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5 Unbeatable Advantages for the Manufacturing Process

Advanced manufacturers always strive to find the most flexible and cost-effective ways to design and produce their goods. Once the main design concept is born, they need furniture prototypes to test it and reduce design imperfections prior to mass production. 

However, finding a 3D modeling company for 3D prototypes is not the only way to successful manufacturing. Brands need to juxtapose creative versatility with rapid reaction and poise to stay on top of the game. 

Consider this: the furniture business is a very competitive environment. Therefore, it is simply vital for each manufacturer to be the first to launch a product before their competitors market a similar item.

So how exactly can prototypes speed up the manufacturing process and save your budget at the same time? Let’s take a look at 5 solid benefits furniture prototyping brings to manufacturers.

#1. Furniture Prototyping Is Cost-Effective

A Stock of Dollars and Coins Allocated on Furniture Prototypes

For starters, furniture prototyping can save the manufacturers’ money at the development stage. Because a 3D prototype is a digital sample of a furniture piece, it can be easily modified and perfected in 3D software without any additional expenses. 

Once CG artists make several design options for a brand, manufacturers can print them as low-priced prototypes on a 3D printer to see the design with their own eyes. If they spot mistakes or see room for improvement, they can go back to 3D prototyping and adjust the sample.

As a result, with prototyping, manufacturers can minimize all the inaccuracies long before mass production of a product. This way, the brand gets the perfect model of a product and doesn’t have to waste money on endless intermediate furniture samples.

#2. Using Prototypes Reduces Time on Manufacturing the Product

The Clock Showing Time Needed for Prototyping of Furniture

With digital furniture prototypes at hand, manufacturers can shorten the whole development and production cycle and make it a couple of days instead of a few weeks. Surely, prototyping depends on many factors like deadlines, complexity, and contractors. 

This is how it usually goes in our 3D studio. Clients send a brief to our CG team and we create a top-quality 3D model just in one working day. Then, using our CRM system, manufacturers can see the results and make edits by simply leaving their comments on the project. Immediately, CG artists receive an instant message about the client’s feedback and proceed to adjust furniture models. After the corrections are done, a client approves the project and is free to use it for physical furniture prototyping and product testing. As a result, the very process of design development and communication goes smoothly and takes only a couple of days. Isn’t that what every manufacturer is dreaming of?

#3. Furniture Prototyping Allows Changing the Design in No Time

A Pink Furniture Prototype with a New Design

Furniture 3D prototypes allow you to quickly and easily make any changes to the design. Using special 3D programs, CG experts are able to make all necessary adjustments and create a new sample for 3D printing with no sweat. And although CG studios don’t do prototyping themselves, their 3D models are quality enough to be sent directly to an industrial 3D printer.

With a furniture prototype 3D model, your imagination and opportunities are simply unlimited you can search for the best solutions and improve the design until you get the perfect one. If you need to change the shape of the object, its colors and textures, CG artists will do it for you in just a couple of clicks. With all that said, furniture prototyping proves itself as an effective and resource-efficient option.

#4. Prototyping Provides Unlimited Customization

A Red Chair Prototype Made by Customization a Previous Furniture Sample

Digital furniture prototyping offers you the ultimate customization. Using 3D software, CG artists are able to perfectly tailor the design to the manufacturer’s needs. As mentioned before, they can change everything about a 3D model to meet the client’s expectations and make it ready for 3D printing.

Even if manufacturers need a personalized piece and develop an individual configuration of a product, CG experts can go back to a ready prototyping 3D model and transform the piece. Therefore, furniture brands are able to reinvent their designs at any stage of manufacturing their product.

#5. With Furniture Prototyping, Product Testing Is Easy and Fast

A Person Rating the Given Furniture Prototypes

Using furniture prototyping and 3D modeling, marketers can order images of all possible designs of a product. With these 3D visualizations, they can conduct product testing and marketing research to determine the true tastes and needs of their target audience. 

Having a whole range of different options in front of them, customers can examine images and rate all the designs one by one. The results of such product testing allow a brand to focus on producing only surefire popular furniture pieces. In the end, thanks to prototyping, manufacturers increase their sales, reduce returns and avoid having goods surplus in stock.

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With furniture prototyping, manufacturers can make any changes to the design and customize it at any stage and as many times as needed. Therefore, prototypes provide brands with unlimited design freedom and make furniture development more convenient, simpler and money-saving.

Need accurate furniture prototyping for your business? With our 3D modeling services, you get superb 3D models ready for both 3D printing and manufacturing!

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