3D product modeling revolutionized digital advertising. Photorealistic 3D made creative out-of-the-box solutions and massive impact possible for any ambitious company, thus ending the era of big-budgets supremacy… But let’s start at the beginning.

Digital advertising is an opportunity to surprise the customer and engage him into communication, entertain, cultivate trust, tell about the benefits of a product and sell the item online. There are no limits to possibilities of digital advertising. To make it work, a product company needs 3 key components: strategy, creative materials and a budget.

The latter proves to be a real killjoy. When a marketing team presents a great strategy that takes everyone’s breath away, budget cuts occur. Everything is simplified, reduced or taken out, so that a brilliant strategy loses its luster and turns in pretty much the same thing everyone else in the category is doing.

So when it comes to product images, Marketers have to settle for the minimum necessary. For photoshoots require creation of product prototypes in all colors, and in the whole variety of finishes, as well as purchasing decor and transportation. As for on-location shooting, it may require anything at all. Even an industrial crane for placing furniture items on a forest glade. As for really cool, innovative solutions, like exploded design shots or product usage videos, they are out of reach.

Fortunately, Product Marketers don’t have to compromise on product imagery any more. With the advent of 3D product modeling services, businesses can implement their most daring ideas without thinking about budget constraints. For product design 3D modeling and rendering do not require photoshoots, buying and storing decor or models participation. 3D Artists create everything digitally, and in photoreal quality. Everything is possible: static images and video, lifestyle and plain background shots, panoramas and 360° views. Sky’s the limit! Let’s see how 3D product modeling makes for a stellar digital advertising strategy.

#1. Ads for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Consumer journey consists of multiple stages, each requiring a separate set of materials to engage the audience. Visuals for blog, guides, email letters, videos, how-to facebook posts and case studies, and many, many others. Product images and videos are crucial for conveying the unique benefits of a product: customization options, hidden storage units or built-in lights. This way, visual materials persuade clients without pushing them, letting viewers to take decision on their own. Finally, they allow to convey a unique message at every stage of the customer journey, depending on the specific needs of consumer at that point.

Where to find visual materials for all of them? With photoshoots, it’ll be a piece of work and loads of money. While with 3D product modeling, that’s easy: using some references and a photo, 3D Artists can create any type of visual material: high-end product renders, 360 views, 3D product animations. This way, the Marketer can get plenty of custom-made images and videos for all media outlets and design and redesign the customer experience easily

#2. Testing Campaign Materials

Creativity alone is not sufficient for a fruitful campaign. As long as it’s not professional awards you are after but sales figures, marketing materials should always be put to the test. And photorealistic 3D product rendering allows to get any number of images and thus eliminate guesswork from the process. You can test them till you craft a perfect ad or post. How many clicks did the post get with this image? And with that one? And how many people clicked on the link leading to the product page? Review your campaign results constantly and use improve the figures.

Another important benefit of product 3D rendering for digital marketing is that the image can be altered. 3D modeling studio can place the product in a different scene, replace the props or adjust the background hue till it’s perfect.

#3. Product Images for Remarketing Campaign

What sells more – online or offline? The answer is both, with the rates varying depending on the sphere. However, more and more people start by researching products online – googling them, comparing options and prices. Only then do consumers decide to buy online or go to brick-and-mortar shops. That’s called ROBO – research online buy offline, and that’s an official trend now.

And obviously, there are those who start researching the prices online right in a physical store, after they’ve checked customer reviews and all product options available. Which means that traditional stores need to use online marketing instruments along with time-proven offline tools. For instance, collecting clients’ contacts allow for precise remarketing campaigns promoting new products and latest sales. And since it’s the image that makes people click, 3D product modeling will provide with professional marketing imagery that drives conversions. For instance, 3D lifestyle showcasing the new table design in an elegant interior will make viewers long to buy the item, along with the chair and decor.

#4. Visuals that Back Up Your Brand Archetype

All communication with consumers is built based on the personality of the brand. For the message to be transparent and consistent, marketing imagery should correspond to the brand archetype and reflect brand’s values and mission.

And high-end 3D product modeling services provide Marketers with visual materials that meet all these criteria. With brand personality permeating the 3D renderings, the audience will recognize the company’s visual style at once. 3D Artists will sure that everything, including colors, light, composition, the overall atmosphere highlight the brand image and strengthen the bond with the target audience.

#5. High-End Materials for Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Since social media are new black, there are more and more of them nowadays. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin – wherever the target audience is, the brand should go too. Even though managing the whole process can be challenging, there are numerous social media apps allowing to repost the content on other social media.

Once everything is in place, the Marketer needs to provide visual materials for building a high-impact presence across all the social media accounts. And 3D product modeling and rendering is the most effective answer: product shots of all types, as well as 360 views will make for great native advertising and suit practically any media. High-end 3D animations demonstrating all possibilities of product customization will educate, entertain, inspire the target audience and lead them to the product page. Carefully managed, strong visual content allows to tailor a positive customer experience promoting the brand.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

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Photorealistic 3D rendering empowered Marketers to implement their creative strategies and stay within budget. Now, it’s really about choosing the best idea and not the most down-to-earth one. Need professional visual content for your social media marketing? Contact CGIFURNITURE 3D product modeling company. We’ll make sure you get stellar product videos and images that fulfill their purpose!

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