It’s no secret that any manufacturer needs stunning visuals to promote their products to the masses. Architectural finishes, in particular, benefit greatly from beautiful lifestyle images showcasing the product in context. Here’s where a quite useful tool comes into play. With finishes 3D rendering, you can get several marketing images quickly and easily.

Wondering how to incorporate it into lifestyle images successfully? In this article, our 3D rendering company will tell you about some of the most effective ways to do just that. Let’s dive right into it!

#1. Advertise Sets of Finishes

Lifestyle 3D Rendering Showcasing a Set of Finishes

Why advertise only one product when you can present multiple ones at the same time? For instance, you can showcase finishes for floors and walls within a single design. This becomes much easier with 3D rendering. Usually, finding the correct finishes to combine is the interior designer’s job. Not to mention, they need to install the finishes to see how the combination would work in the context of a room.

With finishes 3D rendering, a manufacturer can experiment with different combinations, find the ones that work, and then sell their products in ready-to-use sets. This can also help designers provide quick and practical solutions for their clients’ needs.

#2. Transform the Spaces

Transforming Existing Spaces with Finishes 3D Rendering

One of the most important concerns for clients shopping for finishes is the inability to picture them in their own spaces. You can easily resolve this issue with lifestyle finishes 3D rendering. You can partner up with a professional CGI studio and provide customers with the option to order renders of their interiors with your products installed. A team of experienced 3D artists will recreate the rooms in 3D and carefully incorporate your finishes or combinations of them. This way, your clients would get a better understanding of the overall quality of a product and how it would look installed in their living spaces.

#3. Demonstrate the Quality

Close-Up 3D Rendering of a Kitchen Wall Finish

Due to the nature of the product, it’s essential to demonstrate the quality of the finishes in high detail. To achieve this, you can commission a variety of close-up shot types and other angles in 3D rendering projects. As you can see in the image above, detailed CG images can present the nuances of the materials, such as consistencies, textures, and layers with photorealistic quality. As manufacturers of finishes know, these are the most important selling points of this product.

#4. Showcase the Variety

Lifestyle finishes 3D rendering is the best tool to provide your potential customers with visuals for a variety of product alternatives. With its help, you can showcase the available color, pattern, and texture options — all in stunning magazine-worthy interiors. Witnessing all the alternatives for finishes in eye-catching photorealistic scenes will surely help your client make a confident purchasing decision. Besides, such visual materials would improve your online catalogs, strengthening your brand image.

#5. Collaborate with Other Brands

Lifestyle Bedroom Image: Incorporating Finishes 3D Rendering

The last idea on the list is collaborations. You can set up partnerships with manufacturers of tiles, flooring, furniture, and other interior elements. With these products combined, you can create fully established interior spaces. Collect the necessary details about all of your products and send them over to a professional 3D studio. They will make 3D models of the merchandise and create breathtaking lifestyle CG images of the finished spaces. It is much easier for clients to shop for interior solutions this way. They don’t have to browse through multiple marketplaces to find the best option for each of the products.

Such type of finishes 3D rendering can be effortlessly incorporated into your and your partner’s websites and social networks. Furthermore, it can also be used in print media and catalogs. For instance, you can integrate this render into a magazine. Create a page with callouts that contain brand names and places where one can buy the finishes.

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This was our selection of ideas on how to incorporate finishes 3D rendering into lifestyle images. Utilizing these 5 suggestions will enhance your marketing materials, increase your brand credibility, and drive sales.

Looking for stunning visuals to level up your product listings? Use our professional 3D rendering services to get gorgeous CG lifestyle images.

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