Computer Graphics for Furniture

How It Helps Customers to Find Stunning Products for Their Homes

Computer graphics will be pivotal in 2020 when it’s about a successful customer digital experience all the way. According to Forbes’ analysts, in order to be competitive, ecommerce businesses need to tap into the latest technologies to recreate the real-life shopping journey online.

As for the furniture industry, Manufacturers and Marketers get a double win – a significant operating costs reduction on product presentation and customer engagement growth. First, they have a chance to get rid of burdensome physical photoshootings. The latter always require time, human and financial investments. So with CGI, there’s no need to rent a location, have the decorations delivered there, hire a staging company and a photographer, and then expect that the final results will meet the requirements of the advertising campaign. 

From the buyers’ perspective, computer graphics is capable of giving all-around information about the goods and making their choice experience-driven. That way, they can find the objects for their homes and buy them here and now without making any physical movements. 

Needless to say, creating immersive customer experience online with the help of product CG sways the audience to the e-commerce shopping as easy as pie. There are other undeniable benefits of such technology. Let’s find out about them in detail.

#1. Using Furniture AR Apps to Fit a Product in a Home Interior

Furniture AR App

Nowadays, such computer graphics programs allow checking how well the selected product blends in the living space. Users just select it from the catalog, choose AR View feature, and the app “unfolds” the room by enabling the phone’s camera. Then, they virtually project an item from an online store to the place where it might be supposedly installed. It is also possible to drag it, pitch it, and tailor the size to the real dimensions of the room. Thus, a viewer ends up fully informed about how their whole home interior will look like with that new piece in it.

#2. Looking at All Possible Design Options of Furniture at Once

CGI Furniture Portfolio and Cases

Offline retailers may be well limited when it’s about demonstrating furniture. The items found in a catalog are not always exposed in stores. So, in order to see them physically, one needs to order a thing from the warehouse and wait for the delivery. Afterwards, they need to come up to a store again just to examine a piece and decide whether it’s a good fit for them. As might be expected, it’s not convenient for the potential buyers who want to purchase here and now. 

With online retailers using computer graphics design, customer experience is different. Not only do they survey options without coming to a store, but they also examine closely all feasible interior variations and related details with this particular object. For example, the website can contain group or colorways shots with the whole assortment on a single image. Or, prospects might be viewing sliders as an online catalog and decide immediately on a purchase.  

#3. Changing Design Elements Online of a Product to Customize It 

CG Product Images for E-Comm Websites

Some websites like Ballard Designs offer customizable products. Prospects can switch their color, interior elements, texture and drapery. Typically, such e-commerce platforms use interactive computer graphics visuals  for these purposes. Besides, customers can adjust lighting and change the interiors in the background. Thus, Casa Florentina Louis XVI Double Dresser may have 8 finish variations. For example, Antique Mahogany, Distressed Blue, Distressed Fog Gray and so on. This approach provides a hyper-personalized experience, which is considered one of the sales’ driving forces in 2020 by Flatworld Solutions.

#4. Examining Furniture Through and Through Using VR

Furniture VR App by IKEA

At E-shops, which are also called VR furniture shopping apps if they use the technology, the items are visualized as 3D objects in a digital world. Such computer graphics allows inspecting them up close and personally just as at a brick-and-mortar store. For example, a potential buyer chooses a six-drawer dresser. They can open the drawers, move the dresser, assemble and disassemble it and make other manipulations. Or, if an eye falls on a beautiful Crawford Cabinet, it’s always possible to see what’s inside and feel that glamour of subtle ripple texture.

#5. Making Virtual Staging for a Home with New Furniture before Buying It

Virtual Staging Services for eCommerce Business

Certain apps also use virtual staging to showcase the product in the best way. This time, it’s about placing a new item into a real living space before purchasing it. So, users just take a photo of their room, upload it to the app and alter different objects in the context of the room until the right thing is found. 

Moreover, some computer graphics software allows creating virtual tours with photos of a room. Such programs also have additional features helping customize the tour and post it to the web. Users may add descriptions, image or video hotspots, embed any other relevant information. In this way, ecommerce platforms can not only elevate the level of visual content but diversify online marketing at the same time.  

Computer graphics is a no-brainer for Furniture Manufacturers and E-comm Marketers for multiple reasons. First of all, buyers never face a lack of information about the product. It is represented under many angles and in different contexts for them to make the most beneficial choice. Physical stores, in due turn, cannot provide such diversity because of the limited resources in terms of finance and time spendings. 

In the meantime, mainstream technologies, such as VR, AR, and virtual staging, grants pretty close real world customer experience, supports buyer’s natural shopping actions, such as examining the objects, looking around the store. Moreover, CG even satisfies emotional needs by giving an immersive, visually appealing, and interactive experience. 

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