A product shot is the only means of showcasing the merchandise in print materials, and the second to none on the web. It effectively captures the viewer’s eye, and then unambiguously and precisely conveys the value of the item. As a result, the ad gets noticed and and encourages the viewer to click on the banner or take a picture of the billboard to google the address.

There are plenty of product shot varieties to choose from. A 3D product rendering company can create white-background images, context images, group shots and hero shots, cutouts and component images. Each of them suits particular types of advertising, depending on its features.

Find out the strengths of each product shot type and learn how to use them for empowering your advertising campaign.

#1. White-Background Shot: Giving a Clear View

3D Product Rendering on White Background

A unicolored background, typically white, lets customers focus on the product itself. Nothing distracts them: only a shadow is often added to give the picture this strikingly natural appearance.

For this reason, white-background product shot is a must-have for catalogs and booklets. This way, customers can better appreciate the unique features of the object, its color, texture and design. Also, a retailer or manufacturer can embed such shots in emails and context ads.

However, white backdrop is not the only option for a product shot. Oftentimes, neutral color adds impact to the product. And sometimes, bolder choices are in order, like classic black or vibrant yellow. The choice depends on the collection concept and visual brand style.

#2. Lifestyle Product Shot: Selling the Atmosphere

3D Atmsopheric Lifestyle for a Suspended Swing Chair

Lifestyle images put the product into a certain context – interior design scene for furniture, for instance. The customer sees a sofa in use among other furnishings, all of them making a room a cozy place. As a result, lifestyle product shots evoke the desire to make a purchase.

The motivating power of a lifestyle shot makes it a good choice for all print materials from outdoor ads to catalogs and postcards. Also, lifestyle pics suit paid adverts in magazines. And on social media, where companies usually deal with prospects, lifestyle images are good at guiding customers down the sales funnel.

#3. Product Hero Shot: Drawing Attention

Photorealistic 3D Hero Shot Rendering

Hero shot is a product image showcasing the benefits of the object advertised. It conveys the unique value proposition by placing the object into a virtual world where everything is organized around it. Surroundings, props, carefully selected environment serve a single purpose: to highlight and dramatize the product’s advantages.

Which is why a hero product shot makes a powerful tool for advertising campaigns. The customer sees at a glance the beauty of the design, so he clicks on a banner or the “Buy now” button on the landing page.

Product hero shots are widely used for billboards, magazine advertising, websites and are simply vital for landing pages. For they effectively communicate the nature of the product and engage the viewer if not to click, then to at least scroll the page.

#4. Scale Product Shot: Showing Dimensions

Scale shot is a product image designed to highlight the size of the object advertsized. For this purpose, the 3D artist places the product next to a well-known item such as a stool, lighter, or nickel. This way, the customer understands at a glance if it’s a chair for a grown-up or for a child.

The thing is, specifying the sizes means to expect viewers to visualize, for example, two feet and five inches. As a result, some of the customers imagine a 30% smaller or larger object, if they go for that mental exercise at all. So it’s up to ecommerce product photography or 3D render to help the customer get the dimensions right.

Scale product shots are especially popular for the product pages on websites and ecommerce platforms, where the customer is already searching for an option. They also work well in promo posts, where the viewer needs to see if the lamp is a good choice for a small living room.

#5. Product Beauty Shot: Giving a Detailed Look

3D Realistic Product Shot for Mosaic

Product beauty shot, also known as detail shot, is the image highlighting the quality by focusing on the detail – texture of the upholstery fabric, or fine woodgrains of the kitchen cabinetry. The website, social media page, emails, catalogs and handouts are all good places for a stunning beauty picture. And a teaser ad can effectively draw customers with a detail shot as well.

#6. Colorways Shot: Presenting Alternatives

3D Outdoor Furniture Rendering

Colorways shot shows the product in multiple color solutions. The objects can be placed on white, neutral, any other color background or even an interior design scene. So colorways is a perfect option for any type of advertising, be it a promo post on facebook, instagram or a magazine advertisement. And on the product pages, colorways are irreplaceable. They show customer a variety of options for the design they already love.

The only thing that used to trouble marketers and manufacturers about colorways is how difficult they were to get. Having the prototype made in each color, packing, sending it to an abroad studio made them think twice before opting for a colorways image. Luckily, 3D modeling allows to get results with simple drawings and references. 3D Artist creates one 3D model and puts it in any colors and materials required. Handy!

#7. Group Shot: Putting All Options Forward

3D Rendering for Chairs in a Kitchen

Group shot is an image showing a product line. This is a powerful tool for cross-selling, and is much favored by viewers. The latter particularly appreciate not having to click on each product entry. Instead, the viewer sees the product in all colors, finishes and materials, placed in a 3D scene or on a plain background.

As for the execution, it has gotten super easy with the advent of photorealistic 3D rendering. For there’s no need for the physical existence of the items and going on location: 3D Artist can recreate everything necessary digitally.

Group product shots are universal marketing images. They are used in catalogs, brochures, billboards, print and digital advertising, and ecommerce platforms.

#8. Component Product Shot: Showcasing Parts

Cutout Image for a Chair on White Background

A render can represent a furniture suite as if already brought together. On the other hand, increasing the distance between the units (or pulling away parts of them such as drawers) could help showcase each part more effectively. And that’s exactly a component product shot does.The best places for a component image are the website and social media, emails and catalogs.

A client is scrolling his Facebook feed – and here it is, the furniture suite of his dreams!
He got all of the 32 volumes of Encyclopædia Britannica and an ocean of novels – now he’s seeing two roomy bookcases to accommodate all the library. And here’s is a console that perfectly fits the TV, and a cupboard for the collection of figurines. Why not click on the link and buy it?

#9. Exploded Design Shot: Stripping Down

Sell ready-to-assemble furniture? An exploded design shot in a how-to will reveal all the structure up to a single board or screw! Thus, the assemblance will go more smoothly, and the customers will appreciate your care. And this will motivate prospects to become buyers too.

Moreover, an exploded design shot looks unusual, so it grasps and holds attention, and gives diversity to the content. Thus, it can advertise any furniture, whether flat-pack or ready-to-use one. The best places for such pictures are social media posts and emails as well as print materials.

#10. 360° Product Shot: Adding Interaction


    At first glance, a 360° shot looks like a usual picture. The difference is that the viewer can drag and rotate the item. Online retailers use this type of product pictures to add interactivity to their product pages and showcase the merchandise from all angles.

    Autoplay animation can help a 360° shot feature in teaser ads. Also, you can embed it into website pages to add diversity to the imagery.

    A product rendering studio can produce 3D product shots of any type with photoreal quality. Since there are several options for each of the advertising channels, you can always make sure your ads are diverse and remarkable and convey the right message.

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