3D Product Modeling Services

5 Solid Reasons They Are Irreplaceable in Marketing

Nowadays more and more people prefer a unique interior and furniture design rather than standard store options. That is why most furniture retailers collaborate with 3D product modeling companies, which allows them to cover all customers’ needs. 

Modern product designers do not work only manually anymore, they prefer automated programs for 3D furniture creation. Such software helps solve a lot of problems for both consumers and manufacturers. Thanks to that, it has become possible to see and show all ideas and only then proceed to their implementation. 

3D models can be used to create digital catalogs on manufacturers’ websites and online stores, to plan furniture and home appliances repairs in apartments and houses, or to show various product collections by manufacturing brands. 

For those who are still not sure what to give preference to or are just interested in a 3D product modeling company, here are 5 main points that will reveal the benefits of this approach. 

#1. Visual Comprehension And Product Presentation

Product Set Image for Ecommerce

It can be quite hard or even impossible to show all the product details in standard photos. Modeling software gives a way to draw everything down to the smallest detail, including decoration features and the ratio of the furniture size to the room. Plus, the so-called presence effect helps the client to evaluate the design of items and their relevance to the interior.

One of the main goals of top-notch product 3D modeling services is to present customers’ goods and furniture and show all their advantages in detail. Such 3D models and renders can be used to show all the product details from various angles. It is also possible to zoom them in and out. In addition, you can make some cut-out images or a 360° product view, which clients will be able to rotate and check whether they are happy with everything.  

#2. Easy Transformation And Editing 

Easy Adjustments of 3D Models

One of the greatest advantages of using 3D product modeling services is the ability to make quick changes to a future project. A lot of the time manufacturers are asked to switch the size or texture of a specific item. Sometimes it is also necessary to edit a product presentation in order to make it more visually impressive. For example, to pick an optimal color scheme or better angle, change lightning or focus on other details. 

Thanks to 3D models, production services have the ability to test the design of the product before actually making it. If something needs to be edited, it will not take too much time or resources. In comparison, if the company is using just photos, it will need to make a new prototype each time until the final design will be approved. This process can be very complicated and expensive. 

#3. Time-Saving And More Automated

3D rendering outsource: Existing material

With 3D product modeling services the customer can just send a description and references of what they want and wait for the result to come. It can take from a couple of hours to a few days, depending on the scale of the project. In the case of photos, a manufacturer has to organize a shoot, hire a photographer, build scenery and transport the product from one place to another. Sounds troublesome, right?

Using 3D product models, it will be more than enough to show the layout, make the required changes, take into account all the nuances of the future project and proceed with it. It can also be used to create augmented reality apps in the future. Then there will be no need for long explanations of how furniture will look like in a certain interior. 

#4. Minimum Cost And Maximum Quality

3D Render of a Dining Furniture Set

You can save quite a lot of money by doing all the editing and changes during 3D visualization process. This eliminates the possibility of future errors and allows you to accurately calculate all the necessary materials. Besides, it is much cheaper to get what you need in 3D than to make a sample for a product presentation in the first place.

At the same time, even big furniture manufacturers are widely using 3D visualization to lower marketing costs. It is more cost-saving to create a 3D model rather than make a professional photoshoot. After all, 3D product modeling services include setting 3D models in the interior and on a white background so manufacturers are able to use it in catalogs, on e-commerce websites and for advertising. In this way, they won’t need to rent a studio, hire a photographer and pay a huge amount of money to get photos with different settings.

#5. Customer Acquisition And Their Preferences

3D product modeling services can help create realistic and entertaining videos that can be used as marketing materials or to demonstrate the functionality of products for an online store. 3D software also allows to make photorealistic animation to showcase how certain designs will work in real life and in different environments. 

For example, it can be used for stories on Instagram and other social media, on YouTube channels (especially “how to” videos), for TV commerce or outdoor advertising, etc.  All of these platforms allow you to attract and interest potential clients directly which saves large amounts of time. You just need to prepare catchy material that will show your main services and present it to your target audience.

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product rendering price

Considering all of the above, we can notice how much the relevance of 3D modeling has increased in the modern world, especially for furniture manufacturers and retailers. All thanks to its unlimited possibilities and obvious benefits.

Meanwhile, you need to keep in mind that the quality of the project will depend on the experience and attitude of the company. It would be a good idea to pay attention to those 3D product modeling services that have proven themselves in the market. For example, at CGI Furniture we offer a wide range of services that will satisfy all the customers’ requests, especially in terms of visual materials for marketing campaigns

Eager to try 3D modeling services for your own business? Contact us and get the most jaw-dropping CG visuals for your online store in no time. 

Valerie Adams

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Valerie loves writing about CGI in advertising, product design development, and swears by 3D printing technology. In her free time, she enjoys attending music festivals and art events around Europe.

Product 3D modeling means creating a three-dimensional model of a product within digital space using special software. Seasoned 3D artists can create 3D models of both real and fictional objects.

It’s 3D modeling and a front-view 3D render on white background, in resolution full HD 1920×1080 px 72 dpi. This option is perfect for furniture pieces having simple componentry, such a wood chair or table, or a console. A TAT for such a service is within 4 hours.

3D modeling and creation of a 3D render on white background, in resolution full HD 1920×1080 px 72 dpi. Complex Modeling is the option for furniture with complex componentry and/or intricate details, such as a leather armchair, or vintage design objects. Due to the detailing, the work of 3D Modeler takes 4 hours at least.

360° view is a 360-degree spin of a 3D model of a product that is widely used in e-commerce. To create a smooth 360 product view, CG artists make 36 or more renderings of an item from various angles and combine them into a loop. Buyers can rotate the model themselves, using a mouse and touchpad on a computer, or by scrolling with the finger on a smartphone’s screen.

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