Furniture Rendering Companies

5 Types of CG Services They Provide

Furniture rendering companies provide the most diverse visual materials for Manufacturers and Marketers. Among all the available CG services and products, one can find captivating images, interactive web tools, and even multimedia content.

A fast developing furniture company wants to try some new marketing strategies for their online resources. Their e-comm website is a little outdated in comparison to the more innovative competitors and the gap starts to be more obvious based on the disappointing sales ratings. Even if the furniture company is quite new in the industry, they want to catch up with the leaders as soon as possible. However, the lack of experience in the online sector of their business is a real problem now. How the Manufacturers can update their e-comm website quickly in order to make the online selling strategy more effective?

A professional 3D rendering company with a variety of CG services can be the best solution to enhancing e-comm platforms. In the end, 3D visualization offers the most progressive visual assets for any type of online content. Learn what types of visuals Manufacturers and Marketer can get from furniture rendering companies.   

#1. Low- & High-Poly 3D Modeling

A High-Poly Chair 3D Model for a Furniture Project

This kind of modeling is made by representing or approximating the surfaces of 3D models using polygons. There are two types of this service depending on the number of polygons – low-poly and high-poly with the difference in detailing and overall quality. Low-poly is widely used for software and engines that can’t handle many polygons in real time while high-poly is necessary for photorealistic texturing and rendering. All in all, polygon models are exceptionally adaptable to any CG settings and can be visualized at high speed which is exactly why furniture rendering companies use it so frequently.

#2. 3D Product Rendering

Photorealistic 3D Rendering for an Office Chair

3D product visualization gives premium 3D visuals for numerous businesses and their marketing goals. Furniture rendering companies provide different types of shots for product renders including close-up, top view, hero shots, lifestyle, etc. For achieving the highest level of photorealism, CG specialists incorporate lighting, texturing, different environment and other settings as well as post-production effects in Photoshop. In this way, furniture 3D rendering makes visual marketing for e-commerce more adaptable to the concept and customer-oriented.

#3. 3D Product Animation

If a Furniture Manufacturer plans to approach partners or start the promoting campaign, he ought to have awe-inspiring visual materials for presentations, introductions, and pitches. Photorealistic 3D animation is a perfect choice that allows highlighting the best features and details of a product. Moreover, this service of furniture rendering companies offers scenarios for different types of video including an overview, how-to-use, product features, color options and so on. Such multimedia content can be used for various marketing channels – blogs, online ads, TV commercials, etc.

#4. Wireframe Model Drawing

Wireframe Model Drawing for Cushioned Furniture

Wireframe model drawing recreates reference furniture images with accuracy and technicality. It is a skeletal representation of a real item that replicates all lines, curves, and a geometrical form in general. Besides, furniture rendering companies use wireframe models to demonstrate parameters and design details in the clearest way. Making an accurate furniture mockup for a design concept ensures that a 3D object will be built just like a real item without any flaws. Moreover, wireframe model drawing is essential for the furniture production process as the most thorough guide for Manufacturers.

#5. 360° Product View


    360° view alludes to a CGI method by which a series of renders give the impression of a 3D object rotating. These views can be used as an interactive tool on web pages and apps, permitting users to control the rotation of an object with a click. Also, 360° product views can be turned into a boundlessly circling GIF or video which are extremely effective for social media marketing and online platforms. Furniture rendering companies provide this option for e-commerce businesses as one of the most engaging уеt easy to use marketing content.

    Furniture rendering companies are able to offer advanced visual materials that can both catch viewers attention and showcase all the benefits of a product. The variety of CG visuals allows using them for any type of content – static and motion alike. In this way, Furniture Manufacturers and Marketers can get lifestyle product images for e-commerce websites, 360° view for different web pages, accurate wireframe models for the manufacturing process, and even 3D animation for video content.

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