Interactive 3D Product Presentation:

5 Examples of CG Visuals

To successfully sell a product, a business needs to provide its client with a comprehensive presentation of the item. However, it’s quite challenging to achieve a tangible experience with the means of traditional photography. This is why many forward-thinking brands have turned to interactive 3D product presentation. From configurators to animations, such immersive visual materials can provide potential customers with an informative guide about the product, highlight its selling points, and offer a unique hands-on experience. 

Our 3D rendering company has a wide range of experience working on various types of product CG visuals. In this article, we will tell you about 5 types of interactive 3D presentations that you need to implement in your digital marketing right now. Let’s dive in!

#1. Product Configurators

Interactive 3D Product Configurator

The first type of interactive 3D product presentation that has to be mentioned is configurators. It allows customers to view a 3D model of a product from any angle and customize it in real time. The ability to experiment with the design options to find the perfect one significantly increases purchase confidence. Many industries, from furniture manufacturers to car dealerships, have already incorporated this technology into their marketing efforts. As a result, these personalized experiences have led to increased conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. 

#2. Augmented Reality Applications

AR Application for Interactive 3D Furniture Presentation

Augmented reality has become an increasingly popular trend in the recent years. To put it simply, this technology overlays the real world with digital information using the camera of your mobile device. This can come in handy for various businesses. Furniture and home decor buyers, for instance, can visualize AR 3D models of products in their own interiors before buying them. Naturally, enhancing product presentation with advanced technology of AR results in a decline in product returns and increased customer engagement.  

#3. Virtual Reality Experiences

VR Headset for 3D Product Demonstration

Usually, AR and VR technologies go hand in hand. However, the are some key differences. While AR uses the real world as the backdrop, VR experiences take place in completely digital spaces. To access those one would need a specialized headset. Fortunately, they’ve started to become more and more accessible for the average buyer.

VR can be an extremely effective option for interactive 3D product presentation. Imagine visiting a furniture store like Ikea as a fully virtual environment. A viewer can examine the latest catalog items, browse through color and materials options, and purchase the furniture all from the comfort of their own home. Ultimately, the immersive experience of virtual reality is very effective and, most importantly, it makes online shopping fun. 

#4. Interactive 3D Web Content

QR Code for AR 3D Model

Scan QR code to see this product in augmented reality

Web-centered content has been trendy for a while now. There is no need to create any additional software when any interactive 3D product presentation can be implemented into the brand’s website. This would provide increased accessibility to a wider range of users. It also ensures a uniform seamless experience on every device. And besides that, creating interactive web content is much more cost-effective than standalone applications. 

#5. Animated Product Demonstrations

Lastly, let’s take a look at 3D animations. This interactive 3D product presentation technique offers dynamic demonstrations of the product to the viewer. These CG videos can show the practicality of the merchandise in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. The furniture companies, for example, can benefit from this approach by creating interactive CG animations of the assembly process. Such content is an incredibly useful tool to showcase the unique selling points of a product and explain its functionality. 

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As you can see, leveraging various types of interactive 3D product presentation is exceptionally beneficial. Whether through the use of AR and VR or product configurators, this content offers immersive experiences that are both memorable and effective. Try to incorporate these techniques in your digital marketing and see the results for yourself. 

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