There are nearly 5 billion social media users worldwide and this number will only continue to grow. And people use these platforms every day. Utilizing online marketing channels is crucial for a furniture brand to succeed. However, nowadays everyone is bombarded with information, so people’s attention spans are getting lower and lower. Due to this, marketers have to find new advertisement content format options to captivate their audiences from the very first seconds of interaction.

Thankfully, our 3D rendering company is proficient in creating CGI for online content and is here to help. In this article, we will list 5 incredible options of promotional materials for your business’s social media. Let’s dive in!

#1. Video Advertisements

The most popular advertisement content format on social media by far is videos. Nearly 55% of users watch videos online every day. So to reach this large portion of the online audience it’s essential to provide them with concise and visually appealing videos.

The dynamic product visuals will capture the attention of the viewers immediately and increase engagement levels, which eventually can lead to a successful sale. What’s more, these video ads can convey complex ideas about products or services in a short and easy-to-understand way.

To utilize this advertisement content option successfully, you have to consider some valuable tips. Firstly, you should add the element of storytelling. This will create an emotional connection with the viewer and keep them from swiping to the next video on their feed.  Another important thing is optimizing the clips for mobile platforms because a large number of people use their smartphones to consume content.

#2. Carousel Posts

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Next on the list of advertisement options are carousel posts. It’s a multi-format content that is used on various online platforms to show multiple images or videos consecutively.

This advertising format allows furniture brands to experiment with various content ideas for products, creating a coherent narrative within a single post. The interactive nature of the carousels encourages viewers to spend more time with the content, swiping through the cards. This ultimately results in increased engagement rates.

What should a business do to ensure success with carousels? Most importantly, the whole post should be within a consistent visual theme. Each slide of the advertisement has to flow seamlessly into the next to keep the viewer engaged. Also, don’t overcrowd the slides. Too much information quickly bores the audience, leading them to scroll away from your post. You can utilize each carousel card, for instance, to explain a different feature of a particular furniture product.

#3. Infographics

Another important advertisement content format is infographics. Such educational images or clips are designed to break down complex information or statistics into simplified and appealing visuals. This eye-catching format is just perfect for social media.

Engaging infographics can be used to explain various features of your furniture products or educate viewers on the current state of the industry. This visually captivating format is also more likely to be shared, which will amplify your online presence and your brand’s credibility.

For this type of social media posts, you should pay close attention to the clarity of the data you present. Simplify the info to the most basic principles so that everyone can understand it. Encourage people to share this educational content to increase your reach. And, of course, include a call-to-action in the advertisement, so the viewer doesn’t stop there and explores your products and services further. 

#4. User-Generated Content

User Review as an Advertising Content Format

Don’t underestimate the importance of posting videos created by your audience. It’s the most undemanding advertisement content format, as there’s basically no effort required on your end. These may range from your furniture reviews to client’s experiences with your services.

What does user-generated content accomplish? With a highly populated e-commerce market, the competition is now more fierce than ever. As a result, people have become much more selective about the brands they interact with. And UGC is what will provide the authenticity the customers need. It would build loyalty within your community through legitimate opinions about your services, as well as encourage the audience to engage with your content.

Before you post any user-generated materials, though, you should acquire the person’s permission to do it. And don’t forget to use hashtags, so that the viewers can browse through all the client reviews in one place.  

#5. Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks

Last but not least, consider posting behind-the-scenes videos on your social media platforms. This is a fantastic advertisement content format to build trust in your company. With these clips, you can demonstrate the workflow behind the furniture production and highlight the key members of your team. Such sneak peeks show the expertise and reliability of your brand. This way, the behind-the-scenes format fosters a much deeper connection between your business and the customers.

It’s important to note that videos should be authentic and genuine since overly staged content will not yield the same results. Furthermore, as a follow-up, you can interact with your community face-to-face through live Q&A sessions and interviews.

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In summary, leveraging these 5 advertisement content format options will serve you incredibly well. To reach success with your ads, try to experiment and combine ideas to find a unique flow for social media platforms that will resonate with your specific audience.

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Ian Diev

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Ian loves writing about innovative 3D technologies and their impact on product design and marketing. In his spare time, he makes indie music, watches obscure movies, and cooks culinary masterpieces for friends.

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