5 Ways to Get a Multitude of Impeccable Furniture CGI with a Single 3D Model

Furniture CGI has revolutionized product marketing and advertising. Previously, getting marketing imagery required a photoshoot.It involved sending prototypes in every color and configuration to a photography studio, buying loads of decor to be stored afterwards. Naturally, each occasion required a new photoshoot, so the nightmare started all over again.

With the advent of photorealistic 3D product rendering, Marketers and Manufacturers get state-of-the-art imagery in a carefree way. Furniture CGI of any type – lifestyles, all kinds of product views, cutouts, silo images – can be created digitally, with no limits to creativity. And it all starts with a high-quality 3D model. Wonder how? Then let’s learn 5 ways one 3D model makes for a whole range of amazing marketing assets.


    #1. One Furniture 3D Model Allows for Many Views

    With only one 3D model, you can get a whole variety of furniture CGI: close-ups for demonstration of textures, materials and tiny details; cutouts for highlighting the inner structure of products, front views for general outside looks, side and bird views for showing the design from every side.

    Most importantly, the process is a piece of cake. All a Manufacturer needs is to provide the 3D Artists with a reference image of the furniture product and its dimensions. No photoshoots, heavy prototypes transportation, and no need to control the process: 3D rendering companies create everything digitally, and in photoreal quality. So why compromise on advertising materials quality when one can get it all with 3D visualization?

    #2. A CG Model Allows for Easy Colorways Creation

    A 3D model can be tweaked. This way, a 3D Artist can change design colors and textures for the Marketer to get cgi showcasing different color and finishing options. Which is way more cost-effective than producing a separate prototype for each color and sending them all to a photography studio. Moreover, photorealistic CGI colorways will look every bit as impressive as a photo.

    #3.  3D Model Is Perfect for Showing Different Configurations

    Professional 3D modelling service can make changes to the image geometry and get new furniture design configurations, for instance, add new armrests to a chair. Which is a great way to show all design variations in a furniture catalog, as well as getting the cgi for a new upgraded version of the same design.

    Making changes to a furniture configuration is also handy when it comes to testing the market. Before even having the physical prototype for models with upgraded design, companies can put their images on the website and start selling by pre-orders.

    #4. 3D Model of a Furniture Item Can Be Put in a Variety of Scenes

    With one 3D model, 3D Artists can place the object in a multitude of scenes, whether one needs a plain background or roomsets with different environments and decor. Various lifestyles cgi is a great idea for furniture advertising, because different interior scenes showcase different benefits of a design and therefore appeal to different audiences.

    Using various scenes is vital for products that can be used in different ways. For instance, a media console can be used for the TV set or as a place fo storing books and decor. In both cases, it looks awesome and has a practical value. The design is a perfection! The only thing left is to let customers know about it. So getting furniture cgi is the most sensible option: it showcases the design in diferent settings without location photoshoots.

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    Just imagine: one 3D model, and many CGI lifestyles – but without buying decor or going to locations, as it is the case with photography studios. Professional 3D Artists will create any kind of tailor-made interior scenes digitally, specifically for the product. Furthermore, a Marketer can select ready 3D scenes the 3D studio offers, and get high-quality furniture cgi faster and at reduced cost.

    #5.  A 3D Model can be Further Reused for any Type of Furniture CGI

    Another advantage of 3D modelling for product design is that it can be used to get any type of 3D renderings, be it still furniture images or interactive solutions. With a ready 3D model, a Marketer or Manufacturer can get new visual materials in less time and at a reduced cost. Online marketing campaigns will definitely benefit from photorealistic 3D animations, 360˚ views, interactive catalogs, Virtual and Augmented Reality. As a result, the top-notch furniture cgi will enhance the social media promotion and increase e-stores sales. As for traditional marketing campaigns, a 3D model can be used for creating visuals for print advertisements, TV commercials, catalogs, flyers and other giveaways.

    Furniture cgi has changed the product promotion process forever. Now, photorealistic 3D model is an asset allowing to get top-notch images for online and traditional marketing, and refresh them any time. Moreover, 3D modelling and visualization allow to get visuals faster than with photography, and it costs less. You can learn the exact timeframe and product rendering cost for your project on our website within a few clicks. And to get some stunning imagery for your furniture, contact CGIFURNITURE company. We’ll develop for you high-quality cg imagery that will sell your products.

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