Post-Purchase Marketing

5 Ways To Incorporate Product Rendering In It

Furniture brands invest an enormous amount of money in ads to drive prospects to their website and turn them into buyers. But often, marketers and manufacturers get so concentrated on managing the purchase process that it takes all their finances and efforts. As a result, they have no resources whatsoever to improve their post-purchase marketing.

However, once the purchase is made, buyers may not come back to a shop again. It can easily happen with furniture which people don’t buy as often as other essential products. Studies show that it costs five times more to get new customers than keeping current ones. Therefore, marketers have to reconsider their post-purchase marketing asap. And although there are so many ways to refresh it, using quality CG imagery is one of the most cost-effective and fast options. Why? Let’s find out. 

As a 3D rendering company, we know at least 5 surefire ways for marketers to utilize 3D visualizations wisely. Take a look!

#1.  Reinforce Your Email Marketing with Outstanding 3D Product Rendering

A Person Using Post-Purchase Email Marketing to Maintain Their Customers

Traditionally, post-purchase marketing begins after a customer registers on a website and buys a product. In this case, customers instantly receive a confirmation email that should be brief, friendly with a catchy image to it. That’s how the whole subscription process happens.

But effective email marketing doesn’t end up here. Marketers must continue to hold the buyer’s attention with the help of newsletters on the brand’s promo, news, and discounts. Don’t forget, your competitors are trying to tempt your clients over to their side, thereby, the more remarkable visuals you use for email marketing, the better. 

To enhance your promo offers, add stunning lifestyle 3D visualizations and make collages with 3D silo renders. Besides, if you want to showcase the quality of the furniture piece, use close-up views of the textures and design elements. 

If your post-purchase marketing policy is less talk, more action, insert a link to the demo animation into the email. Thanks to its photorealism and creativity, 3D animation is the best way to demonstrate all the features of the product and make it shine.

#2. Add Printed CG Materials to Customize Your Deliveries

Customized Furniture Deliveries and a Part of Post-Purchase Marketing

You may also need to make changes to your delivery process. For successful post-purchase marketing, it’s not enough to just drop the package and wait for a customer to purchase from you again. Put some effort into it and add customized marketing collateral materials in the box. Those must introduce products to buyers in a new way and inspire them to purchase more.

So what type of CG solutions can go into customized delivery? First and foremost, consumers need a step-by-step assembly instruction. Next, it can be a small brochure on how to arrange furniture in the room, and what interior styles will work for it. And of course, customers must receive the brand’s catalog with the latest products and discounts. 

#3. Improve Your Customer Loyalty Program Using CGI

Customer Loyalty Programs

If your brand doesn’t have a loyalty club program, consider creating one. Being a part of post-purchase marketing, loyalty programs provide buyers with special privileges so they feel like being a part of a top community. You can promote discounts for members only, as well send clients special vouchers, personalized congratulations and even anniversary offers. This way you can build trust and loyalty with your customers and sell even more goods. 

Surely, a loyalty program has to be reinforced with convincing visuals. Therefore, start with using first-class 3D renderings for discounts, product launches, and presales announcements. Besides, CGI is a great base for visualizing gift cards, congratulations, and anniversary offers. Once you get all the images you need, use them for pop-up ads, banners, emails, and so on.

#4. Enhance Complementary Product Recommendations with Top-Notch CG Renderings

Using a Product Image To Markets Additional Items Post-Purchase

This post-purchase marketing technique is based on analyzing customer’s behavior and preferences. In accordance with their late purchase, marketers can motivate shoppers to buy more by offering them complementary goods. Those could be similar furniture pieces or items that will help them to get a complete look. Let’s say if they purchased a baby crib from you, then most likely they need other kids’ furniture and accessories, too.

And this is where complementary product recommendations come in handy. To encourage buyers to purchase additional items, use jaw-dropping interior 3D renders that represent the entire furniture collection in a perfect environment. These images sell not just furniture but promote a certain lifestyle, so consumers can use room sets as a source of inspiration for their homes. And since all the items from a picture are available in your e-store, they can easily recreate the whole look.

#5. Use CG Solutions for Compelling How-To Guides

After a customer has bought the furniture piece, send them a how-to-use guide to educate them about a product. Such post-purchase marketing materials are universal and can work both for promoting new collections and for sale discounts. Because they are self-explanatory and photorealistic, such CG solutions make quite an impression on buyers.

Using the how-to’s, brands can reveal folding/unfolding arrangements of a couch, show the modifications of the cabinets, and even day/night modes if necessary. To create how-to guides, CG artists can use both static 3D rendering and 3D animation, depending on the marketer’s goals. Static CGI is perfect for printed how-to guides and brochures, and 3D animation works best for digital marketing.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

To sum up, marketers shouldn’t over-concentrate on attracting a customer but invest their energy into keeping them interested in post-purchase. To make buyers go back to shopping and stay connected, brands can personalize the delivery, improve email marketing, and build a client-oriented loyalty program. And awe-inspiring 3D renderings and 3D animation are the best tools to reinforce the post-purchase marketing campaign and add credibility to it.

Product 3D Rendering for Post-Purchase Marketing

Want to improve your post-purchase marketing? With our 3D rendering services, you can get buyer-grabbing CG imagery that works for any kind of strategy!

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