Augmented Reality in the Furniture Industry:

5 Benefits of Using AR for Shopping Apps

Augmented reality in the furniture industry is getting more and more popular. The reason is it allows buyers to “try out” goods without leaving home while using shopping apps. According to statistics, 60% of US online customers like exploring 3D furniture models before buying them, which makes furnishings the top AR category amongst all other types of products.

As AR furniture apps give shoppers the try-before-you-buy experience, they help to reduce the number of product returns. With AR models, people don’t have to guess if a furniture piece will work for their interior or not. Once they see how the actual product proportions and design will fit in their room, shoppers can make the right purchase decision once and for all.  

As a 3D modeling company, we not only create furniture AR models but give tips on how one can incorporate augmented reality in the furniture industry. So if you want to know all the advantages of 3D objects for AR shopping applications, keep on reading!

#1. Buying Furniture Using Augmented Reality Apps is Highly Engaging

Augmented Reality Model For Furniture E-Commerce

Using augmented reality in the furniture industry, the process of selecting products through an AR app is not only effective but also fun. It is quite similar to design games that we’ve all played at some point. That’s why 55% of buyers find AR shopping more enjoyable and engaging than a traditional one. They often go through all the products of the app, trying all the options, out of curiosity and genuinely enjoying the process.

Customers start by selecting AR furniture models they like and altering colors and materials. Then, they point their smartphone to any corner of their room, and it appears on the screen with an object in it. Once a furniture piece is in the virtual space, customers can effortlessly twist and move it around to find the perfect place for it. After playing interior designer, they can proudly share their results with friends on social media to get even more appreciation and fun.

#2. Augmented Reality Apps Allow Reaching a Wider Target Audience

A Woman Using a 3D Augmented Furniture App on Her Tablet

Using AR apps, furniture sellers can reach new audiences and attract previously unavailable customers, like those who live too far from the showroom or store. Interacting with AR furniture apps, they can easily try all the models from the catalog without leaving their home and place an order in a few clicks.

Providing people with fast and comfortable shopping, furniture brands can win new customers over after the very first purchase. That’s why big companies like IKEA, Wayfair, Target, Houzz, and Amazon switched to AR, thereby expanding their already large audience. And considering the fact that getting AR 3D models is not that expensive, even smaller brands can snap at their heels and expand their market.

#3. Augmented Reality in the Furniture Industry Provides Personalized Shopping Experience 


    The basic principle of AR furniture models is that they can be placed into any real space via an AR app that customers install on their devices. Naturally, every room is different and sometimes furniture pieces simply don’t match a home’s style or dimensions. Augmented reality in the furniture industry provides a personal approach to furniture shopping based on real-life interiors rather than showroom settings.

    Having an opportunity to try products out before purchase, a person can browse the entire catalog and play around with the design options, examine the item from different sides and see if it fits in their room. They can also customize the product in terms of colors and textures and instantly visualize how it works with their actual interior. Thus, the level of personalization in AR stores is simply incomparable to both traditional offline and online furniture shopping. 

    #4. Augmented Reality Apps Influence the Decision Making Process 

    A Person Placing AR Furniture Pieces in Their Room

    Immersive and user-friendly AR apps directly influence users’ purchase decisions. According to the latest marketing research, 40% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a product when provided with an AR option. Moreover, 72% said they bought something that they didn’t plan just because they tried the product using an augmented reality app.

    The key here is that augmented reality in the furniture industry takes the guesswork out of online shopping. AR apps showcase 3D furniture models in photorealistic quality and even adjust them to a lighting scheme of a room. This way shoppers can make sure that an object perfectly matches not only the interior but also an ambiance. Now, all they have to do to create their dream home is to click a buy button.

    #5. With AR Technology, Brands Can Stand Ahead of the Competition

    A Young Couple Trying 3D Augmented Furnishings for Their Home

    Believe it or not, despite all the obvious advantages of AR technology and the wow-effect it causes, still, only 1% of companies use it. Most manufacturers and retailers claim they are simply not ready yet to implement augmented reality in the furniture business. 

    Companies that use AR furniture models get much more attention from the audience and establish a reputation as advanced brands. They integrate AR into their business and get a chance to outshine competitors who use traditional ways of selling furniture. Therefore, by incorporating AR, any brand can potentially become one of the most innovative e-stores on the list!

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    Using augmented reality in the furniture industry makes the whole shopping process more engaging and personalized with the help of life-like AR furniture models. AR helps customers to find the perfect furniture for their homes and builds stronger connections with a brand. Also, augmented reality gives a massive boost to product promo campaigns and creates a sense of buzz so a brand can easily stand out from the vast competition.

    Excited to try AR technologies in your business? Contact us for 3D modeling services and get realistic AR furniture models within a few days! 

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