Ecommerce Ideas for Furniture

7 Tips for Aspiring Online Furniture Manufacturers and Retailers

The ecommerce industry is growing fast, no matter the underlying conditions that 2020 has brought in so far. The fact is that e-retails have reached as much as 14% of all the retail sales so far, and Statista has it that by 2023 they will reach the 22% point. Such growth makes many businesses consider the idea of going online, and furniture retail is no exception.

The e-commerce industry indeed is one of the most profitable ones since there is barely any shortage of clients who are interested in new beds, couches, chairs, and tables. SmartInsights has it that at the beginning of the year, furniture ecommerce conversion rate has reached 2,3%. To get a better understanding of the shown statistics, it should be added that the major chain section has gained the same conversion rate.

However, taking the business online may be a little more challenging than it seems. That is why there is a list of vital ecommerce ideas for furniture to consider before launching an online furniture store. The global experience proves that smart strategy is one of the crucial pillars that make any business successful.

Would you like to learn some useful hacks on how to make your furniture store profitable and at the top of the chase? Here is the list of 7 tips that will help you achieve the goal!

#1. Set the Store Up

3D product rendering: Digital Catalogs

While ecommerce ideas for furniture are many, one of the primary ones involves setting an online furniture store up. Not so long ago, it could have been a challenging task to complete. Nowadays, the number of ecommerce platforms offering their services is immense, so all that needs to be done is a reliable platform picked.

When it comes to the ecomm business that involves furniture, it is advised to opt for the platform that supports the niche. For instance, Shopify, Volusion, or Wayfair – to name the few. Most platforms offer a free trial and a catalog of free themes for the furniture store to give a try to. So, getting involved with reliable platforms won’t cost you anything at first. If you like the experience and consider further cooperation, there are different fees to choose from depending upon the type of furniture retailers your business belongs to.

#2. Look for a Reliable Wholesaler

3D models of products in ecommerce

The chances that any of the ecommerce ideas for furniture would help you succeed without a trusted wholesaler at hand are slim. Unless you are making furniture on your own, you need a reliable supplier to get it from. Surely, you should not forget about the fact that of all the products, furniture is the most space-consuming type. That means that apart from a supplier, there is a need for a suitable storage place for all the furniture to be on sale.

When cooperating with a wholesaler, it is advised to ask for a sample before you sign up for a long or short-term deal. You need to be 100% sure of what you are about to offer your customers to grow a satisfied client base. Also, every arrangement should be treated like the one that may repeat in the future, so that you can establish and preserve good terms with the vendor.

#3. Work on Marketing Strategies

Increasing Website Conversion with 3D CG Product Imagery

It is quite challenging to sell the product that no one knows about. That is why a well-thought marketing strategy belongs to those worthy ecommerce ideas for furniture not to be taken lightly. Since it is the online furniture market that we are discussing, the marketing approach is supposed to be corresponding.  

Most prominent furniture ecommerce sites work hard on newsletters, blog posts, and other related content to make a customer come back and bring some friends along. However, it is not enough to create appealing content. It should reach the recipient to produce the necessary impact. That is why the number one marketing task is to gain customers’ emails. A built-in email subscription would be a worthy addition to the site. It is crucial to remember that regular promotions and discounts call in to action like nothing more.

Indeed, modern furniture may not perform great on social media, and it is vital to choose the right target. People interested in house renovations, interior design, and real estate investors should interest you most, and preaching to them should add to your marketing strategy. Maintaining a friendly relationship with real estate agents and even partnering with them can prove to be very successful too.

#4. Implement Furniture 3D Visualization

3D Rendering Services for Furniture Ecommerce

It is a known fact that to become profitable, a furniture ecommerce website should be better than all the competitors’ platforms. Following the modern trends and tracking down the customers’ needs can help you achieve the goal. One of the main reasons why people still prefer brick-and-mortar stores to online stores is the physical availability of products. The idea that you are going to invest in a pricey furniture piece without being able to examine it from every possible angle and, in detail, chases clients off.

That is when 3D visualization comes into play. Not only CG product renders are incredibly lifelike, but they are also interactive and purchase-encouraging. The fact is that a mere picture on the white background can be transformed into an appealing lifestyle image or captivating 3D animation in a matter of a few hours. Besides, should any modifications or changes be introduced, there will be no issues arising since there are no limits that a skillful 3D artist can’t push.

#5. Build an eCommerce Mobile App

Ecommerce Apps for Furniture Business

Purchasing a specific furniture piece is rarely a momentary whim. It is usually a significant investment, so it takes time to look through all the available options to make one’s mind finally. Since one of the leading ecommerce ideas for furniture websites is to keep the customer engaged for as long as possible, it is a worthy idea to provide multiple platforms to browse through.

Even though e-catalogs, social media, and ecomm sites work well for this purpose, the modern generation spends a lot of time attached to their mobile devices. That is why investing in a user-friendly mobile application is a sure way to attract and hold the necessary attention of a potential buyer. Apart from that, a well-thought and properly designed app will keep the users up to date upon fresh updates, new arrivals, discounts, and hot offers, which will add up to the potential investment.

#6. Define the Target Audience

CRM in Ecommerce Business

One of the most underrated ecommerce ideas for furniture is the target audience. If you try to preach to all, you will end up preaching to no one, and that is not the best approach to helping the business thrive. It is crucial to point out the age group you are trying to involve, their income, basic needs and preferences, and so on.

For instance, if it is modern furniture that you offer, then you need to seek Millennials out. Audiences like that spend their time on Instagram mostly these days. So, advertising your service on given social media is bound to pay off. The same idea applies to classy, vintage, or hand-made furniture – the prospects interested in it are usually LinkedIn users. The moment you discover your target area, you should head particularly in the direction that would draw the attention of the category.

#7. Cooperate with Your Sales Team

Top-Notch Custom Service

It is true, at the beginning of the road, you may be the only one involved in the business. However, as your online store starts to grow and bring in income, you will definitely form a sales team. However, it is never enough just to hire people you see fit, it is essential to educate them well on what you do.

In case a customer has a question related to the item on offer, a professional salesman or customer support agent should be able to answer it fully. Leaving a customer support option unattended is a mistake to keep away from. That is why a sales team that is well-trained knows everything about the furniture in stock. Apart from that, they also know how to catch one’s attention and hold it long enough until a favorable decision is made.

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Selling furniture online is certainly a great way to build a business empire to last and thrive for decades. Nevertheless, the industry itself is tricky to operate even when running a brick-and-mortar store. Before you decide to launch your personal online store, there is a list of ecommerce ideas for furniture to get through to find the best ones to implement into your successful startup. Hopefully, those hacks mentioned above will come in handy and help the business run well.

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Ecommerce (electronic commerce or internet commerce) is buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. Ecommerce exists online.

According to Google, ecommerce conversion rate is the ratio of transactions to sessions, expressed as a percentage. The average ecommerce conversion rate is between 2% and 3% globally. However, it can vary significantly by industry and by country.

Computer-generated imagery is the process of turning 3D models and scenes into 2D imagery on a computer. 3D rendering allows for presenting the final results of architectural projects that do not exist in the real world yet.

A regular 360 product view usually consists of 36 product images, each showing the item from a slightly different angle. The images are processed to be displayed as a single interactive object one can rotate left and right. When rotated, the 36 frames spin so fast that a person perceives them as a solid 3D model.

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