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5 Signs of a Reliable Outsource CG Studio

In the modern world, product videos are essential for effective furniture promo and marketing. After all, 84% of people say that they bought goods because of watching a brand’s video. And to get first-class 3D animation, brand marketers have to find the best product animation company for their project.

However, choosing a reliable outsource CG contractor is not that easy. Although the internet is full of product animation studios, to hire one that provides clients with both outstanding 3D animation and solid guarantees can be challenging.

To help every manufacturer and marketer with the same problem out there, we compiled 5 features of a 100% reliable 3D rendering company. So read this article to the end before you can apply our tips on practice!

#1. A Credible Product Animation Company Has a Diverse and Skilled Team

Two 3D Animation Specialists from a CG Company Working Together on Product 3D Visualization

First and foremost, a reliable product animation company doesn’t consist of a couple of 3D artists. Trustworthy studios should have large and diverse teams of CG specialists — 3D modelers, 3D visualization and animation artists, video editors, mentors, and project managers. 

Also, reputable companies have a strong customer service department and its managers provide instant feedback to clients. Such a structure is like a well-oiled machine that keeps the workflow steady, fast, and well-thought-out. With such a team, marketers no longer need to worry about the details of the project. They just send client managers their product animation brief, keep in touch with them and check the results.

#2. A Reliable CG Company Has All Types of 3D Product Animation in Portfolio

Surely, many CG studios have impressive portfolios but seeing a bunch of beautiful 3D animations shouldn’t be enough for marketers. They must make sure that a product animation company delivers all types of 3D animation  — demo and detailed CG videos, how-to and assembly animations, as well as story videos. 

Before ordering product videos from a CG studio, marketers need to scrutinize the company’s portfolio. First, they have to have experience in all types of 3D animation. And second, all their 3D videos must be done equally professionally in terms of the script, camera paths, lighting, 3D models quality, and so on.

#3. A Far-Sighted 3D Animation Studio Uses the Latest Hardware and Software 

A Computer Station at the CG Company Prepared for a Product Animation Project

A well-reputed product animation company provides its CG team with the best computers and the latest legal software. Such studios purchase various CG programs so that 3D artists could perform all the tasks in-house — from creating 3D models to 3D rendering to post-production.

Also, an advanced CG outsource company needs an in-house render farm which is a cluster of computers connected together to empower the 3D rendering process. In CGIFurniture, we have an in-house render farm that only our CG artists use. Therefore, we can deliver 3D animation much faster and also take large-scale projects that require more resources.

#4. A Trustworthy Outsource CG Company Provides Solid Guarantees and NDA

A Customer Signing an NDA Before Starting a Project with a Product Animation Outsource Company

Signing a non-disclosure agreement is a standard procedure for any significant product animation company. NDA protects client’s intellectual property and clearly spells out all the conditions and obligations of the both parties. Also, it outlines if a CG studio is allowed to publish the project or not depending on the client’s wishes.

Moreover, trustworthy companies oblige all their employees to sign an internal NDA. This way manufacturers and marketers can be sure that all the details of the project are under double control and their design ideas are safe.

To sum up, first, marketers should make inquiries and get an example of an NDA. They also have to make sure if there are other guarantees in the contract. For instance, it’s a good sign when a CG contractor makes a full refund in case of a failed deadline. There is also such a thing as quality guarantee. As an example, CGIFurniture provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if a client is not satisfied with the result.

#5. A Well-Reputed Product Animation Company Has Good Testimonials

A Client Rating a Product Animation Company They Worked With

It’s crucial to find testimonials about the CG studio on the internet and the forums and compare the ratio of good and bad reviews. Needless to say, a highly professional product animation studio should have the majority of good testimonials from their clients. Moreover, such a company not only allows customers to freely leave reviews but also shares them on their website and social media.

Also, marketers should do their homework and find out what other brands have to say about their experience with that CG studio. They can contact their managers for first-hand information on the company’s credibility and professionalism. It’s especially important when it comes to big budgets and large-scale projects because nobody wants to take risks working with amateurs.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

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When choosing a CG contractor, you need to pay attention to several factors. Firstly, a reliable product animation company has all the necessary resources at hand — a diverse team of professionals, advanced computers, and the latest software. Secondly, they give guarantees to their customers and have plenty of positive reviews on the internet. And, of course, a trustworthy CG studio has a jaw-dropping portfolio with all types of 3D product animation in it.

Looking for a perfect product animation outsource contractor? Contact our managers for 3D rendering services and you will get first-class 3D animation and a high-performance CG team at your disposal!

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