Custom Furniture Renderings

How They Can Change Your Content Marketing Strategy

Many furniture manufacturers nowadays ask themselves whether custom furniture renderings could be a better alternative to product photos. There is a number of reasons for that. First of all, photography does not provide enough variety in terms of stylistic presentation of the product. And there’s nobody to blame for that. It is simply impossible to physically create unique settings for every single product, let alone multiple scenes just for one. As a result, all the images look very similar to each other and to those of other brands.

Then, photography doesn’t allow for much flexibility in the process of preparing and launching a campaign. That is because everything has to be planned way ahead and changes are virtually impossible to be made. Or it takes too much time and money to make them. Finally, the content formats are limited to still images and simple slideshow animations.

Now, this article tells how working with a furniture rendering company can resolve all those issues and improve content marketing strategy for a furniture brand. Hopefully, it can help those who are still hesitating to decide if custom 3D product rendering is something worth trying for their business.

#1. Present a Larger Variety of Products and Scenes

custom furniture visualization

Using solely computer graphics to create the images allows to present the full range of products without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns. This way, the customers can see all the material and color variations of the items. For those rather unfamiliar with CGI, there is nothing to worry about regarding the quality – professionally done furniture renderings are as realistic as photos.

And there’s more. With custom furniture renderings, it is possible to develop a unique style, so that the marketing visuals will always look on-brand, boosting awareness among the customers. Furthermore, diverse lifestyle surroundings help to reach a wider audience. One piece of furniture placed in different scenes will definitely attract more buyers since people will be able to better imagine it in their own homes.

#2. Offer Multiple Content Formats


    Creating content for different advertising channels can be a painstaking task, especially when such services are outsourced. A marketing team might have to hire multiple contractors from photographers and graphic designers to video-makers to complete one project. Commissioning custom furniture renderings, however, one can expect to be offered a variety of content formats by a CGI studio.

    First of all, there are still images and animation, which are perfect for social media and online ads. Then there are 360o view, AR and VR formats, which provide for enhanced e-commerce experience. The popularity of the AR technology as a way of product visualization has grown over the last few years, and now it’s becoming a standard. The furniture giant IKEA, for instance, is already doing it with it’s IKEA Place app, setting the trend.

    #3. Add Flexibility to the Marketing Process

    custom furniture renderings for marketers

    Compared to product photos, custom furniture renderings are done within tighter timeframes and at significantly lower costs. That allows the marketers to be more flexible with their campaigns. For example, it’s possible to make corrections and even introduce whole new ideas quickly and easily.

    This is because custom furniture rendering is all about working with 3D models. So, once a custom 3D product model is ready, it can be altered and placed into different scenes as many times as needed. And extensive libraries of customizable scenes and additional 3D objects help with that as well.

    #4. Allow to Show More Angles and Details

    3D rendering of a cabinet

    One can hardly imagine a modern content marketing strategy that does not involve storytelling. Using custom furniture rendering, marketers get all the means to tell a product’s story in the most engaging way with content that is both entertaining and informative for the customers. First of all, the custom renderings can show the furniture item captured from all the possible viewpoints, leaving boring, overused angles behind. Because what works for a catalog doesn’t work the same way for a marketing campaign. Moreover, it is possible to create stunning close-ups without any loss of quality.

    The thing is, there is a major difference between photos and 3D renderings – the latter are more adjustable. For instance, if the lights or shadows don’t look flattering enough, they can be edited until they do, remaining completely photorealistic. Compared to photo editing, this process takes significantly less time and causes no delays. And the materials that need to be in focus can get additional lighting and reflections to showcase their textures. So, in this case, the quality of custom furniture renderings can actually surpass that of photos.

    #5. Make Situational Marketing a Piece of Cake

    christmas themed furniture rendering

    Finally, let’s not forget the situational marketing content. Oftentimes, situational marketing campaigns are focused on special offers or a very particular group of products. The goal of those campaigns is to make the customers instantly connect the products to a certain event. Therefore, the images usually feature recognizable, but quite mediocre scenes and decorations. Not that they don’t serve the purpose at all, but it can be done a lot better.

    We’ve already learned how quick and easy it is to create new beautiful scenes with custom CGI from the paragraph above. But there is another important thing that makes it possible – artistic vision. Professional 3D artists who create the images all have design education. So, placing the product into a specifically designed scene definitely wins over slapping an image of it onto a generic stock photo or, what’s even worse, doing a whole new photoshoot. And it is safe to say that custom furniture renderings will never look tacky or outdated.

    So, those are the main benefits of custom 3D product renderings when it comes to content marketing. Nobody would argue that with our short attention span nowadays marketers are facing the challenge of making their content stand out. And for many of them, CGI is a game-changing solution with its wide arsenal of visualization tools, photorealistic quality and multiple interactive formats.

    Are you interested in trying custom furniture rendering services to improve your content marketing strategy? Contact us at CGIFurniture and we will deliver the top-quality results in the shortest time possible!

    Tanya Moore

    Communication Manager at CGIFurniture

    Tanya crafts impactful content strategies, leads their implementation to fruition and measures their success. Outside work, Tanya enjoys surfing and traveling around Europe with her cute little snow-white dog.

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