3D Visualization for Wall Coverings

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A Game-Changing Solution

With CGI, you don’t have to settle for anything less than the exact realization of your creative vision. You get only the best, and your products deserve it.

Stylish Settings for Every Product Design

With 3D visualization for wall coverings, you can have a huge variety of beautiful 3D scenes in which to place your products. The 3D artists will help you choose the right settings and tweak them so they perfectly complement your wallpapers, panels, or other items, making them really pop in the images. On top of that, we can add figures of people or pets to the renders to liven them up.

Streamlined Production

When it comes to CGI, you can reuse one 3D scene an unlimited number of times, only changing the wall coverings. Minimizing the amount of work this way allows you to significantly reduce your expenses. Plus, that makes it possible to visualize entire collections of products within a very short time.

Informative Views

3D visualization makes it easy to produce multiple views of a room showcasing the products from various angles and distances. They allow your customers to clearly see what a wall covering will look like from up close and from a distance, and how it will fit in the interior. This is especially important in the case of patterned wallpapers and other items that may have a different effect when seen separately and in context.

Product Rendering Price List

Find out all types of product CGI projects, their average costs and examples of results. Upgrade your product marketing and experiment with visuals digitally!

Engaging 3D Animation

3D visualization is not limited to static imagery. It also allows you to get dynamic CG videos that instantly capture viewers’ attention on social media or can serve as a stunning decoration for your website.

Impressive Scalability

3D visualization for wall coverings is a perfect solution for manufacturers with extensive product catalogs. When using highly versatile CG assets, you can be sure that any number of items will be visualized in the highest quality, right when you need it.

What We Offer

Our studio not only creates top-quality visuals for all your marketing needs, but also ensures that the process of working with us is as effortless for you as possible.

CGIFurniture’s Library of 3D Assets

Cost Optimization

With CGIFurniture, you can reduce your project costs by:

  • using our collection of 5,000+ ready 3D scenes;
  • using props from our library of 70,000+ 3D models;
  • ordering in bulk to get special discounts.

All-in-One CRM Platform

Our workflow is entirely stress-free thanks to our custom-designed CRM system, which allows you to:

  • exchange text messages with your team members;
  • review intermediate results and ask for corrections, if necessary;
  • send, receive, download, and store files in unlimited quantity;
  • monitor task and project statuses;
  • keep track of payments.

Effortless Process

Keeping track of your 3D visualization projects has never been so easy. Thanks to our custom CRM platform, you can:

  • communicate directly with your team via text messages;
  • send, receive, and store any amount of files;
  • stay up-to-date with task and payment statuses.
3D Visualization Project Manager at Work

Attentive Team

At our studio, all of your projects will be handled by a dedicated team of experts that consists of:

  • 3D artists, who create stunning visuals according to your requirements;
  • project manager, who makes sure the artists follow the brief and meet the deadlines;
  • client manager, who provides personal assistance to you in all project-related matters.

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