In the age of visual marketing, businesses ought to do everything they can to present customers with attractive product pictures. Outdoor furniture manufacturers, for instance, have to use stunning lifestyle pictures in their marketing materials. They showcase the products in context so viewers can immediately see how to incorporate them into their spaces. To get these images, manufacturers have turned to CGI. With its help, one can create outdoor furniture 3D renders of finished spaces, ready to be used in product listings.

Want to see examples of stellar CG lifestyle images for these products? Our 3D rendering company prepared a selection of 10 best 3D renders for outdoor furniture items. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

#1. Hanging Wicker Chair

Best Outdoor Furniture 3D Renders by CGIFurniture: Hanging Wicker Chair

In the rendering above, you can see a stunning sun-soaked terrace overlooking a beautiful bay. Such is the perfect setting for a hanging chair — a classic outdoor furniture piece. Our 3D artist did a phenomenal job conveying the calming atmosphere of the scenery. With a single glance at the image, a viewer is immediately immersed in the scene.

What’s more, the specialist meticulously recreated the furniture materials in 3D. One can clearly see every strip of wood, and the cushion looks soft and comfy. Not to mention, the gorgeous background looks like a photo straight out of a vacation postcard.

#2. Garden Dining Set

CG Image of an Outdoor Dining Furniture Set Decorated for the 4th of July

Next up on the list of our studio’s best outdoor furniture 3D renders is the visualization made for a patio dining set. In this CG visualization, we used a variety of decorations for the US Independence Day. This image is a fantastic illustration of how holiday marketing is an effective tool to spice up lifestyle scenes. Utilizing this strategy can help to establish a stronger emotional connection with the customer, thus boosting the chances of a successful sale.

#3. Poolside Lounge Chair

Here, you can see three outdoor furniture 3D renders our 3D artists made for a poolside lounge chair. They used different camera angles to present a thorough overview of the product. For instance, the first picture utilizes a three-quarter angle. Such renders often serve as the main visuals in the product listing. In the second image, our team used an overhead perspective, which helps a viewer understand the physical dimensions of the furniture piece better. The third rendering is a close-up shot that provides a more detailed look at the materials and textures of the item. Altogether, these three renders offer an extensive product guide highlighting all its unique features.

#4. Deck Chair in a Cave Oasis

Conceptual Outdoor Deck Chair 3D Image

Take a look at this gorgeous 3D rendering of a deck chair. Our 3D artist chose a stunning conceptual setting — a natural cave that opens into a charming tropical oasis. This outstanding scenery is a very effective backdrop for an outdoor furniture advertisement. It immediately captures the fleeting attention of a viewer, making them interested in your services. Besides, brands can use such outdoor furniture 3D renders to elevate digital media and print materials.

#5. Upholstered Patio Chairs

Upholstered Patio Furniture 3D Rendering

Now, let’s check out the 3D visualization our studio made for a set of upholstered chairs. Our 3D specialist chose a serene prairie setting for this lifestyle picture. The surrounding landscape and the natural stone patio beautifully interplay with the pastel tones of the furniture. Furthermore, our 3D artist added a nice touch in the form of a campfire, incorporating a small storytelling element into the rendering. This attention to detail makes such renders perfect for a brand’s outdoor furniture lookbook.

#6. Pool Bench

Stunning Outdoor Furniture 3D Render of a Pool Bench

In the picture above, you can see a 3D render of a pool bench. The idea for this image was to incorporate a floating, airy quality into the render. Our 3D artist achieved this by using a wider field of view in the rendering camera settings and lowering the angle so that the viewer looks at the bench from below. The 3D artist also made the curtains softly billow in the wind. All these details result in a spectacular CG image that takes a well-deserved place in our best outdoor furniture 3D renders list.

#7. Backyard Furnishing

Next on our selection are the outdoor furniture 3D renders for a backyard set. Using the materials of the furnishings as the inspiration, our specialist created a scene with the same color scheme in mind. As a result, the background and products together establish a cohesive picture that looks warm and inviting.

Besides, the artist made two alternative versions of the same scene but within varied lighting conditions. With such pictures, a brand can provide a more informative and eye-catching product listing.

#8. Mansion Patio Furniture

3D Rendering of a Mansion Patio Furniture Set

In this gorgeous 3D rendering, you can see the patio of a luxurious modern mansion. Here, the artist used a wide angle to showcase a couple of outdoor furniture sets in the same picture. In the foreground, there are several armchairs neatly placed near a fireplace. Behind them, there is a dining set. And a little to the left, near the pool, there are two deck chairs.

This type of outdoor furniture 3D renders can be used to sell the sets of products in batches. The customers wouldn’t need to browse the marketplaces for ages to find the best options that will look good within the same space. So, it’s a much easier way for customers to look for solutions for their patios.

#9. Pool Deck Chair

Pool Deck Chair Outdoor 3D Visualization

Check out the 3D render we made for a pool deck chair. All the elements of the image — the natural forest landscape, wooden pool deck, and the chair itself — look incredibly photorealistic. The image is practically indistinguishable from a real photo. Looking at such product visuals, a potential customer can thoroughly examine all the details of the outdoor furniture.

#10. Beach Furniture Set

CG Image of a Beach Furniture Set

The final entry on our best outdoor furniture 3D renders list is this breathtaking image in a seaside setting. The background looks stunning, but it doesn’t overpower the main subjects of the rendering — two lounge chairs and a side table. In addition, the artist incorporated character models into the render, making it feel more personal. This way, the picture promotes not only the furniture but also the lifestyle associated with it.

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This concludes the list of our studio’s best outdoor furniture 3D renders. These gorgeous images perfectly showcase the quality you might expect if you partner with us. Don’t waste time, and opt to outsource the creation of mind-blowing 3D visuals to CGIFurniture today!

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