Lifestyle outdoor photos are indispensable marketing materials. They convey a certain mood and thus create an emotional connection with the customer from the get-go. However, organizing open-air photosets can be very troublesome. Anything can hinder their production process: from weather conditions to the ever-changing natural lighting. So, to ensure consistent imagery for furniture catalogs or other visual materials, manufacturers and retailers turn to outdoor 3D rendering.

Due to the reusability of 3D models, you can get any number of images in various settings and within different lighting conditions. Our 3D modeling company is proficient in creating lifestyle furniture CGI and can tell you all about the various options for this type of 3D visuals.

#1. Daylight

Outdoor 3D Visualization in Daylight

One of the most useful advantages of outdoor 3D rendering is that a CG artist can fully control the lighting. The classic setup is of course the daytime. This option provides a clear view of the products and ensures that every important aspect is visible. That’s why it’s the best lighting solution that lets customers see all the details of the product before committing to the purchase. 

What’s more, it also creates strong shadows that add to the depth of the rendering and make it more lifelike. Regular daylight is what we see for most of the day, so the renders with this lighting will always look natural and realistic.

#2. Evening Light

Furniture 3D Rendering with Evening Light

The complete opposite lighting option is the evening or nighttime. This type of illumination combines cold natural moonlight and warm light from artificial sources. It provides a contrast that beautifully highlights the outdoor furniture. This technique changes the image’s main focus so that the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the product. 

Besides that, evening light is often used to create a certain ambiance and mood to make an emotional impact on the buyer. As you can see, incorporating nighttime visuals into listings will set them apart from competitors.

#3. Close-up

Close-up Furniture 3D Rendering

How about ordering detailed views for the outdoor 3D rendering? Close-up renders are an incredible way to showcase the comprehensive view of the furniture, as though the viewer is looking at it in the physical store. Such high-resolution images allow buyers to examine the materials, textures, and design details of the products.

CG close-ups combined with lifestyle imagery convey not only the information but also the emotions. Seeing a product within a real setting and in a highly detailed manner makes it much easier for customers to place the item in their lives.

#4. Additional Views

Additional Views for Outdoor 3D Rendering

Using additional backgrounds and angles for outdoor 3D rendering will help showcase the furniture design from different points of view and convey the product dimensions in an easy-to-understand way. Thus, customers can get all the necessary information about the concept and functions of the item, which will increase their purchase confidence. 

Creating those additional product views is extremely simple with the help of 3D technologies. All the models are reusable, so they can be easily inserted into multiple settings. Furthermore, the camera position can also be changed effortlessly, if the whole environment is already built digitally.

#5. Product Color Options

It is extremely important to show the variety of color options for the product. However, producing every option available and transporting them to physical photosets is a quite demanding endeavor. Yet, with the help of 3D modeling services customizing the visuals becomes a simple task. Changing the color palette digitally is very easy and doesn’t require much time, so you can get any number of product options within outdoor 3D rendering.

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product rendering demo

As you can witness, there are many lifestyle rendering options, suitable for your every need. Whatever you want from your furniture imagery, be it showcasing the products in different lighting options or from an additional point of view, you can achieve it all with outdoor 3D rendering.

Looking for professional outdoor 3D rendering services? Contact our studio to get exceptional lifestyle CGI for your furniture.

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