How to Promote a New Product to Customers

5 Time-Tested Tips for Furniture Brands

Launching new products is always a risk and nobody can tell how sales will go. Naturally, consumer behavior is hard to predict but the brand marketers should figure out how to promote a new product to customers in the most effective ways.

So where to start and what to focus on? After all, there are so many marketing channels and strategies when it comes to new goods. But going through trial and error takes too much precious time and resources. So sometimes it’s better to have a ready guide to follow.

In this article, the marketing department of our 3D rendering company shares 5 main aspects to focus on when you promote new products. Dive in reading!

#1. Make a Big Email Announcement

A Brand Marketer Learning How to Create an Email Offer to Promote New Products to Customers

According to statistics, 76% of subscribers make purchases from an email marketing message. Therefore, it’s worth investing some time and money in creating an eye-catching email offer and sending it out to a subscriber database that a brand already has. 

Now, how to promote a new product to customers via email, and what tools to use? Firstly, marketers must make their message short and creative enough so that email doesn’t go unnoticed and is easy to read. Also, the marketing offer may include a secret promo code or a tempting discount that should be reinforced with a product image. Our advice here is to use either a stunning furniture 3D room set or a collage made of silo renders. The picture should have a countdown and promo code written in big letters to capture the customer’s attention at once. 

#2. Provide Tempting Introductory Offer

Visualization of a Person Creating a Tempting Promo Offer to Sell New Products to Customers

An introductory offer is a very effective move to promote a new product to customers. In short, it’s a program for the brand’s loyal fans and buyers. It can include the buy one get one free deal, special discounts, double the points for the loyal club members, and so on. 

To get more new customers from the campaign, a brand can provide a free gift for every referral. Whatever tactics marketers use, their offer should be based on tempting visuals, such as product lifestyle pictures or feature 3D animation. These two CG tools are the most effective when presented in both online and offline promotion channels.

#3. Run Contests and Giveaways on Social Media

A Marketer Running a Contest on Social Media to Promote New Product to Customers

Surely, all manufacturers use their social media to inform followers on their updates and new goods. However, brand marketers have to learn how to promote a new product to customers using special tactics like giveaways and contests.

Just to understand how effective they are, look at the analytics of Facebook contests that says that they bring an average of 34% new customers per campaign! Posts with contests and giveaways are well promoted by platforms and give more organic likes/shares and overall engagement. They also bring more new subscribers and increase conversion.

Marketers can go with creative contest ideas or use a time-proven strategy of like-and-share. It’s simple but effective. All customers have to do in order to enter the contest is to like and share the post with a hashtag. This works well and doesn’t require lots of preparation. So marketers simply select a mind-blowing lifestyle image from their catalog, add witty copywriting and promote the post.

#4. Use the Brand’s Website to the Fullest

A Main Page of Anaya Website that Promotes New Product Collection to Customers

How to promote a new product to customers using a platform that a brand already has, such as a website? We recommend utilizing all possible opportunities and ramp up the efforts, i.e. upgrade the blog and landing page, and invest in effective banner ads.

Landing Page

A Drawing Sketch of a Landing Page that Will Help Promoting New Products to Customers

Manufacturers and retailers should inform their website visitors about the launch of a new product right from the landing page. For these purposes, they can use a short 3D product demo animation or a static collage. On top of that a landing page can have a catchy CTA and pre-sale button.

Blog Post

A Laptop with a Blog Page that Promotes New Product to Customers

Brand marketers should make a blog post to review a new product, explain its benefits, and showcase all its design features. To illustrate the article, one can use cut-out and close-up views and display the product in a scene using 3D lifestyle images. Moreover, marketers can boost customer engagement with an interactive 360° spin, hence, increase the conversion of the website.

Banner Advert

A Marketer Promoting a New Product to Customers Using Digital Advertising

Pop-up banners are a great way to inform website visitors about the launch of a new product and promote it. Such an ad may include a hot discount, CTA, and a countdown. For a banner, it is best to make a collage with a product silo rendering on a bright background so it is notable and has enough space for a copy.

#5. Get a Toolbox of Jaw-Dropping Promo CGI 

How to promote a new product to customers without stunning visuals? No way, marketers can’t boost campaigns based on eloquence only or use low-quality pictures. What’s more, every marketing channel requires imagery of different types and resolutions.

Outdoor Advertising and Print Media

For this channel, one needs silo renders, lifestyle images, and close-up views of the highest quality. Because the picture should be printed out it has to be in high-resolution.

Online Media and Ads 

Those require the same images but in a lower resolution so they can be easily integrated into any e-platform. Also, digital channels need motion visuals and interactive 360° views since that’s the type of experience customers expect from the web. 

3D Video Content

Research shows that 96% of them prefer to learn about goods from a video, so 3D product animation is a must for promo campaigns. CG artists can create any type of 3D video to highlight different aspects of a product and deliver the message. 3D animation is also perfect for working with vloggers and influencers who can use promo 3D videos in their reviews.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

So, to figure out how to promote a new product to customers most effectively, you should be active on all fronts. Start with updating your website with a detailed review in a blog, create an awe-inspiring landing page and banner ad. Then revamp your email marketing and give social media a boost with contests and giveaways. Also, to market a new product, create an introductory offer for your current customers with bonuses to get them on your side.

Naturally, all these channels require a professional approach to copywriting and visuals. The latter has to sell goods without words — show a product in action, reveal all design features, and convey the brand’s message.

Ready to start promo campaigns for new goods? With our 3D rendering services, you can get any type of CGI for a successful launch of a product!

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