Outsource 3D Furniture Modeling Services

vs. In-House Modelers

Watching so many competitors use CGI in their campaigns, any manufacturer and marketer would be interested in such a tool. But is it worth investing? Maybe it is just a temporary trend that will go away in a few years? The statistics show that the 3D modeling and rendering market will surpass $9 billion by 2026 through its introduction into product marketing, industrial design, interior design, and architecture. This means the demand for CGI will only grow in the future.

As a furniture manufacturer, you have probably already heard about the benefits of 3D modeling. But knowing and trying it out are different things. You may wonder how to implement it in your business and where to start? And most importantly, who will be able to provide high-quality 3D modeling services at a reasonable price? 

The options are pretty simple. You can hire 3D rendering artists and CAD specialists as a part of your staff, find freelancers, or outsource 3D furniture modeling services from a professional 3D modeling company. So what to choose and why? Fortunately, our CGI studio is one of the options so we have answers for you.

#1. Cost

The Cost of 3D Modeling

Outsourcing 3D furniture modeling services is more cost-saving than hiring in-house specialists.  The latter requires the cost of the whole HR process, training new employees, and paying them salaries, sick and vacation leaves, and, of course, taxes. Depending on your needs, you will also have to provide 3D modelers with professional CGI and product design software, which will cost a pretty penny. For bigger projects, 3D artists will need additional powerful hardware to support complex software. 

A freelance 3D modeling artist’s estimated wage is $77,276 per year, and on the popular freelance platform UpWork, 3D modeling services rates range from $17–$30/hr. A simple 3D model will cost you from $40 to $200, while a more complex one costs $200 to $1000. Consequently, a large-scale 3D modeling project can cost up to a few thousand dollars.

If lower freelance rates seem tempting, you should consider that 3D furniture modeling is tricky, and low rates are often the equivalent of a lack of experience. You also risk facing fraud, poor quality, and inconsistent style in the design approach.

Therefore, it is only logical and practical to turn to a company that does 3D furniture modeling services professionally and daily. Thanks to the constant flow of customers, those companies have an average cost of services and hundreds of satisfied, loyal customers. Thus, you save on all of the above, minimize risks and receive quality services at an excellent price.

#2. Time

Time of 3D Modeling Services

Assume a 3D artist in your small in-house team falls ill or is missing for other reasons, and you need to look for a freelance replacement for them. Hiring a freelancer in a hurry is a big risk because badly chosen contractors often make serious mistakes, miss deadlines, and disappear without finishing the job. In the end, you cannot influence it in any way and return the lost time.

Finding a company to outsource 3D furniture modeling services is faster and easier than hiring a qualified full-time employee or choosing a responsible and experienced freelance 3D modeler. Quickly and effortlessly, you can study the website, portfolio, reviews, and prices for the services of potential 3D modeling companies. This will help you decide on the right one and ensure that you will get the desired result within the deadline. 

On top of that, you can outsource multiple projects simultaneously to the same contractor company. Such companies have a lot of 3D artists and can distribute tasks and projects among several teams. Add to that time difference and the work on your project can last 24/7.

#3. Efficiency

Efficiency of 3D Modeling

If you need 3D models for different marketing visuals all the time, it makes sense to produce them in-house. But if these are rare one-time projects, it is more efficient to outsource 3D furniture modeling services only when needed. After all, you only pay for hours spent on your project, so nothing is wasted.

Besides, 3D modeling studios spend tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars on employee training, software and hardware updates, artificial intelligence and machine learning, market analysis, and marketing. Therefore, they know precisely how to give you the maximum, while you simply wait for the result.

#4. Range

Skills of Outsource 3D Artists

When you are looking for a full-time employee, your company is limited to local specialists. This means you may not find a generalist that can do everything or a specialist with unique skills in furniture 3D modeling that easily. Outsourcing 3D furniture modeling services, you can hire a person or a studio from anywhere in the world. Thus, you have the opportunity to get the best specialists at a reasonable price.

A top-notch 3D artist must be able to model objects, do sculpting, cloth simulation, texturing, material and light setup. Having skills for rendering is a huge plus. Those who work for a 3D modeling company are usually versatile and experienced professionals with all these qualities. They’ve done thousands of projects for various industries, know everything about 3D software solutions, plugins, scripts, render farms, and work and create according to quality standards.

#5. Deadlines

Deadlines for 3D Modeling Projects

If your project is large-scale, an in-house team may not be able to keep up and meet deadlines. In addition, there is always a human factor such as illness, vacations, etc. In such cases, small and middle businesses have no other choice than find a stand-in among freelancers. Of course, having different 3D artists lead the project, not to mention that freelancers are often unreliable in general, is very risky. The result is unpredictable and may not pay off the spending.

By outsourcing tasks of any scale and complexity to a 3D studio, you will get a high-quality result precisely within the agreed time frame. Many successful 3D modeling companies offer on-time guarantees to ensure all the deadlines will be met. For example, at our CGI studio, we ensure a full refund.

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Outsource 3D furniture modeling services save money, effort, and time vs. in-house modelers. Often 3D modeling companies have flexible pricing terms. Being professionals in product and interior 3D design, they can bring to life any of your innovative ideas, provide quality assurance, and clear deadlines. A nice bonus will be a high-class service, expressed in the speed and quality of communication, a personalized approach to work on your project, and meeting expectations at every step.

Looking for reliable and steady 3D outsource furniture modeling services? Contact CGIFURNITURE and let us implement your CGI project from start to finish!

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