Product Videos for Digital Marketing:

7 Reasons to Use Them for Social Media Content

Watching videos has become an integral part of our online activities. This type of content is now used not only for entertainment but for informational and marketing purposes as well. Brands are constantly looking for new ways to catch the attention of prospects, and product videos are proving to be super effective in this regard. 

But video production is more expensive than making product images, and yes, it’s not that easy to organize a promo video shoot. So, the hesitation to invest in producing this content is understandable. But what if you could get product videos for digital marketing campaigns without spending much money and effort? The truth is that you can actually do it by ordering 3D animation.

As a product 3D rendering company that has created hundreds of product videos for furniture and other brands, we know exactly why so many top companies prefer motion visuals over any other type of promo content. Keep on reading to learn the value of product videos for effective digital marketing strategies!

#1. Product Videos are Growing in Popularity Across All Social Media Channels

In 2021, 94% of respondents of Lemonlight Original Research shared that watching a video has helped them make a purchase decision at least once. Of those, 72% were swayed by a product demonstration video. In recent years, video has grown in popularity across every channel from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn to YouTube and others. Let alone the impact of the pandemic on video consumption which grew in parallel with the amount of time we stay at home.

Since people spend hours and hours on social media every day, they have become demanding and difficult to impress. Modern consumers expect brands to deliver more engaging and entertaining content than ever before. So, it’s tough to compete without immersive and informative product videos for digital marketing campaigns when leading brands already use them widely. Moreover, such popular platforms as Tiktok, YouTube, or Vimeo are based on videos exclusively. This means you will need motion visuals to do any kind of promo there. 

#2. Digital Marketing Videos Get More Exposure and Engagement

Product Video for a Dorel Home Furnishing Instagram Story

Studies showed that videos on Instagram generate more engagement than any other content type while Tweets with videos have 10x more engagement. This proves that videos get more exposure than photos and pictures. They catch the attention of the viewers faster and for a longer time, therefore, perform better with most algorithms. 

Thanks to high engagement, social media platforms often give an extra boost to video posts which, in turn, gives them a lot of exposure. For example, Instagram heavily promotes Reels for a long time after they are published. 

These types of clips are 15, 30, or 60 seconds long. It seems to be the most effective length as YouTube #shots and TikTok posts are also typically of the same duration. That’s because most modern internet users won’t give a video more than 10 seconds to win their attention. Hence, brands have to make sure their product videos for digital marketing are short and dynamic. 

#3. Product Videos for Digital Marketing are Multipurpose and Reusable

Product Video for a Wroxeter Furniture Co. Facebook Page

Creating video content may take more time than producing pictures. But in the end,  it has a longer shelf life on different digital marketing platforms. 

There are two formats of video horizontal and vertical that fit most social media platforms. For instance, TikTok, YouTube Shots, and Instagram Reels all require the same 9:16 format and a short length. In turn, 16:9 videos can be easily shared across IGTV, Facebook, and YouTube that allow uploading longer clips. This means that one can reach different audiences with the same marketing visuals.

It is important because some of the platforms, like TikTok, have much younger TA while Facebook, for example, is typically used by older generations. So, the more social media platforms the brand uses for digital marketing campaigns, the wider and more diverse their audience will be. And it becomes possible with a universal type of content product videos.

#4. Video Content Has Higher Chances to Go Viral Than Static Visuals

Product Video for IKEA TikTok

Thanks to the higher engagement of videos, algorithms show them in users’ feeds more often than other types of content. This way, a video can quickly reach a large audience and become viral. 

On TikTok, the same video can resurface in For You feed for weeks or even months. The same goes for YouTube and Instagram Suggested feeds: if a video did well in terms of likes and shares, it will pop up more than once. On top of that, similar content from the same account will also appear in users’ feeds for quite some time. So, with viral product videos, hitting the bull’s eye once will bear fruit long after.

#5. Videos are a Powerful Tool for Informing and Educating Customers about Products

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Videos give you more means to get your message across as they combine visual, text, and sound. They let brands show a product from every angle, demonstrate its assembly, usage, and so on. Videos can also incorporate text or voice-over to tell a story. Enhanced with dynamic editing and music, they are bound to marketing success. 

Instead of reading long descriptions, checking click-baiting tags, or viewing dozens of images, customers can watch one video about a product and learn everything they need from it. It’s time-saving, informative, and entertaining all in one. That’s why many brands switch to product videos for digital marketing campaigns. 

#6. Videos for Digital Marketing Campaigns Help to Increase Brand Awareness

Product 3D Animation for Instagram Stories

Brand awareness is an indicator of how memorable and recognizable a brand is to its target audience. And content marketing together with advertising are two keys to raising this measurement. Since video is one of the most entertaining and shareable types of content and has the biggest potential to become viral, it works perfectly for this purpose. After watching engaging product videos, more people will go to a brand’s website, social media account, or landing page. This is a fast and effective way to build brand awareness. 

#7. Video Format Appeals to a Gen Z Audience the Most

@hersteps Small Room #interiordesign #decoration #decor #furniture #furnitureflip #fyp ♬ Love Nwantiti(Dance Ver) – FYP🖤🇲🇺

Gen Z is the most tech-savvy, social media-addicted audience out of all demographics and also the most prone to action. But getting them to be active is not that easy. The representatives of this group grow up on social networks, VOD-platforms, and streaming sites. So, they hardly react to old-school content such as marketing long-reads or cliche ad slogans. Videos, however, capture zoomers’ attention and give them information in an entertaining form, which is the most effective approach.

According to a YouTube survey, 50% of millennials and zoomers said they “couldn’t live” without video in their daily lives. This explains why TikTok has proved to be so successful with Gen Z users. Over 35% of TikTok’s 800M+ users fall into this demographic, with the most popular TikTok stars aged between 18-24. These statistics are more than enough to prove that the younger audience prefers videos to everything else.

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Considering all the above-mentioned points, it becomes clear why so many brands go for product videos for their digital marketing campaigns, specifically on social media. Videos are the best at catching the attention of potential customers and keeping them interested in the product. Besides, they can be reused many times on different platforms, saving time and budget.

Planning to use more product videos for digital marketing campaigns? Contact us for professional 3D rendering services and get photorealistic 3D animation for your promo activities!

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