Innovative Marketing Collateral

How CGI Improves It

Operating on a highly-competitive market, manufacturers and retailers have to find a way to stand out of the crowd in order to get their piece of the pie. Of course, improving their brand’s presence with innovative marketing collateral and promo tools is the right way to go.

However, innovations require new technological solutions. You simply can’t be ahead of other sellers using traditional photography and video — these are long, expensive and effort-consuming ways to get content. In turn, by ordering CGI a product 3D rendering company, marketers can boast of a slew of options for the brand’s collateral.

Let’s take a closer look at what role CG imagery plays in innovative marketing collateral and what advantages it brings. 

#1. CGI Is a Key Component of Conversion-Driven Websites

An Example of Marketing Collateral for an Armchair with Innovative Design

Beautiful and conversion-driven websites consist of many components and the design is the most important element of it. As the research shows, 38% of adults say they won’t use a website that is dull and boring. Therefore, you need to properly develop visual aesthetics and reinforce your innovative marketing collateral ideas with high-quality imagery.

Working with a CG studio, marketers are able to order striking images for landing pages and photorealistic pictures to go on product pages. Also, if using CGI to its fullest, they can get the most innovative collaterals like interactive and motion tools to promote new collections.

#2. 3D Visualization Makes Impressive and Budget-Friendly Video Blogs 

In this digital era and especially with the pandemic, most of the brands fully switched to online promo activities and opt for innovative marketing collateral. All in all, visual aesthetics are vital for furniture retailers and manufacturers — today partners and customers judge the brand based on its media presence. 

Because all of us are at our homes, we spend even more time online gladly consuming tons of video content. Therefore, furniture brands must consider vlogs as their priority for product promo. However, due to the lockdown, shooting videos is getting more complicated and burdensome, not to mention the financial aspect of shooting. 

That’s why we need CGI for innovative, fast and cost-saving solutions. Using 3D modeling, CG artists can create a life-like 3D scene full of necessary objects and decor, and shoot them right in 3D software with no sweat whatsoever.

With CG innovative technologies at hand, marketers can get a customer-friendly 3D animation that brings collateral to life. For example, short 60-second videos, a rotating carousel of images, product spins, etc. As a result, marketers don’t have to spend much effort and money but get plenty of content for innovative marketing collateral.

#3. CG Imagery Reinforces Email Campaigns

A Person Using Innovative Collateral for Email Marketing Strategies

When it comes to email campaigns, every brand needs innovative marketing collateral strategies to make the company’s newsletters outstanding and informative. Such strategies start with developing an individual style for every email based on smart copywriting and unique visual elements.

Using CGI for marketing collateral, marketers can improve their email strategy and take it to the level where the audience recognizes the brand’s email at the first glance and is eager to read it. For instance, you can use stunning 3D images combined with graphic elements to create banners, special offers and newsletters. With such visuals combined with a well-balanced and thoughtful approach, the company will be able to retain its existing audience and avoid unsubscriptions from newly signed customers.

#4. 3D Animation Works as Simple and User-Friendly Web Demos 

Web demos could be a great virtual substitution for a sales rep. Using these videos, marketers can showcase the product, present a new collection, detail the manufacturing process, or explain the design. Surely, developing and making actual videos with the director, actors and a crew can cost a fortune. Not to mention building settings, renting furniture and equipment, it’s already too much for a one-minute explainer video.

In turn, using CGI, you don’t need to spend a dime on physical shooting. CG artists can create a photoreal animation based on a 3D model of the object and a 3D roomset. To shoot a video, they put cameras in ready 3D settings, move them according to the script, then cut and edit the video. Once the animation is ready, you can add music and a voiceover to enhance the video even more.

In the end, web demos can be distributed on any channels you need including websites, emails, social media, eCommerce platforms, etc. Because such videos are short and simple, they make your brand relatable to your audience and work as effective innovative marketing collateral examples.

#5. CGI Makes Spectacular Static and Animated Banner Adverts 

A 3D Lifestyle Used for Innovative Seasonal Marketing Collateral

Usually, marketers use product images on a white background for innovative banner advertising. Surely, because of the blank backdrop, there’s always a place for a copy, GIFs and emojis in it. However, fully furnished roomsets also perfectly promote the product because they are sleek, cozy and real-looking.

Of course, if you are about to use classic photography for such marketing collateral, you have to decide in advance what type of images you want because the ways of creating settings in those two cases are different. And once the picture is ready, you can’t change it.

With CG technologies, CG artists can quickly and easily make both types of images out of just one 3D model. For that, they simply change backgrounds and rearrange the camera angles in a 3D program. Also, CG experts can adjust ready 3D sets any time and customize them for seasonal sales, etc.

And last but not least, CGI allows making animated banners for innovative marketing collateral. Such advertising components can be integrated anywhere – on a website or eCommerce platform, added to email campaigns and so on.

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Because CGI is such a flexible digital tool, you can make any type of visuals for innovative marketing collateral using it. Firstly, it provides marketers with photorealistic images for websites, email marketing, case studies and adverts. Secondly, CGI is an endless source of video content for vlogs, web demos and banner advertising.

If you’re ready to enhance your innovative collateral with stunning CGI, contact us asap! With our 3D rendering services, you can get CG imagery of the highest quality for any type of marketing collateral.

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