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5 Advantages for the Development Process

When developing products, manufacturers and designers usually create lots of transitional variants of all the designs. Traditionally, to understand which option is the best one, they order prototypes for each one of them. However, massive prototyping takes too much time and money. That’s why 3D product design hit the whole industry – it’s a fast and budget-saving solution.

So, after all the competitors started using 3D, the launching of a product in an extremely competitive environment appeared to be a new problem. To succeed and stand out on the market, manufacturers and marketers have to find a way to optimize the production process, make it more flexible and convenient. It means, that they have to reduce the turnaround time, minimize the number of contractors, and tailor the design to the wishes of their customers. 

But how exactly does 3D product design help with the development process? We compiled a list of 5 advantages of 3D graphics for product design improvement. Take a closer look.

#1.  3D Product Design Is a Budget-Friendly Option

Allocating Money for Product Development

Before 3D technology stepped into the game, manufacturers had to make new samples for every design. No doubt, modern 3D printing made prototyping faster and more convenient for smaller items. But manufacturers and designers have to pay for the materials to make a sample – and the whole cycle repeats all over again with every new design. 

However, today, they can order only one 3D model, to constantly change it and play with different designs to find the best option without expenses on materials and equipment. Thus, using 3D soft to try various product designs of products is a real budget-saving solution.

In fact, collaborating with a 3D studio, manufacturers and marketers can work with a 3D artist one-on-one, without hiring extra staff. Thus, saving on prototypes and hired specialists helps manufacturers to allocate a larger budget for a promo of their products.

#2. With 3D Product Design, Creativity Works to the Fullest

Creative Design for a Pink Sofa

Advanced 3D technology allows designers creating a new product or a whole collection without tons of sketching on paper. Instead, they can start sharpening those ideas in volume at once! In 3D software, creators can build 3D furniture models based on ready-made geometric shapes or create them by manipulating curves, points and surfaces, like sculpting objects from clay. 

So when designers strive to create the most non-standard and original fantasy forms, an experienced team of 3D artists can become a great support. Collaborating with a well-reputed 3D studio that knows how to use high-tech 3D tools, designers get endless opportunities for rising their creativity without unnecessary money and time waste.

#3. 3D Product Design Is the Fastest Option

Product Design for a Cozy Office Furniture

Once the perfect design is found, marketers can order a number of other products for the collection based on one ready-made 3D model. For example, a sofa and armchairs from the same furniture set are usually quite similar but with a slight difference in structure and proportions. It means that having a 3D model of an armchair, for example, 3D artists don’t need to create other furniture pieces completely from scratch. Since cushions and other accessory elements of the collection are already done, sofas, poufs or chaise longues could be done by made out of an existing 3D model. 

One of the biggest benefits of 3D technology is its flexibility when it comes to making changes. Surely, clients often have corrections or suggestions to product design, but they are fast to make in 3D software. Using 3D programs, CG artist can change the color, select the new texture and send the model to rendering in a couple of minutes.

#4. Using 3D Product Design Simplifies the Collaboration With Clients

A Client and a Marketer Agree on Product Design

Firstly, 3D product rendering allows creating the mind-blowing client presentation. But it’s not only about the stunning visual effect of photorealistic visualizations. No doubt, with impressive renders, manufacturers win clients’ admiration but also increase the chances of successful design approval. Secondly, looking at photoreal renders, the client will be able to see and evaluate how materials match and complement each other, as well as correlate the proportions and make some other changes to the design.

Again, making adjustments to CG design is much easier than with a physical prototype and a project printed on paper. Moreover, 3D artists can start changing a 3D model immediately after or even during a conversation with a client.

#5. Product Testing Is Effective and Convenient With 3D Product Design

A Marketer Preparing for Product Testing

Every manufacturer strives to understand the tastes of consumers and produce an item that is 100% consistent with the buyers’ needs. Therefore, marketers conduct customer testing to determine the most desirable design option. Traditionally, they use photos of various product prototypes along with questionnaires. However, first, a manufacturer has to produce all the product samples and take pictures of each one of them. No need to mention that the whole process takes a lot of time, money and effort. 

Moreover, after the best product design option is chosen, the other unsuccessful samples are doomed to dust in the warehouse or get recycled. So, in the end, the whole prototyping seems to be a kind of money waste.

For such cases, 3D technology is again an excellent solution. Marketers can order a bunch of various design visualizations to test a focus group, without spending a dime on actual samples and photo sessions.  Manufacturers first find out what design their customers want. After that, they can sharpen the design, then order one prototype and, finally, manufacture the product. As a result, no need to stick to trial and error method and waste money on unsuccessful design options – you can easily skip straight to the best one.

With 3D product design, starting the furniture business has become more affordable. Now not only famous brands use 3D for the development of goods, but small companies and solo designers, too. Using CG technology, it’s easy to create even the most complex and sophisticated designs, adjust 3D models at the moment’s notice and successfully cope with marketing tests. Thus, entering the market or launching new goods has become fast and convenient.

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