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8 Best Tools and Software

Digital omnichannel retail needs interactive 3D technologies to attract and engage the audience more effectively. That’s when 3D visual merchandising comes into the picture. It is not just creating a beautiful image for your products but a combination of design, technical and communication solutions that help build relationships with the buyer and manage their attention. From generating interest to familiarity to brand attachment and loyalty, 3D visual merchandising will elevate your sales and help you leave your competitors behind.

However, before going for 3D merchandising, one has to know some basic things about 3D. In particular, what software and tools 3D artists use to achieve a photorealistic result. This will help to monitor the project and communicate with a CGI team.

Our 3D visualization company has extensive experience in providing 3D rendering and modeling services for the 3D visual merchandising of e-commerce. This article will focus on the 8 best 3D visual merchandising software and tools top specialists use to get a high-quality outcome.

#1. 3ds Max

3ds Max for 3D Visual Merchandising

3ds Max is 3D modeling, animation, rendering, texturing, and visual effects software. It is part of the Autodesk architecture, engineering, and construction collection. Autodesk 3Ds Max also offers a resource library that allows users to search for 3D content easily. 

Why is Autodesk 3ds Max so popular among users? Let’s figure it out. The primary and most impressive features of this software are:

  • 3D modeling. The software’s primary function is creating and editing 3D models. The program is equipped with various modifiers and tools for working with models, while other functions make the 3D objects look as realistic as possible.
  • 3D visualization. 3ds Max is a compelling rendering software compatible with many modules for tuning light, materials, and various effects. It provides flexible control over settings, including exposure, depth of field, and more.
  • 3D animation. The animation creation function applies to almost all objects in the scene; animation lends itself to both objects and their elements. Particle motion effects (fire, smoke, spray, snow) and fluid effects are available.

If you are looking for the best 3D visual merchandising software and tools, 3ds Max is the most versatile. But it requires professional skills, knowledge, and heavy-duty computer hardware. Moreover, the 3ds Max license is worth $1,785/year. For this reason, many are looking for simplified solutions or delegating model development to a contractor company.

#2. Creo Parametric

Creo Parametric for 3D Visual Merchandising

Creo Parametric software is excellent for creating or recreating physical products in a 3D CAD model. This software helps you quickly deliver the highest quality models for 3D visual merchandising in your store. 

Key benefits of using Creo Parametric for 3D visual merchandising:

  • high performance and flexible 3D design options;
  • simple and fast creation of 3D models of any part and assembly;
  • automatic creation of production drawings, with total confidence that they always reflect the product;
  • increase the attractiveness of the appearance of the product using the ability to create surfaces;
  • easily modify neutral and non-CAD data from customers or vendors, avoiding the need to convert files or re-create 3D models from scratch;
  • instant access to the extensive parts library;
  • access to comprehensive training materials and product guides.

Digital models created in Creo Parametric are fully associative, meaning 3D objects can easily integrate into your e-commerce website, social networks, and other media channels.

#3. Vectary

Vectary for 3D Merchandising

Vectary is a cloud-based software with a straightforward and friendly interface. It is ideal for general users to learn 3D modeling and create unique content for 3D visual merchandising, omnichannel marketing, and advertising.

This software was built by 3D designers for 3D designers. Viewport navigation, abstract compositions, materials, lighting, and rendering rethought to optimize performance are its prime features. Vectary 3D files are available online, so all creative team members can view and work on the edits and changes.

A large and fast-growing library of free scenes, models, and materials helps assemble a setting by dragging and dropping ready-made presets and getting 3D content in minutes. With Vectary, it is possible to not only create 3D designs and mockups but also export models to AR format.

#4. Cappasity

Cappacity for E-comm Merch

Cappasity is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that helps brands and retailers to integrate 3D/VR/AR technology into 3D visual merchandising.

SaaS platform for 3D content uploads & 3D analytics has also released 3DShot  a mobile app for creating 3D demos and 3D product reviews. It allows to launch the application, shoot the goods on a regular smartphone, and then upload the result to the platform. 

Users can post the ready-made 3D content on websites, marketplaces, online stores, and social networks. The resulting virtual copy can be embedded in the site. Currently, 3DShot users can integrate content into AliExpress, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Tilda, Readymag, and other website builders.

#5. Sketchfab

Sketchfab for 3D Visual Merchandising

Sketchfab makes it easy to find, edit, buy and sell 3D content directly through a web service. The software library has 4 million units of 3D materials. In 3D merchandising, this essential software offers cutting-edge developments for 3D commerce and creates a virtual storefront of e-commerce stores.

It is used by the world’s best brands as a 3D engine, allowing their customers to define and personalize features and accessories of products as well as view every detail before buying. Interactive and customizable, VR and AR-ready 3D models created in Sketchfab are compatible with all devices, browsers, and operating systems. As a result, 3D content and business solutions for 3D visual merchandising are easy to integrate into an e-commerce website, social media, or shopping application.

#6. iONE360

iONE360 for CGI Merchandising

A’Disign award winner iONE360 is an omnichannel 3D visual configurator software. It includes automated 3D, AR, and VR features, a room planner, and provides a mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

A web-native iONE360 for 3D visual merchandising applies to a wide range of products but is most commonly used by furniture manufacturers. A retailer can showcase an entire furniture catalog with a room planner right in a customer’s living room. 

Creating a space and planning, moving, and customizing furniture and furnishings in real-time is a fun activity reminiscent of playing The Sims. This tool can be combined with virtual reality and “walk” and “look around” in a personally created room, where 3D models will look real and gives enjoyment and an impression buying process.

#7. Threekit  

Threekit for 3D Merchandising

Threekit is one of the best 3D visual merchandising software and tools. In addition to an extensive library of 3D models and a rare parametric 3D configurator, Threekit offers two more useful features for 3D visual merchandising.

The first AR feature automatically generates 3D files for each customization on iOS and Android devices, making it easy for brands and retailers to offer customized products. Clients can see exactly what they have personally configured in the context of their own space.

The second feature of Virtual Photographer is that it can create tens of thousands of photorealistic 2D images from multiple 3D files. Threekit claims that their clients have reduced their photography costs by up to 90%.

#8. Designhubz

Designhubz for Visual Marketing

Designhubz is a software that provides 3D visual merchandising solutions. Whether it’s furniture and home goods, appliances, toys, collectibles, clothing, cosmetics, and more, spatial 3D and AR will allow your customers to visualize and interact with animated products in real-time.

The uniqueness of this software lies in the tool named AI ​​Personalization Engine, which provides personalized product recommendations based on data and artificial intelligence.

Also, for 3D visual merchandising, Designhubz provides an automated tool to scan physical products and instantly create accurate 3D and AR versions of them. Once scanned, these assets are automatically uploaded to the user’s account XR CMS for managing, embedding, publishing, and distributing 3D and AR content on the website, app, social media, and marketing campaigns.

Explore types and features of 3D modeling service to enhance your visual marketing like never before.


Visual 3D merchandising combines art, science, and technology to achieve high involvement, providing the best user experience and increasing conversion rates. Ask your CGI team to use the 8 best 3D visual merchandising software and tools to get incredible lifestyle renders and interactive 3D models for configurators and web augmented reality support.

But if you do not have enough time to figure things out on your own, or you are afraid of the complexity of the process, outsource the work to professionals. Our 3D rendering company will gladly help you get incredible CGI solutions for your business with the help of the best 3d visual merchandising software and tools. Contact CGIFURNITURE for top-notch 3D rendering services that will take your eсommerce site to the next level and boost sales in a short time!

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