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5 Reasons 3D Animation Is the Best Option

According to statistics, a product video is a #1 purchase-driver as 84% of shoppers said they’ve been convinced to buy a product after watching a video. Thus, furniture manufacturers and retailers that don’t use product videos for marketing and promo automatically lose potential customers and get behind in the competition.

However, traditional videography is an expensive endeavor, and getting product videos for every piece from the catalog may cost a fortune. To make an actual video, one has to rent a studio and build a filming set, hire a crew of a director, cameramen, assistants, and so on. Due to the high cost of the project, many brand marketers don’t order videos for their goods and stick to photos and text descriptions instead. 

Thankfully, there’s another way to get stunning product videos without overspending on filming — get a life-like 3D animation from a 3D rendering company. In this article, we throw light on 5 aspects of CG (Computer Generated) videos that make them an optimal solution for eCommerce and marketing.

#1. 3D Product Videos for Marketing are Cost-Effective

CG product videos are done entirely in CG software using realistic 3D models and scenes, with all lighting assets and cameras included. Therefore, opting for 3D product animation, marketers don’t have to pay for studio and equipment as well as build a filming set. 

In addition, CG videos can be done by a couple of CG specialists, without additional staff involved in the process. These factors significantly reduce the price of 3D animation and allow marketers to order more CG product videos for marketing and promo campaigns.

The two most important factors that affect the price are camera movements and video length. At CGIFURNITURE we charge $179 for 3 seconds of a CG video. To find out an exact price, one should consider contacting studio managers for precise project estimation.

#2. A Computer-Generated Video is a Perfect Storytelling Tool

With CGI, one can visualize any possible scenario, from simple close-up shots to camera spans to slow-motion ones, and even those with special effects such as smoke, fire, water, explosions, etc. In CGFURNITURE, we create 3D videos based on scripts our clients include in a 3D animation brief. Alternatively, our team can write a new script for an additional fee.

Depending on the task, CG artists can create demo 3D product videos for marketing campaigns with walkthroughs and long takes. Or, make how-to and assembly video instructions for product listing pages. In these CG videos, furniture pieces assembly and dismantle on their own so no actual actors are required as in traditional product videos. 

#3. CG Product Videos Are Best for Customer Education

Wyzowl research claims that 96% of buyers watch explainer videos to learn more about a product. Before purchasing a piece, they’d like to see how it works, what are the configurations, and how easy the furniture assemblage is. How-to and assembly CG videos demonstrate the whole process step-by-step so that consumers can follow the instructions and get a positive experience with a product.

Moreover, life-like feature CG videos showcase products with realistic textures and details up to every stitch. Creating this type of 3D animation, CG artists use close-up views to convey the quality of the piece. By using CG videos for product pages and listings, sellers increase customer informativeness and give a memorable product presentation at the same time.

#4. 3D Scenes from CG Videos are Versatile and Reusable

A Shot from a CG Product Video Used for Furniture Marketing and Promo

Easy customizable 3D scenes are one of the main benefits of using CGI for product videos. CG artists can remake any ready scene in 3D software in a couple of minutes and make new 3D animation. One of the other time- and money-saving options is to pick one of the ready-made scenes from a CGI studio’s database. CGIFURNITURE offers a library with more than 6 000 scenes and 50 000 props. 

CG specialists also rearrange and re-set cameras, change lighting schemes, replace 3D models, set other textures and colors. With possibilities like these, marketers can get different product videos based on the same scene, hence, reduce their expenses on promo and marketing visuals.

#5. CG Videos Make Outstanding Listing Pages for eCommerce

Product listing pages with videos help sellers to stand out from the competition, which is especially important for large eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Ideally, to get more listing views and purchases, furniture retailers should be uploading a video for each product. 

However, many of them save on product videos for marketing and listings. They end up using product photos with text descriptions that are barely conveying all the benefits of the piece. Therefore, a seller that has demo or how-to videos for each listing gets much more attention and easily gains buyers’ trust.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

Choosing 3D product videos for marketing and promo, brands get the opportunity to visualize any scenario they want from standard and minimalistic to complex ones with special effects. Ordering CGI, manufacturers and marketers can get a demo product video, how-to and assembly 3D animation, or a story 3D video. Made by professional CG visualizers, CG videos look no less realistic than conventional videography but are more affordable. Moreover, every 3D scene used for CG video can be adjusted and re-used for future projects.

Ready to incorporate CG product videos into your marketing strategies? Click on the link to order 3D rendering services, and you’ll get mind-blowing 3D animation at a fair price!

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