Product Explainer Videos:

7 Reasons You Need 3D Animation for Them

Captivating visuals are essential for capturing the fleeting attention of the customer. If people get a clear picture of how the product works, they are more likely to purchase it. This is why businesses turn to product explainer videos. They are short clips that show distinct features of the product and explain how it works. Furniture manufacturers and retailers, in particular, can use them to provide their customers with explanations of how to assemble and install a piece of furniture in their living space.

As a 3D animation company, we can tell you exactly why using CGI for these videos is extremely beneficial. Read on to discover the main advantages of using animation for explainer product videos!

#1. Importance of Visual Communication

Traditional text instructions usually are very difficult to get the hang of. Humans tend to process visual information much faster. According to a recent report, people tend to retain approximately 10% of text-based information, compared to 95% when they watch it in video format. Using visual media to convey the complex process of assembling furniture helps customers immensely, as they get a clear step-by-step guide.

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, the attention span of the viewers steadily decreases. More and more people find short-form videos the most engaging social media content. So you have to capture their attention quickly with captivating content, for instance with photorealistic 3D product animations.

#2. The Power of 3D Animation

3D animation is a technique of creating computer-generated videos with the help of advanced software. Specialized studios can easily recreate any product in the form of a 3D model. Those models can then be viewed from different angles, animated, or even digitally disassembled. This way brands can highlight distinct features and details of their product.

This technique is widely utilized across various industries, and furniture manufacturing is no exception. Product 3D animations can easily be embedded into brands’ websites, social media, or product listings on various marketplaces.

#3. Advantages of 3D Animation in Product Explainer Videos

But how does 3D animation contribute to product videos? Firstly, it’s a dynamic representation of the product. Manufacturers can move the virtual camera in any direction and choose any perspective to showcase the merchandise in the best light. Secondly, any detail can be changed to appeal to a specific customer’s needs. And lastly, 3D explainer animations can demonstrate the product in use and its inner mechanisms, which leads to a clearer understanding of its features.

#4. Cost-Efficiency and Time-Saving

Besides the significant benefits listed above, CG visuals can also help businesses save money and time. With 3D animation, there’s no need to film product explainer videos for every item in the catalog, which would cost a fortune and take a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, 3D models are infinitely reusable, so they can be seamlessly integrated into new catalogs.

The production of those types of visuals is much quicker and can begin even before the early prototypes of the product are produced. Also, 3D technology eliminates the need for building filming sets, hiring directors and crew, and so on. Besides that, the models are fully customizable so it isn’t necessary to reshoot the whole explainer video to change the details of the product.

#5. Enhanced Brand Image

Photorealistic installation animation is an incredible tool to improve brand credibility. Utilizing this approach to product explainer videos signifies that businesses are committed to customer satisfaction. This way they provide buyers with visuals that are easy to comprehend while staying up to date with current marketing trends.

What’s more, it’s quite easy to maintain a brand’s visual identity with 3D product animations. All the explainer videos can be set in the same setting, so the imagery stays consistent throughout the whole catalog.

#6. Case Studies and Examples

You can see examples of the successful implementation of CG visuals into assembly videos in our 3D animation portfolio. One key takeaway is the ability of 3D product explainer videos to captivate viewers. The dynamic nature of those visuals keeps viewers engaged throughout the video while ensuring that they get a comprehensive understanding of the product. When customers see it in detail, they are more likely to trust the brand. This, in turn, leads to increased conversion rates and fewer returns.

#7. Industry Trends and Future Possibilities

The viewer’s habits continuously evolve, so businesses must pay attention to current industry trends. One of those is interactive product explainer videos. This immersive approach allows buyers to participate in the content by exploring different options of the product and answering questions. With interactive videos, customers get personalized shopping experiences that leave a lasting impression.

As for future advancements, the rising accessibility of virtual reality can lead to a new type of marketing content. With the help of VR headsets, customers would be able to virtually step into a 3D environment to explore the process of assembling the product and witness it in use.

Get to know more about product 3D animation and boost your conversion rate with the speed of light.


As you can see, the potential of 3D animated product explainer videos is unmatched. It’s an extremely valuable tool for furniture brands, because it eliminates time constraints and cuts down costs of video production, provides greater customer engagement, and enhances brand credibility.

Looking for impressive explainer videos for your furniture? Use our professional 3D animation services to elevate your marketing efforts.

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