefit from it drastically. So can furniture ones. It is about finding people that influence the target market. Furniture manufacturers and marketers should identify the latter as well. So, it’s not just about someone’s Instagram account with a big following, it’s about celebs and communities that the target audience belongs to or follows. 

Influencers build the hub around their persona and are being followed, liked, and, what’s more important, trusted by ordinary people. In the light of promoting new coming goods or flagship ones, marketers can turn to influencers and provide silo renders as material to market the goods.

#5. Material For Affiliate Marketing

Silo pictures: Affiliate partnership

More than 81% of brands use affiliate partnerships for their business growth. Affiliates are people or businesses that help sell goods or services online for a commission. They use old-school ways like paid advertising, content strategy, and other ways to drive traffic to their pages on the brand’s products. Very often, they ask their representatives for some material to use. This is where silo renders come in and have all the chances to go tremendously viral over the Web.

As it was previously stated, silo images are the kind of multipurpose imagery to be used for any selling platform. Once used for emails, they can be granted to affiliate partners to promote the products via their channels. Herewith, no copyright infringement is done. 

Silo renders serve the needs of e-commerce marketing, and e-commerce advertising and address the challenges of such trends as influencer marketing. They are multipurpose, way less expensive than other types of 3D product renders, and provide enough information to make a purchase right away. When using them, it’s always a win for online furniture retailers, as for buyers.

Willing to give it a try for your online catalogs or any other e-commerce channel? Pitch us right now to make the first step toward top-notch 3D product renders that will make your business stand out amongst competitors.

Tanya Moore

Communication Manager at CGIFurniture

Tanya crafts impactful content strategies, leads their implementation to fruition and measures their success. Outside work, Tanya enjoys surfing and traveling around Europe with her cute little snow-white dog.

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