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3 Case Studies at CGIFurniture Studio

Global competition, including the e-commerce industry, is rampant in today’s digital age. A carefully planned visual marketing strategy will ensure your business is one of the leaders. Product 3D visualization is the most popular and widely used tool for promo. An excellent 3D rendering can make your product appear more outstanding, stylish, and appealing to customers.

In this article, you will get 5 case studies of our work for bathroom products CGI projects. It is a collection of inspiring success stories that have arisen from the collaborations of CGIFurniture 3D rendering studio and several brands. 

We hope you will take their experience and knowledge and apply it to your digital marketing strategies. We hope it helps you create effective promo campaigns with CGI. Keep reading!

#1. 3D Rendering of Bathroom Fixtures for HotBath

3D Rendering Projects for Bathroom Fixtures

HotBath, a Dutch bathroom fixture company, wanted to create a digital catalog of its products. HotBath had already invested in high-quality photography but they decided to take it one step further by creating 3D renderings of their products.

CGFurniture was ready to help! The task was to make classic silo CG images and top-notch 3D visualization for lifestyle CG images. We created 3D renders for HotBath’s bathroom products CGI projects that were 100% accurate, including the texture and material quality. 

The result was diverse product 3D renders for HotBath’s brand catalog so that customers could see each product’s appearance from every angle. In addition, we were able to provide versatile CG visuals for different promo platforms on social media and other marketing channels.

#2. Product 3D Visualization of Sinks and Tiles for London Encaustic

Product 3D Visualization Projects for Sinks and Tiles

London Encaustic, a UK-based bathroom product manufacturer, needed a way to showcase the aesthetics and features of its products. The brand wanted detailed, eye-catching, and appealing promo pictures. That’s why they set up bathroom products CGI projects for our team of 3D artists.

To address this need, CGIFurniture provided detailed 3D models of sinks and tiles for silo renders and lifestyle 3D visualization to create high-quality visuals that were crisp, clear, and nice to look at. 

The result was a stunning collection of images showcasing London Encaustic’s bathroom products in all their glory! The company then used the 3D renders for promo materials to showcase its product lines.

#3.  Catalog CG Images for Trueform Concrete

Bathroom Products CG Images for a Catalog

Trueform Concrete is a company that manufactures concrete products and accessories. They were looking for a way to get their catalog images online and came to the conclusion that the bathroom products CGI projects were their best solution.

Our task was to create CG images that would be used in the company’s online marketing efforts. We created lifestyle renders of each product they manufacture and showed them installed on various surfaces and with different accessories. 

The results were beautiful — CGIFurniture artists highlighted the unique aesthetic features of the concrete sinks. On top of that, all of the final 3D renders were made in the same minimalist style and the same color palette which made them look like a perfect collection for catalogs and product pages.

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