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7 Types of 3D Animation To Boost Sales

When it comes to allocating the budget on video advertising, 3D animation could be a more beneficial option than traditional product videos. See for yourself, with CGI, you don’t need to use actual locations, build filming settings, rent expensive equipment, and hire a large crew. Top-quality 3D animation can be done in a 3D rendering studio by a small group of CG artists. Also, it looks stunningly realistic.

3D technology allows marketers and manufacturers to get any type of product videos, including ones with complex or imaginary scripts, such as self-assembly product animation. Of course, it’s simply impossible to recreate and film this process in real life — you still need CGI. 

Our experienced CG artists know everything about 3D product videos. Thus, we’re ready to share with you our knowledge on types of 3D animation and ways to boost your marketing campaigns with it. Here we go!

#1. Assembly Product Videos

As you can tell from the name, this type of 3D video demonstrates the furniture assembly process. Traditionally, in 3D animation, a furniture set is self-assembled and doesn’t require any human characters in the frame. 

This type of product videos is especially useful for complex cabinetry and furniture systems, as well as modular furnishings. But such 3D animation not only serves as a perfect assembly instruction. It’s also an excellent visual material for eCommerce listings, product pages, video blogs, and video reviews.

#2.How-To Product Videos

Product how-to videos explain shoppers how to use a furniture piece. Such tutorials are simply crucial if there are different modifications of the product, day/night modes, multiple uses, or special folding/unfolding features. 

Since online buyers can’t test the furniture piece, such self-explanatory videos make perfect sense and help to build consumer trust. To get convincing how-to product videos, marketers need to add all their suggestions and a detailed script to a 3D animation brief beforehand.

How-to product videos work perfectly for eCommerce listings and product pages on a brand’s website. Besides, if you sell goods via social media, post how-to 3D animation so that you can be sure your buyers are well-informed.

#3.Demo/Feature Video

Feature product videos are one of the major promo content for any marketing channel simply because they make objects look highly-desirable. Demo 3D animation demonstrates all the most important features of a product.

In feature videos, CG artists focus on the design and use the best lighting and camera angles to make a product shine. Also, to add more credibility to the video, CG experts can enhance it with text or voice user reviews. To put it simply, the more show-stopping elements are included, the better.

Well-produced demo animation can be used literally anywhere — from video advertising to main pages and landings of your website to YouTube video blog to product launch parties, and so on. And though all these purposes require different video formats, CG artists can easily tailor them to your needs.

#4. Detail/Close-up Videos

Obviously, these product videos are meant to show the object in detail and draw the buyer’s attention to its quality. Most often, CG artists use close-ups to zoom in on the texture and materials, show stitches, seams, joints, furniture fixtures, and such.

To achieve the wow-effect, CG specialists set up flattering lighting that brings out the texture or makes reflections on a surface. Also, they choose the best camera angles to make this product video an eye-candy. 

Since close-up product videos are focused on design, they can massively enhance product detail pages and listings on e-stores. Also, use detailed 3D animation to reinforce your email marketing and inform subscribers about new product launches.

#5. Story Videos

Naturally, story product animation is based on storytelling. In this product video, manufacturers can tell how the design was created, which icon designer worked on it, and show the manufacturing process. This type of 3D video is particularly relevant for limited collections or handcrafted furniture and decor.

Moreover, many brands use story videos to emphasize how a product has changed a buyer’s life. For that, CG artists can add text captures and a voiceover to guide prospects through all the life-changing features of a product. Because story videos are highly entertaining and packed with personality, they become a perfect choice for social media, adverts, vlogs and “about us” pages.

#6. Installation CG Videos

Installation product videos are the equivalent of assembling videos for furniture. They show how to install products like plumbing and home appliances. It’s much more effective than any text instructions or even images. Customers just see a product installation in action step-by-step and repeat the same in real life. This way, people can install appliances without professional help.

#7. Promo 3D Videos

Promo 3D animation is a digital video type that promotes the product without asking the viewer to buy. The direction of such videos is more informative — more facts and benefits and fewer selling tags. Any of the types of product animation above can be used as a promo: a feature video, a how-to, story, or installation. The main purpose of promo clips is to make the product look good, or show how it solves the problems of the audience.

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Experienced CG specialists can make 3D animation of different types and for any purpose. Using 3D product videos, you will be able to educate buyers on how to use the object or provide them with self-explanatory assembly instructions. Also, there is no more cost-effective option than 3D animation to tell the story of the brand and show off the design with close-ups and demo video adverts.

Want to enhance your marketing and promo campaigns with first-class 3D product videos? Contact our managers for 3D rendering services right now and get any type of 3D animation at a reasonable price!

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