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7P’s Marketing Mix for Furniture Makers

With a focus on innovating their businesses, furniture manufacturers and retailers need to think through their digital marketing tactics in detail — from defining their priorities to mastering promo tools for campaigns. The most common problem here is that offline marketing solutions are not always suitable for digital activities.

To determine the direction of their online tactics, brand marketers can use ready-made marketing models that work best for the furniture industry. One of them is 7P’s. It is an effective marketing mix that is based on a detailed study of key elements. Those are Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People and two additional “P”s — Process and Physical Evidence. 

By using the experience of working with prominent furniture brands, marketers from our 3D rendering company can explain how to work out this digital marketing tactic to boost business in this industry. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

#1. Product

Two Marketers Creating Digital Marketing Tactics for Product Sales

The product is the very foundation of the furniture business so the marketing tactics have to be based on drawing the buyer’s attention to the features and benefits of the item. Since online shoppers can only see the product in images, marketers have to carefully choose visual tools that accurately convey its design and quality. 

For this, they can use close-up views and detailed product videos that show every stitch and joint, as well as a 360° view. This interactive CG tool allows online buyers to examine the item at 360° and zoom in design elements so that they can make informed purchase decisions.

#2. Promotion 

Two Marketing Specialists Discussing 7P’s Digital Sales Tactics

The Promotion aspect of digital marketing includes all possible tools of online promo and advertising: e-banners, email marketing, SEO, PPC, podcasts and blogs, social networks, video adverts, etc. For these tactics to work effectively, marketers need to use outstanding and compelling visuals with a creative element to them. Those could be collages of product images, stunning CG lifestyles, as well as demo and featuring 3D animation.

#3. Price

A Marketer Showing Money a Company Gets from Using Smart Digital Strategies and Tactics

The Price element of 7P’s tactics defines the brand’s pricing policy and defines ways to make it attractive to buyers. For this, marketers offer shoppers discount codes, price-cutting, digital vouchers, various packages, offers, and develop profitable loyalty programs. By implementing a well-thought-out pricing policy, a brand can make its goods stand out to the consumers as both aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

#4. Place

A Visualization of the Place Aspect of 7P’s Digital Marketing Tactic

The Place aspect covers the distribution, sales, logistics, market coverage strategies, etc. Regarding the furniture business, it is also a question of choosing places where to sell furniture online. For this, marketers should focus on their target audience and analyze which digital platforms they prefer for shopping — large e-markets like Amazon, selective e-stores such as Shopify, or social media. Using this data, brands can build their digital marketing tactics and choose the most effective visual materials for product listing pages.

#5. People 

Various Specialists Working on Digital Marketing Tactic

This element of the digital marketing tactics is the staff that works for the company including factory workers, management, and customer service. The latter is a part of the brand that consumers directly communicate with, so it’s crucial to keep customer service welcoming and helpful. To improve the interaction between a brand and a buyer, manufacturers can provide a live chat with a client manager or salesperson on their website. This way a company can show that they are here for their customers 24/7 and speed up decision-making and purchase processes. 

#6. Process 

A Visualization of a Designer Improving Product Design for Digital Sales Tactics

The 7P’s digital marketing tactics implement all user experience processes starting from customers visiting a website by clicking an ad up until the moment they select a product and purchase it. The point is to make the whole shopping process as smooth and organic as possible so that a customer goes through the funnel without any problems. That’s why it is crucial to focus on improving the website speed, providing mobile optimization, collecting and analyzing the data with the calculation of KPI.

#7. Physical Evidence 

A Stock of Product Used for Various Purposes in 7P’s Online Marketing Tactics

Physical Evidence is a tricky side of digital marketing tactics as buyers cannot physically test furniture pieces before purchasing. That’s why reviews and recommendations are so important in eCommerce — they prove that a product is worth buying. To improve this aspect of the 7P’s tactics, brands can create a system of discounts or bonuses for the feedback and unpacking videos, as well as work with influencers. The latter can review the product and thereby provide evidence of its quality and good design. 

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The 7P’s is one of the most convenient digital marketing tactics for the furniture business because it implies a detailed analysis of every fundamental aspect from the product itself to customer service. Almost every element of this tactic requires top-notch visual materials that make a product shine. Therefore, leading brands opt for CGI to get a huge variety of visuals for any element of the 7P’s. Using 3D technologies, they are able to get photorealistic pictures at a lower cost than traditional photography, as well as order cutting-edge interactive and motion CG solutions.

Ready to try 7P’s marketing mix for your business? Contact us for 3D rendering services, and we’ll provide you with both motion and static CG solutions of the highest quality!

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