3D Product Modeling and Rendering

5 Ways They’ve Transformed Furniture Marketing

Marketers have always needed quality visual content for furniture marketing and promo. But effective promo campaigns require lots of different types of images. In the past, to get those, furniture brands went for product photography. But in today’s climate, it seems to be a much too expensive and outdated way to get pictures with all the photo shootings and product prototypes. That’s why many marketers have put their hope on 3D product modeling and rendering and the result is not disappointing.

Since so many brands have switched to 3D, your competitors probably have pretty advanced promo campaigns that look like a million bucks. They use not only static lifestyle pictures and product photos on a white background. Those brands also reinforce their marketing campaigns with cutaway pics, interactive 360° views, immersive 3D animation, and such. But can any manufacturer afford CGI or is it just for industry giants?

Our 3D rendering company has been on the market for many years doing 3D product modeling and rendering for both top furniture manufacturers and beginners. The truth is, CG services are affordable for anyone, even those with a limited budget. That’s why 3D visualization made a real revolution in furniture marketing. Here are 5 key changes that CGI has brought to the industry.

#1. CGI Allows Creating Unlimited Number of Marketing Visuals

3D Product Renderings of a Bathroom Set with Various 3D Models

Using top-notch product 3D modeling and rendering, CG artists can create any static visuals in huge quantities. Those could be product photos on a white background and lifestyle images, close-ups and cut-out views, etc. Using one product 3D model, CG artists can place it in a scene or remove the background, as well as dissect it to show the internal structure.

On top of that, CG artists can create photorealistic 360° views and 3D animation based on the same 3D model. Therefore, with quality 3D modeling, marketers are able to get more diverse content for any type of online promo.

#2. 3D Product Modeling and Rendering Saves Money on Catalog Images

A Kronos Catalog with Product 3D Models on a White Background and Photoreal Renderings

Having first-class product catalogs is crucial for any brand, so marketers have to put a lot of effort to create them. Surely, they must showcase a product in all its glory, hence, add as many images as possible. A catalog has to show all the design options, draw buyers’ attention to details, and display furniture pieces in stylish interiors. 

Thanks to 3D modeling, marketers no longer need hassle with ordering samples and arranging laborious and time-consuming photoshoots. With 3D product modeling and rendering, CG artists are able to create all those pictures with the same 3D model with no sweat. They can change the colors and textures of a 3D model in a couple of clicks and re-render it as many times as needed. 

As for lifestyle imagery, product 3D modeling companies have gotten the hang of making trendy CG roomsets in a convenient and money-saving way. For this, they give clients access to their libraries of ready-to-use 3D models and scenes, and the latter simply chooses the ones they need. Then, 3D artists customize them according to the brief — and just in two days, a photorealistic lifestyle image is ready!

#3. 3D Imagery Provides Unique Product Customization Options

A 3D Product Customizer Created with 3D Modeling and Rendering Software

Another revolutionary CG tool is a 3D configurator that works magic for sales and website conversion. Based upon 3D product modeling and rendering, it allows prospects to personalize furniture design to their liking in real-time, which wasn’t even an option before. Now, shoppers can customize goods by changing colors, materials, and furniture fittings of an interactive 3D product model. 

As a result, a 3D customizer has become an integral part of the advanced website. Usually, brands place it on the main or landing pages and even incorporate them in shopping apps. Using it, marketers kill two birds with one stone — they introduce buyers to all possible design options and increase the conversion at the same time.

#4.  3D Product Modeling and Rendering Showcase Product Usability

Product modeling and rendering are not only about imagery but videos as well. Over time, 3D animation has replaced old-school video filming. Maybe a decade ago videos had realism on their side, but today 3D animation is no less photorealistic than a real thing. Moreso, it is much more affordable, trouble-free, and effective.

For instance, using 3D animation, marketers can show the product in action — how to assemble furniture, how it works, what are the modification options, and so on. Now, online shoppers don’t even need to see a furniture piece live to evaluate its usability. 3D animation informs about the product in an entertaining way and works wonders for video advertising.

#5. CGI Makes for Effective Offline Collateral and Promo

Various Product Collateral Made Using 3D Modeling and Rendering

CGI also opened great possibilities for offline promo and print collateral. In the past, marketers had to order product samples first, then arrange a photoshoot and hire 2D artists to finalize all materials they needed. In today’s e-commerce world, this process looks too overlapping.

Naturally, having 3D product modeling and rendering at hand, CG artists don’t need actual prototypes to take pictures. They can create pictures for an exhibition stand, brochures and leaflets, business cards, catalogs, banners — all based on one 3D product model.

Moreover, 3D rendering is an excellent solution for creating images for outdoor advertising, such as billboards, city lights, transit advert, etc. Ordering visuals from 3D studios, marketers don’t have to worry about pictures being not high-resolution enough for large print formats. Just mention your resolution preferences in a brief, and CG artists will render the exact format you need.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

3D product modeling and rendering have changed furniture marketing forever and given unlimited opportunities for sales and promo strategies. Today, one can make any type of CG solution and create an infinite number of images using 3D models. On top of that, CGI doesn’t require prototypes, backgrounds, physical sets, and decor. Therefore, it became the ultimate way of creating photorealistic product pictures.

Want to diversify your marketing and promo campaigns with the help of 3D visualization? CGIFURNITURE provides different 3D rendering services that will stand you out from the competition and boost your marketing campaigns!

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